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Drones That Plant Seeds & Drones That Plant Trees [AWESOME]

Drones That Plant Seeds & Drones That Plant Trees [AWESOME]

Since drones were first developed, they were only used for surveillance and photography, but now, drones are used for various purposes. There are now drones that you can use to plant seeds. Isn't that amazing? Let us look at some of the seed planting drones available.

Presently, you can use any drone to plant seeds and trees. The drones are filled with sea-pods that contain seeds that will be fired into the ground using pressurized air. After the seeds have been planted, you wet the soil, and the seed begins to germinate.

You might be wondering how exactly do these drones plant seeds and trees? You can rest assured, we will explain how you can use a drone to plant seeds and trees.

How Do Drones Plant Seeds?

Using drones to plant seeds is very effective and faster than manual labor, although it is a little expensive. Some procedures must be followed when using a drone to plant seeds.

The first thing to do is a drone survey of the land. During the survey, a three-dimensional map of the topography of the soil will be created by the drone. This survey allows the planter to know the soil quality and if it is suitable for planting.

After a survey of the land has been done and the soil is deemed fit for planting, you can start planting seeds. A sea-pod or a podder is attached to the drone and filled with the seeds of the crops you want to plant.

There are two ways of managing the flight pattern of the drone. You can control it manually, or you can program a flight pattern into the drone. The second option is usually preferable, but it is only possible with advanced drones.

Then the drone is launched into the air, and as soon as it finds a suitable spot, the drone shoots a seed-containing pod into the soil within a meter or two of the ground. Once the pods drop on the ground, it breaks open, and the seed takes root in the soil.

Some people also use drones as plant sprayers. They use it to water the crops, fertilize the soil, and spray pesticides on the crops. The drones can deliver two seeds per second which makes it faster than usual.

Drones That Plant Trees


Deforestation is one of the major environmental problems today, which is why planting trees is very important. However, planting trees manually can be very stressful and time-consuming, so drones are now being used to plant trees.

To use a drone for tree planting, you have to know which type of drone to buy that will get the job done accurately. There are some drone manufacturing companies that specialize in the production of drones for tree planting. In the following section, we will be discussing those companies and the drones they produce.

AgDrone UAS

AgDrone UAS is manufactured by Honeycomb corporation. The Ag is the abbreviation for agriculture, so the name of the drone is Agricultural Drone. It is one of the most rugged, intelligent, and autonomous agricultural drones. There are three different models of this drone, and they have their specialized purposes.

You can create a flight pattern on the drone. It is capable of surveying about 800 acres in one hour. With its dual cameras, you get clear visuals of the survey. You do not need to be experienced to use this drone to plant seeds. The body of the drone is made from Kevlar aramid fibers, making it stronger than a steer. So, you have a drone that can withstand any pressure and resistance.

AgEagle RX-60

The AgEagle RX-60 is another durable agricultural drone. The body of the drone is made with a carbon fiber outer shell, making it very strong. The drone has a total flight time of sixty minutes on a single battery charge, a maximum flight speed of 33 mph, and a maximum wind resistance of 43 mph.

The drone is equipped with high-performance sensors, data analytics, and flight management tools. The drone can cover up to 400 acres in a single flight. However, the wind, altitude, battery conditions, and other environmental factors determine how far the drone can fly.

AgEagle's CEO, Michael Drozd, said the company looks forward to collaborating with technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to manufacture better agricultural drones. So, we might have fully automated agricultural drones in the near future.

AgEagle RX-48

A smaller model of the AgEagle RX-60, the AgEagle RX-48 is designed to be as rugged and durable as the larger version. The drone is made of durable polypropylene material overlayed with carbon fiber rods and extruded polypropylene. The AgEagle RX-48 can cover a distance of 250 to 300 acres in a single flight.

You do not need internet nor any launcher to fly this drone. The total flight time of the drone is fifty minutes, the total flight speed is between 31 to 36 mph, and the maximum wind resistance is 30 mph. the drone is equipped with Near-infrared global shutter sensors that provide accurate prescription maps.

SenseFly eBee X

The SenseFly eBee X is the flagship agricultural and surveying drone of the SenseFly company. The drone is very light, can be launched by hand, and is equipped with technologies to help GIS professionals, surveyors, and agriculturalists with their duties. The drone has a maximum flight time of 90 minutes, and it can cover a distance of 1235 acres in a single flight.

The cameras mounted on the SenseFly eBee X are unique and special. You can change the orientation of the drone's camera to capture three images every time. This gives a wide field of view, which will be very useful when planting.



Unlike the other drone-producing companies mentioned above, DroneSeed is a company you can employ for their services. You can contact them if you need to use drones to plant seeds or trees, and they will use their drones to do that for you. They do not produce drones for sale. Their drones are used only by their employees.

They charge per acre, and they also have some additional services. They can help you manufacture patented seed vessels for your land. You send the seed to them, and they create a better and mutated version of the seeds.

Benefits Of Using Drones To Plant Seeds And Trees


Drones have become very useful in the agricultural industry and are also becoming very popular. There are lots of benefits that come with using drones to plant.

  • The use of drones helps save money by reducing a lot of expenses.
  • It also increases the profit of a farmer.
  • It saves time and enhances efficiency.
  • There is accuracy and precision when you plant seeds and trees with drones.
  • Using drones to plant also increases productivity as you get to plant more with drones than with manual labor.
  • It also allows you to be able to monitor your crops.
  • Drones also help regulate irrigation. You can identify the crops that need to be irrigated more often than others.
  • Drones also help reduce pollution. You can easily identify crops that need to be fumigated instead of treating the whole field.

Final Thoughts

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in the world because we all need food to survive. Man has been inventing new ways to aid and make agriculture easier and more productive, from the use of hoes and cutlasses to using drones to plant crops.

Innovative creations have resulted in more efficient and cheaper ways of growing crops compared to previous agricultural methods. If you have been skeptical about the use of drones for agriculture, this is the time to get rid of your skepticism and choose the best and most comfortable option.