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Drones That Spell Words In The Sky: Get These Unique Drones

Drones That Spell Words In The Sky: Get These Unique Drones

Who would have imagined that technology would be incredibly advanced, especially in the aerial entertainment field? These unique and innovative drones can spell words in the sky, a great alternative to fireworks. But, how can this be possible? Let's find out.

In a video recorded by the sensational YouTuber MrBeast, he utilized hundreds of drones with the ultimate technology alongside many fireworks. In the end, all of the drones light up to the sky to spell each word after being spoken into the walkie-talkie.

Pretty impressive, right? How were MrBeast and his team able to perform it so well?

thank you spelled in the sky

Can drones spell words?

As we noticed, this is possible but easier said than done. In reference to MrBeast's video "I bought The World's Largest Firework, " he utilized Fireworks by Grucci, which recently became the latest partner of Verge Aero's drone technology show, recognized for its high-performance drone shows.

Jimmy Donaldson, formerly known as MrBeast, performed this experiment on his youtube channel with around 64.9 million subscribers, attracting approximately ninety-one million views on his video. They utilized a site in the Nevada desert, presumably close to Area 51, where they performed a fantastically entertaining firework show, delighting all of his supporters. He was able to spell out words in the sky through a walkie-talkie.

It used a fleet of 120 GPS-guided drones that would spell out words like "OK," "Cheese Balls," "Burger," and a hand symbol. Also, these terms were programmed before the show.

Another case of using drones to perform light shows actually took place in Madrid thanks to a company called UMILES Group, which decided to use this technology to show support to COVID-19 victims and workers that risk their lives to protect others. They sent into the sky around forty drones over the capital city of Spain for a brief entertainment.

It was equipped with LED lights that changed in colors and would create various shapes and words like "hope," "heroes," and hearts as well. By far, it was a memorable tribute with the usage of drone technology.

So we can conclude that yes, it is possible to utilize drones to spell words in the sky. But maybe you wonder, how much does it cost to perform these types of aerial entertainment shows?

Is it expensive to have a drone show?

There is a vast range of drones that can adjust to anybody's budget. They are becoming quite affordable nowadays, and their common usage is either for professional purposes or recreational.

As drones shows start gaining popularity due to it being eco-friendly and a great alternative to fireworks, the same effect is reflected on the prices by increasing depending on the brand and plans provided.

man in hat watches drones fly

What kind of drones are used in light shows?

When it comes to drone displays and what type of them are used, a wide variety of companies can provide these spectacular equipped visuals. The best thing about this is that in comparison to fireworks, these are reusable, and don't produce both air and noise pollution.


Intel provides high quality and safety when it comes to drone light shows, with fantastic quality and incredibly advanced technology. They intertwined the beauty of art and science, letting you "tell your story," as stated on their official website.

In addition to this, they have a unique drone system and world-class operators with an extensive team of master animators to make your vision come to life. They prioritize safety first, and the best thing about it is that it is reusable, smoke-free, and silent.

It can deliver dynamic 3D animations. The best thing is that they offer flexibility when planning your next light show event due to the pandemic.

Their base prices depend on the number of drones.

  • Two hundred classic drones: it includes 2D shapes and visuals. It's best for logos, and budget-conscious clients that just want to impress their audience. Starting price is $99,000 US dollars.
  • Three hundred classic drones: it offers a dynamic range of transitions, more than four billion color combinations. It has amazed people on one of the world's most prominent stages, like the Super Bowl or even the Olympics. The starting price is $149,000 US dollars.

You can also upgrade it to 300 premium drones for only $199,000 US dollars to render high-quality imagery with fantastic precision and create incredible 3D animations.

  • Five hundred premium drones: the most expensive plan on Intel's official website. It provides extraordinary and incredibly detailed 3D animations, also can render logos, text, and any type of line art.

drone hovers in blurred sunset


This company produces drone-based LED lights that are able to be remotely programmed to make shapes and spell out words in the sky. How it works is that they make a "drone swarm" that can draw 3D figures in the air to create a memorable visual experience. This new technology comes from a result of an emerging focus in AI research.

Regarding prices and plans, there is not enough information on the internet about it, but it might be similar to the previous prices mentioned in the article.

Verge Aero

Also, a leading company when it comes to fireworks and high-performance drone light shows, which you can book through their website. They use a fully integrated system that helps them create presentations in a fast and efficient way. They also utilized an effect engine that provides dynamic 3d rendered videos and shapes as well. These drones have been used for multiple events like Biden's campaign after celebrating his victory and the Armed Forces Day and New York's 106.7 LITE FM Christmas show.

You can contact them directly from their website to start planning your next drone light show adjusted to your budget.


Finally, we have PrestoTechnics with its incredible range of hundreds of drones choreographed to the rhythm of music, with beautiful color-changing shapes, perfect for any event.

Their fleet of drones is able to display monograms, words, logos, or any 3D shape. They've also partnered with Uvify to help them bring incredibly high-quality light shows to America.

How do drones make images in light shows?

Now that we have reviewed the several companies that offer these ethereal and entertaining performances, we can analyze how this dynamic works. How do drones project images and words in light shows?

Firstly, drone light shows are achieved using synchronized, and illuminated fleets of drones arranged to form any shape or letter in the sky. Every light represents a pixel from the representation. Then, any visual can be recreated thanks to a computer program that turns these images into flight commands to transfer them to the drones.

Basically, the drones respond to specific commands that are sent to them. The design team creates what they call a "storyboard timeline" to show the ideal effects or imagery. Then, it is animated with software that translates it into flight paths for each drone. A ground control station manages these light shows that a pilot supervises. The magic happens thanks to the operating system or drone control software that can fit any music or storyline. This is how drone aerial entertainment is performed.

drone vector design with lights


We briefly analyzed the beauty of aerial performances, especially drones, which have become an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to fireworks when applied to light shows. There are incredibly reliable companies like Intel and Verge Aero that have been doing this for a while now. They range from various prices depending on your budget, your needs, and the story you want to convey. With the right plan and strategy, you will be able to pull off this incredible production, utilizing to your advantage the tremendous advances in technology that make this dream possible for many.