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The Best Drones That You Control With Your Hand

The Best Drones That You Control With Your Hand

Drones are one of the most common aircraft that people use for various purposes. However, there are different drones; these drones differ in various ways. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best drones that can be controlled with your hand.

Many drones are operated with a controller, but some can be controlled with your hand. Among the best drones you can control with your hand are YUNFUN, BOMPOW, Goolsky, POWERbeast, and Baztoy. These drones have different features and functionalities that make them the top hand-controlled drones.

Drones vary from each other in design, features, and prices. Knowing the functionality, you desire in a drone will help you make the right purchase.

Drones That You Can Control With Your Hand


Drones are becoming more popular every day, and you do not have to spend much money to get one. Most high-tech drones are becoming more affordable, and newer versions are being released. Hand-controlled drones are one of the most popular drones nowadays. They have made drone flying more enjoyable for both adults, beginners, and kids.

Hand-controlled drones are one of the best models of drones for kids and beginners. Their properties and feature sensors make it easier to fly as the pilot controls the drone's movement with their hands which is more fun.

Many people refer to hand-controlled drones as toys, but newer and upgraded hand-controlled drones are being released. These newer versions range from the beginners' models to the professional models.

Hand-controlled drones are generally small in size in comparison to standard remote-controlled drones. Nevertheless, the size of different hand-controlled drones varies as the drone's size determines how easily the drone can be controlled outdoors.

A lot of the hand-controlled drones' movements are determined by basic hand motions. However, you need to study the drone's manual before flying to avoid any crashes or accidents.

Now, we will discuss the best drones that you control with your hand.


The YUNFUN drone is a UFO hand-controlled drone that is best suited for adults. Furthermore, it is also one of the best hand-controlled drones due to its different control options. It has a flight time of fifteen minutes and a short recharge time of thirty minutes. This drone also has a 550Mah lithium battery, a LED light, and durable propeller guards.

The YUNFUN drone can be controlled in three different ways which are by the hands, a mini-controller, and a wearable controller watch. The drone comes with extra rotors, a screwdriver, two extra propellers, a USB charger for the battery and the watch, and two extra batteries.

Some of the YUNFUN drone flight modes include one key start and land, a gravity sensor, headless mode, altitude hold, three-dimensional flips, and infrared obstacle avoidance. When you want to fly the drone, you have to throw it in the air and control its flight with your hands.

BOMPOW Hand-controlled Mini Drone

The BOMPOW drone is a mini hand-controlled drone that both adults and children can use. Although the drone is classified as a toy, it is very safe, durable, and relatively easy to use.

This drone does not require one to have much skill before flying it, and it can be flown both indoors and outdoors due to the protective shields around the propellers. The BOMPOW drone is usually flown indoors.

However, you must avoid flying the drone in windy areas as it cannot withstand wind. The drone also has 3D flips, a USB charger, an altitude hold, and an anti-collision sensor.

Goolsky Motion Controlling Drone

The Goolsky mini drone is a lightweight motion-controlling drone with fantastic features such as 360-degree flips, radio control distance, auto takeoff and landing, speed adjustment, gesture control, one key motion controller, and light adjustment.

The drone also comes with accessories like LED lights that allow night flight, rechargeable batteries, two spare propellers, a USB charging cable, and a motion controller along with two-finger holders.

The Goolsky mini drone is recommended for ages fourteen and above; it weighs 0.075 pounds, has a flight time of eight minutes, and a thirty-minute charging time.

POWERbeast Hand-controlled Mini Drone

The POWERbeast drone is more of an indoor than an outdoor drone due to its extra-lightweight. This drone is best for children, but it is also a good hand-controlled drone for beginners.

The drone has an obstacle sensing feature that makes it safe for indoor flying. Once the POWERbeast is tossed in the air, it immediately begins to hover so that you can control it with your hands. If you place your hand close to the drone, it will fly in the opposite direction. On the other hand, if you place your hand on the right side of the drone, it flies left or right.

The POWERbeast has some fantastic features like auto hover, auto landing, and obstacle avoidance. It has a total flight time of ten minutes and a charging time of thirty minutes.

Baztoy Induction Drone

The Baztoy drone is a hand-controlled drone that functions with an anti-collision induction to fly in the opposite direction of any contact. This drone is not only hand-controlled but also remote-controlled; the remote control allows the drone to take off and land with just a button.

The drone also has colorful LED lights that can easily be operated. Drones like this one are controlled by lifting them and throwing them forward to fly. Once the drone is in the air, you have to place your hand at the bottom to keep it in the air.

The Baztoy drone comes with a remote control, a manual, and a charging cable. The charging time of this drone is 45 minutes, while its flight time ranges from 4-5 minutes.

How Do Hand Operated Drones Work?


Hand-operated drones are one of the easiest drones to fly. However, one of the frequently asked questions is how do hand-operated drones work? In this section, we will be discussing in detail how hand-controlled drones function.

Every hand-operated drone functions with the help of an infrared motion sensor. The drones have an in-built motion sensor that helps detect any motion. When a motion is detected, the drone acts on this motion and flies in the opposite direction.

Drone pilots use their hands to control the drone's movement, so when you put your hand up to the side or under the drone's body, it will reverse flight direction. However, you do not need to have direct contact with the drone when flying; once it senses your hand from a meter or two away, it will fly in the opposite direction.

Some hand-operated drones can also fly at a particular height even when the drone is detecting no motion; this happens due to the high-tech obstacle avoidance sensor of the drone.

The materials hand-operated drones are made of also aid in the functioning of the drone. Most hand-operated drones are constructed from durable, non-toxic plastic and are always light-weight.

Hand-operated drones also have features that contribute to their performance. Many hand-operated drones come with LED lights. These lights help you determine when the drone's battery is low and when it is charging. Additionally, it allows you to use the drone at night.

When you want to fly a hand-operated drone, you can toss it into the air and let it take flight, or you can use the takeoff and land button or switch on the drone. Hand-operated drones can be flown indoors and outdoors. It's good to keep in mind not to fly them in any windy area due to their size and weight.

Final Thoughts


Flying a drone is a thrilling experience. Some say it feels as good as flying an aircraft. Nevertheless, it is something everyone should try out. Different drones come with different functionalities.

There are remote-controlled drones, and there are hand-controlled drones. Your preference and purpose is the primary determinant of the type of drone you will purchase. However, you can try out some hand-controlled drones if you are doing it for fun.