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Best Electric Dirt Bike for Teenagers [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Teenagers [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Dirt bikes for teenagers are great for building confidence, improving riding abilities, and increasing excitement. Teenagers today may have the same thrill and pleasure as adults riding a dirt bike, regardless of their age. Electric dirt bikes for teenagers are a great way to introduce your kids to the sport.

Teenagers' best electric dirt bikes are Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike, Razor Electric MX500 Dirt Bike, Pulse Performance Dirt Bike, Stealth F-37 Electric Dirt Bike, Cake Kalk Dirt Bike, Burromax TT350R Electric Dirt Bike, Razor Electric MX650 Dirt Bike, and Razor McGrath SX500 Electric Dirt Bike. 

Nowadays, there are several stylish and excellent electric dirt bikes for teenagers on the market, and almost every teen wants one. Choosing the ideal electric dirt bike, on the other hand, can be difficult, especially when there are several low-quality models. 

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Electric Dirt Bikes For Teens

Electric dirt bikes have zero pollutants, little maintenance, low operating costs, no fuel usage, are incredibly quiet, and many other benefits over gas-powered dirt bikes. However, getting an electric dirt bike for your teen might be difficult if you do not know which bike is best. Below are some of the best electric dirt bikes for teens.

Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike

The Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike is the greatest electric dirt bike for all-around use; it is designed for children aged 13 and up. Purchasing this bike will not be too taxing on your pocketbook, as it is reasonably priced. It has outstanding control, and it is easy to spin and maneuver over grass, gravel, dirt, and rugged terrain.

This dirt bike has a top speed of 14 mph; every time your teen rides this dirt bike, he will feel like he is completely in control. It features an electric drive system, chain drive motor, a hand-operated rear bike, and twist and turns throttle, just like a big-sized dirt bike. 

This bike uses a quiet motor and two 12V lead-acid batteries. Twelve inches pneumatic large tires suited for dirt are included to ensure your child gets the most power transfer when riding the bike. 

Razor Electric MX500 Dirt Bike

The Razor Electric MX500 Dirt Bike is among the top-of-the-line electric dirt bikes for teenagers that have been flying off the shelves. It uses a 500-watt powerful electric motor, so kids and parents are clamoring for it. If you are looking for power and efficiency, this dirt bike is suitable. 

Its realistic frame will leave you speechless; you will think your teen is ready for a dirt race when he speeds up to 25 mph. The raised handlebars and dual suspension on this dirt bike ensure that teenagers can ride comfortably and smoothly. It is a dirt bike designed for teenagers aged 14 and above and has a maximum capacity of 175 pounds.

Razor McGrath SX500 Electric Dirt Bike

If your child is a fan of Jeremy McGrath, the Razor McGrath SX500 Electric Dirt Bike is an excellent choice. Your child will appreciate the true frame geometry of this bike; it has McGrath branding and a luxury appearance, so there is no way a teenager would not want it. The bike boasts a high-torque function as well as a variable speed engine.

This dirt bike has a top speed of 15 mph and features riser handlebars and dual suspension to ensure your young rider deserves comfort. In addition, the knobby pneumatic tires will ensure a pleasant ride. This bike is appropriate for your youngster if he is 14 years old or older; it is not, however, suggested for children above the age of 16.

Burromax TT350R Electric Dirt Bike

The Burromax TT350R Electric Dirt Bike is famous for its high-quality construction; it is recommended for teenagers aged 16 and above. It can be used by both your high school and college-aged children as it has a payload capacity of 150 pounds. This bike may easily be used for sightseeing and lengthy trips; it is also perfect for family outings like hiking, vacations, and camping. 

This electric dirt bike is considered a 2-in-1 bike as it handles flat terrain and off-road terrain and trails. Due to the twist throttle control, you will have complete control over this bike while driving. The aluminum alloy tires also provide excellent power and grip; it does not overheat and is powered by a completely silent engine. 

Electric Dirt Bike For Teenagers Cheap

There are several electric dirt bikes for teenagers on the market; however, those for the popular manufacturers are expensive. Not everyone can afford an expensive electric dirt bike for their children, so we will be providing some of the best cheap electric dirt bikes for teenagers below. 

Kuberg Freerider Dirt Bike

The Kuberg Freerider Dirt Bike is a mid-sized bike having a 34.5 inches seat height, making it ideal for taller teens who enjoy wheelie stunts and brief bursts of speed on the trails. Maintenance will not be an issue because the Freerider is almost completely exposed. It is powered by a 48V engine that produces 11 horsepower. 

Although, unlike Stealth's electric bikes, you will have to be careful in wet weather because waterproof coverings do not protect the bike's components. This electric dirt bike uses a 22.2mAh 48V lithium battery and can run for up to an hour at a top speed of 34 mph before running out of power. 

Stealth F-37 Electric Dirt Bike

The Stealth F-37 Electric Dirt Bike is a pedal-assisted mid-sized electric dirt bike with the same sturdy and low-maintenance structure. It also has a naked frame, making it simple to clean or remove any sticky dirt or other foreign things that could harm the system. It comes with an adjustable seat that accommodates riders between 5 feet and 6 feet.

Like other Stealth bikes, this dirt bike has a strong and sturdy complete suspension system to withstand the added weight. You may also charge your phone using a charging port on the bike's left handlebar; this is ideal for streaming your ride live. This electric dirt bike costs $9000 and has a top speed of 38mph. 

Teen Motorcycles

There is nothing more fun for a teenager than the adventure of riding a real motorcycle and feeling the breeze and thrill of riding. However, it might end badly if a teenager rides a powerful bike meant for experts. Hence, as a parent, you should only get a teen motorcycle if you want to purchase a motorcycle for your teenager. 

Yamaha YZFR3 Motorcycle

The Yamaha YZFR3 Motorcycle is a wonderful starter bike, even though sportbikes might not be the greatest choice for teen riders because they tend to have much power, an unusual seating position that many people find uncomfortable. 

This motorcycle weighs 375 pounds and is powered by a 321cc 2-cylinder engine. The YZF-R3 also has a flat seat that makes it easy for riders to keep their feet flat on the ground when stopping, a comfortable riding position, and a low price.

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Suzuki GW250 Motorcycle

The Suzuki GW250 Motorcycle is a 4-stroke parallel twin sleek entry-level standard motorcycle. The bike's bulk is highly manageable, especially for beginners navigating weight distribution and leaning, thanks to its 30.7 inches extra-low seat height.

It also features a comfortable seat that allows your teenager to be very comfortable when riding. This motorcycle has good geometry and agility; it also features 6-speed gearing that is beneficial when learning how to change gear. 

Final Thoughts

Every parent's first concern is protecting their children; however, this is not a problem with the several age-appropriate electric dirt bikes. Electric dirt bikes are a great way for your teenagers to learn responsibility by learning the boundaries they must adhere to. You can purchase any of the dirt bikes mentioned above for your teenager.

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