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Expensive Hobbies – Which Hobby Costs the Most? [ANSWERED]

Expensive Hobbies – Which Hobby Costs the Most? [ANSWERED]

Hobbies are activities that we engage in because they are enjoyable and help us relax; most times, we are willing to pay a lot of money for them in a flash. Engaging in expensive hobbies is not a problem when money is not a problem, and you can spend it whatever you want. There are several expensive hobbies that you can engage in.

The most expensive hobbies are skydiving, yacht racing, collecting cars, speed boats racing, mountain climbing, polo, poker, car racing, collecting arts, ballroom dancing, ice sculpting, country clubbing, scuba diving, hot air balloon flying, skiing, golfing, go-karting, and horseback riding. 

If you wish to spend a lot of money on a hobby, the enjoyment and thrill you will get from such a hobby are limitless. If you are seeking pricey hobbies that will provide you with unique experiences, you can choose from several of them.

expensive dollar wordMost Expensive Hobbies

After a tough day at work, one of the best ways to relax and have fun is to engage in your favorite hobbies. One can engage in several hobbies; some are cheap while others are expensive. However, you can engage in expensive hobbies when you have enough money to spare; below are some of the most expensive ones.

Car Racing

One of the most exhilarating stimuli humans may encounter is speed; this is why car racing is a favorite hobby of many. Car racing is a passion that allows riders to push their cars to their limits.

For many individuals, car racing is a thrilling yet dangerous hobby; however, because of the high expenditures of participating in a vehicle race, it is only accessible to the wealthy. The first obstacle to overcome is the cost of an excellent race car. While the cost of a good race car varies, it usually falls between $10,000 and $250,000.

Then there is car upkeep, which costs a lot. Automobile racing usually pushes the car to its limits; hence, some parts are destined to fail and need to be replaced. Thousands of dollars might be sucked up due to routine maintenance activities.


Skydiving is one of the dangerous but thrilling sports that demands a lot of guts. Since you are leaping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air while relying on your parachute to assist you in landing safely, this hobby is one of the most popular activities on several people's bucket lists; several people are drawn to this activity because of the adrenaline rush that comes with it.

Although the activity only takes a few minutes to finish, it is among the most expensive hobbies worldwide. One leap normally costs between $150 and $250 and requires less than one minute to perform. The fee increases the more you make a jump in a day; this can exceed $15,000 when you make 10 jumps every week.

Speedboat Racing

Speedboat Racing is a hobby in which you and your friends race your strong speedboat on the water. These speedboats have made several appearances in films and music videos for years. Unfortunately, most artists and musicians who use them in their videos cannot buy these speedboats but only hire them for their filming; only the wealthy will be able to purchase one.

A basic speed boat will set you back around $50,000. The cigarette boat's physical look alone indicates that it is a vehicle that requires attention; buying one of these gadgets will cost you $600,000. However, to get them ready for races, you will have to personalize them and add extra equipment to improve the boat's safety and performance.


Golf is a prominent sport in the United States, with more than 24 million golfers. Before you consider this activity, keep in mind that it is among the most costly in the United States. A bag of clubs should set you back at least $300; you will also need to replenish your bag with new clubs as needed. In addition, you will have to pay before you can play.

The cheapest solution is to arrange a tee time at a public golf course. The average cost of an 18-hole round is $36; a private golf club membership is a more expensive choice. These can be exclusive, with one-time initiation fees and annual membership fees of up to $100,000. The kits required for golfing cost a lot of money that only the wealthy can afford.

Most Expensive Hobbies In The World

There are several expensive hobbies today; however, some are more expensive than others. Only wealthy individuals engage in expensive hobbies. Below are the most expensive hobbies in the world.

Yacht Racing

Yacht racing is the world's most expensive hobby; speedboats are frequently used in music videos and films as the ultimate symbol of wealth. An ordinary speedboat has a price ranging from $30,000 to $50,000, which is extremely expensive. On the other hand, Yachts outperform similar speedboats in terms of exclusivity and price.

You can get extremely opulent and large yachts for around $0.8 billion. The boat has become a must-have for many of the world's richest individuals because of its exorbitant price. On the other hand, these exorbitantly priced yachts are never utilized in racing.

A less expensive J-class yacht is used for yacht racing; however, they cost between $10 million and $20 million, which is quite expensive. However, purchasing one is only the beginning of the costs associated with yacht racing.


Polo is known as the king's sport, and it is easy to see why. It is one of the world's oldest team sports, traced to ancient Persia; it has long been linked with riches and luxury. Polo is still considered one of the most premium sports today, with high-end facilities and equipment costing millions. Despite the difficulties, the appeal of learning to play has only increased in recent years.

The sport is a perfect combination of athletics and intelligence in many aspects, requiring competitors to learn horsemanship while making split-second judgments on the field. A Polo club membership can cost up to $8,000 per year; as a player, you will need a polo horse, which may cost upwards of $20,000 with monthly upkeep charges of $1,500.

photo studio flashExotic Pets

Many people worldwide are familiar with having pets like iguanas, cats, dogs, and mice. However, having these creatures as pets is now a cliché for several wealthy people worldwide. They have taken it a step further and now keep strange creatures as pets; having an exotic pet is costly as some of these species demand thousands of dollars in monthly upkeep.

Why Are Hobbies So Expensive?

Some hobbies are cheap and affordable for all; however, the cost of each hobby differs due to different reasons. One of the main reasons hobbies are so expensive is the cost of the materials and equipment used in those hobbies. When it comes to hobbies like horse riding and yacht racing, the materials used are very expensive.

However, regardless of how expensive a hobby is, the excitement and thrill of it make people want to participate in such an activity. Nevertheless, you should not have to ruin your budget or break the bank to engage in expensive hobbies. You can also go for low-budget hobbies and still have fun and the relaxing moment you desire.

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Final Thoughts

When engaging in expensive hobbies, the first step is to see whether you can rent rather than buy the equipment. You can also search for bargains and special offers; buying used equipment is also an option. Purchase only what you require; borrow the equipment from a friend if they have it. If you learn how to manage your funds, having expensive hobbies may be fun and interesting.

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