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The Fastest Dirt Bikes in the World – Unbelievable Speeds!

The Fastest Dirt Bikes in the World – Unbelievable Speeds!

Motorcycles reign supreme when talking about fast two-wheelers; however, some dirt bikes can match them in speed. Dirt bikes are graded for features other than speed, such as gear power level and suspensions. When you are out doing climbs and jumps on dirt roads, you might be tempted to explore how fast your dirt bike can go. 

The fastest dirt bikes globally are KTM 450SXF Dirt Bike, Suzuki DRZ Dirt Bike, Husqvarna TX Dirt Bike, Honda XR650L MZ Baghira Dirt Bike, Husqvarna FE 501 Dirt Bike, and Kawasaki KLR Dirt Bike. The fastest dirt bike has a top speed of 123 mph, while the second-fastest is 114 mph. 

The speed of a dirt bike might not be necessary if it is intended to handle the most difficult terrains. However, you may wish to have fun during a ride, and one of the best ways to see how fast your bike can go and the period it takes to achieve top speed. 

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What Is The Fastest Dirt Bike In The World?

For many people, speed is one of the decisive criteria for choosing a dirt bike. Most people desire a fast dirt bike, and if speed is not among the most important issues for you, you will want to know what your bike can do in terms of speed, especially if you want your dirt bike to be street legal. 

Several fast dirt bikes are on the market, all from different brands. These bikes have incredible speeds; however, there is only one fastest dirt bike. The fastest dirt bike globally is the KTM 450SFX Dirt Bike; it has a top speed of 123 mph which is considered super fast for a dirt bike. 

This dirt bike's engine has one of the most well-balanced power bands available. It is well known for its renowned dependability and can go for a long time without requiring repairs or maintenance. It may lack the massive torque of a Yamaha YZ450F, but it outperforms other dirt bikes.

The KTM 450SXF offers plenty of power and still maintains enough control, so you do not feel like you are about to lose control due to full throttle. It also features the widest powerband and a smooth low RPM that rises continuously until the rev limiter is reached. It is simple to make obvious changes to the power distribution during the day.

This dirt bike uses a 5-speed gearbox with great spacing, which makes shifting a joy when combined with outstanding clutch action. Engine braking is most noticeable when the engine feels tight or is new; however, the braking reduces as the engine breaks in. Remember that it can take about 20 hours of running time before the engine breaks in. 

The triple billet machined clamps, rigid handlebar, and steel frame also contribute to the engine's vibration, largely transmitted through handlebar and footpegs, and is more visible than on certain Japanese motorcycles. The pneumatic fork is lighter than a traditional coil-spring fork in terms of weight and capability. 

This bike's suspension also requires some time to break in before you can discover the optimal setting for your preferred operating style. Riders weighing 150 to 180 pounds can use the regular shock spring, while all weight ranges can use the pneumatic fork, which is adjustable. 

Traditional adjusters are still used on the shock, which requires a rebound, a 17mm wrench, and a flat blade screwdriver. While riding about the pits, the orange machine has a neutral feel. Its cockpit does not close, and riders 6 feet tall or taller will feel comfortable riding it; it also has a larger wheelbase.

At first, the chassis seems a little rigid on the track. There is a significant break-in phase to understand what this bike can truly do; plan on at least half a dozen hours before it loosens up. The seat cover is non-gripper by design, but it includes thin silicone strips, making it sticky. 

How Fast Is The Fastest Dirt Bike In The World?

The fastest dirt bike globally is the KTM 450SFX Dirt Bike; it is popular for taking Dungey Ryan to the motocross championship. This bike uses a 450cc engine and weighs approximately 237 pounds. The top speed of this dirt bike is 123 mph; no other dirt bike has been able to reach a speed as high as this. 

Although this vehicle is a 450cc dirt bike, it is faster than most 500cc and 600cc dirt bikes. This is because several factors affect the speed of a dirt bike; hence, a person riding a 450cc bike might go faster than someone riding a 650cc bike. Some of the factors affecting a dirt bike's speed are below. 

Weight of the dirt bike

A dirt bike's speed is influenced by its weight, as a heavy dirt bike will go slower than a lighter one. With a 400cc engine, a heavier bike might go slower than a lighter one with the same engine capacity. 

Engine Capacity

 4-stroke engines operate better at higher speeds than 2-stroke engines. A 250cc 4-stroke engine can reach up to 80 mph, while 2-stroke engines will reach 85 mph. The greater weight on 4-stroke bikes contributes to their slower speed.

Rider’s Weight and Height

If you are overweight, your bike might slow down and be difficult to accelerate. On the other hand, taller cyclists have more body to push into the wind. Hence, tall riders may find it difficult to accelerate at high speeds, while shorter and lighter riders have a better chance. 

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Who Is The Fastest Dirt Bike Rider In The World?

There are several famous dirt bike riders today; several of them participate in different dirt bike and motocross racing events. The fastest dirt bike rider is James Stewart Jr.; he is popularly known as Bubba Stewart. He is a professional racer and has participated in the AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross Championship. 

Due to his athleticism, talent, ingenuity, and speed, he gained the nickname "The Fastest Man on the Planet" throughout his racing career. In 2008 during the AMA Motocross season, Stewart won every moto and race; he is also an all-time leader in 450 supercross winds and AMA outdoor national wins.

He also invented the Bubba scrub, which has since become a necessary ability for competing in professional motocross. Throughout his career, he landed endorsement deals worth more than $10 million per year. With 10 wins in 12 Motocross events in 2002, he holds the record for the greatest rookie season.

James Stewart Jr. has won the World Supercross championship thrice and twice the Motocross of Nations. He also won three AMA Motocross Championships and four AMA Supercross Championships. In 2014 and 2015, he also won the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. 

In 2014, James Stewart Jr. was suspended from racing due to a failed drug test, and since then, he has not returned to motocross racing. In 2018, Jeffrey Herlings declared himself the fastest man on the planet for that year. He had won 62 out of 77 motos in the motocross season. 

Jeffrey Herlings defeated the top AMA riders in the Motocross of Nation and went one on one against the current AMA national champion for that year, and won 17 MXGP races. He was also crowned the 2018 MXGP world champion and won the Dutch national title; these achievements made him confidently claim to be the fastest racer. 

Final Thoughts 

The KTM 450SXF remains the world's fastest dirt bike; Yamaha, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, and Suzuki are among other significant brands on the fastest dirt bikes list. As an enthusiast, when purchasing a dirt bike, your main focus should not be on the speed only, but you should also seek a bike with a capable engine, decent handling, and lightweight frame.

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