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What Is The Best Follow Me Drone?

What Is The Best Follow Me Drone?

Although the Follow Me Drone technology offers those in the filming and videography realm plenty of opportunities to capture impressive aerial shots, the numerous brands in the market make buying the best drone demanding. Hence, the question of what is the best Follow Me Drone in the market is prevalent among many buyers.

After extensive research and comparison of different drone models, we have ascertained that the DJI Mavic 3 is the best drone with Follow Me Technology that you can buy today.

The DJI Mavic 3 is a powerful flagship drone with a Hasselblad camera to foster professional-level imaging. It leads in all its features, starting with omnidirectional obstacle sensing to enable a flawless flight experience. Other superb features include an excellent 46-minute average flight, easy to fly, automatic leveling, and precision hover.

Nonetheless, when shopping for high-tech Follow Me Drones, there are other essentials that you need to consider to acquire the best and consequently increase the chances of taking your game a notch higher. The special aspects include the Follow Me Technology camera quality, and battery life and range. You may need answers to a number of questions concerning the entire process.

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Which Drones Have Follow Me Mode?

When spending your money on an expensive product, you do not want to settle on the first product that you come across. It is always savvy to look at the different brands in the market before making your choice. Moreover, exploring other brands is the most appropriate way of ensuring that you pay the right amount for your drone.

While there are multiple drones with Follow Me technology in the current market, we settled on the best after considering features, price, and user experience. Here is a list of the top 7 Follow Me Drone in the market.

1. The Mavic 2 Follow Me Drone

The Mavic 2 is one of the newest drones with the most edge-cutting technology, functions, and features. In addition to being dependable for both professionals and enthusiasts, the drone is quite portable. Additional features include 31 minute flight time, max speed of 44mph, signal range of 4.9 mi, and Zoom Camera with a 1/2.3-inch 12 MP sensor.

2. Mavic Air Follow Me Drone

The Mavic air boasts all the latest features you would expect in a small and portable package. Its lightweight makes it a go-anywhere drone, and it's great for outdoor sports, travel, and adventure. Its features include a max speed of 42.5 mph, a max flight time of 21 mins, and a signal range of 2.5 mi. It is a perfect option for experienced or new pilots looking for a portable and feature-rich drone.

3. Skydio 2 Follow Me Drone

The Skydio 2 drone is also among the newest in the market. The drone is unique as it allows you to capture super-sharp 12 MP HDR photos and film at a stunning 4k video at 60 fps in HDR quality. Further, the Skydio boasts terrific intelligence in angle track, hover, cable cam, and orbit. The drone is exceptionally light, with a flight time of 23 minutes, a speed of 36 mph, and a transmission range of 2.17 miles.

4. Mavic Pro Quadcopter Follow Me Drone

In addition to being pocket-sized, the Mavic Pro has terrific Follow Me autopilot modes. Further, the drone has four vision sensors, the latest flight controls, and high precision satellite navigation. The collision avoidance feature makes the Mavic Pro drone convenient for enthusiasts and professionals. It has several autopilot modes, including spotlight, terrain follow mode, profile, trace, and tapfly.

5. Dji Spark Follow Me Drone

If you love fun, then the DJI Spark auto-follow drone is the best option for you. First, it is easy to launch, capture exciting pictures and videos, send them to other devices, or even share them directly on Social Media. Further, you can turn on Palm Control Mode to control simple movements with your hands. Some of the standard features of the DJI Spark Follow Me Drone includes the 12MP and 1080p HD and the DJI GO 4 app that allows easy composing and editing of cinematic photos and videos.

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6. Yuneec Typhon H Pro Follow Me Drone

The Yuneec Typhon H Pro is another fantastic Follow Me Drone in the current market. It has six brushless motors to power it in the air, providing excellent stability when following you. Features include an anti-vibration 3-axis gimbal, six-rotor propeller, and eight intelligent tracking flight modes.

7. Outlaw Se Follow Me Drone

You could be searching for a Follow Me Drone with excellent GPS capabilities but do not have much money to put into this type of investment. If that is the case, the Outlaw SE is the best alternative.

The drone flawlessly follows you while capturing the magic moments from a bird's eye. In addition to its affordability, it has excellent specs, including GPS flight mode, altitude hold, 600-meter range, HD 1080p built-in camera, and headless mode.

What Is The “Follow Me” Feature On Drones?

The Follow Me Feature on drones is a function that allows the drone to follow you or any other object and take pictures or videos without you having to control the drone manually. The feature uses controller follow, GPS, object detection, or GLONASS.

The follow-me feature is particularly essential if you will be in a situation where you will need to have free hands but still want to capture the excellent moments. For instance, mountain climbers will find drones with follow-me features extremely valuable.

How do you Make a Drone Follow You?

With the current generation of Follow Me Drones, getting your drone to follow you is pretty straightforward. Since a pilot does not control the drone, it should be able to provide smooth and cinematic shots.

Here are four simple steps to get your drone to follow you;

Step 1; Adjust Your Settings

The first step is to ensure that the settings on your drone are correct to guarantee quality and safe tracking. Go to the DJI GO app settings and ensure that you turn off the beginner mode, turn on obstacle avoidance, and enable multiple flight modes.

Step 2 Launch Your Drone Put On Active Track

Launch your drone as usual and let it hover since it is impossible to enable Active tracking before launching it. If you have a Mavic drone, press the controller button to access intelligent flight modes. For Phantom users, switch the drone into "P" and select Active Track.

After that, you will notice both "Active Track" and Follow me." Although both of them play a similar role, they work differently. "Follow Me" works by following the signal on your remote, which can be less accurate. Active Track is the best for accurate results.

Active Track has three features: the profile, spotlight, and trace. It is good to stick to trace mode unless you are in an open field that does not have obstacles.

Step 3; Select The Object

The third step is to select the object you want to follow by tapping on the screen. It is good to fly around the object to familiarize the camera with the object in 360 degrees. Once the object is selected, you will notice a box around it.

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Step 4; Begin

Once everything is set, the last step is to go. However, it is not recommended to shoot off fast as the camera may lose the object. The proper practice is to start slowly and gradually increase the speed. Interestingly, you do not have to worry if the drone runs out of battery as it will automatically return home.


The application of visual recognition technology in drones is a significant milestone in the UAV industry. It has indeed enhanced the drone flight experience and safety. However, since the Follow Me technology still relies on environmental conditions, it is vital to stick to usual flight safety procedures. If you are yet to get yourself a Follow Me Drone for an intuitive and unique flying experience, you should do so fast. Remember to consider the most important features; the Follow Me Technology, camera, battery life, and range.