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How Much Do Four Wheeler Tires Cost? [Find Out Here]

How Much Do Four Wheeler Tires Cost? [Find Out Here]

Your ATV needs new tires for various reasons; the stock ones might have broken or worn out from cycling in more challenging terrain. Performance is the main driver behind tire replacement. Sometimes all you need to improve traction is new meat on the rims; to get your vehicle back on the trail, choose from a large range of affordable ATV tires.

Four-wheeler tires cost between $20 and $500, depending on your type of tire. An all-terrain or mud tire costs between $50 and $150, a sand tire costs between $50 and $450, snow 4-wheeler tires costs between $60 and $190, and a sports or racing four-wheeler tire costs between $70 and $120.

The most popular improvement made to an ATV is a new pair of tires. Although there are many inexpensive tire manufacturers available, it might be difficult to locate cheap ATV tires for purchase that will not fail you down.

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Cheap ATV Tires

Nobody wants to spend more money on ATV tires than necessary, but when purchasing on a budget, you need to be cautious that the tires are reliable and well-made, so they will not fail you. Below are the cheap ATV tires you can get.

GBC Dirt Devil Tires

The GBC Dirt Devil is a great all-purpose tire that provides a comfortable ride on various surfaces while having the traction and tread pattern to manage muck. Although these tires offer a wonderful balance and are available in 22 sizes, most of the more abrasive wheels can be a tough ride over uneven terrain.

When you accelerate, the V-shaped tread provides you with better traction and reduced slippage. For further traction, they include dimpled lugs with good sideways tread. Additionally, they have a 6-ply durability feature that allows them to withstand some challenging terrain.

Maxxis 2.0 Bighorn

The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires are a truly outstanding all-terrain tire, and they are perhaps the most common tire for both Original uses and as an optional replacement. Thanks to Maxxis's six-ply design and rubber compositions, they have a smooth ride and are incredibly durable.

You can find a set for practically every ATV because of the variety of sizes offered. Additionally, they are lightweight than the previous Bighorn design, allowing more power from your engine to reach the ground. They offer exceptional traction with a decent combination of lugs and valleys and a comfortable ride that more sporty tires cannot match.

Kenda Bear Claw

The ideal tire to utilize in a variety of circumstances. This tire is incredibly versatile. Kenda produces tires that are incredibly durable and offer excellent value. These are some tough tires because they are made with a 6-ply graded, extra-strong casing that prevents punctures.

The Bearclaw tires are a genuine all-terrain beast thanks to their slanted knobs and directed tread pattern, which digs into mud, dirt, snow, and more. These are some of the best ATV tires available in a cheaper range, and you are likely to find a fit because they come in 24 sizes.

Cheap ATV Mud Tires

Although ATVs can tear up the road, going off-road is where their true value lies. It is not worth it if your ATV breaks a tire within the first 12 minutes of being off the pavement. Your ATV experience will be made or broken by your tires, and if you plan to play in the mud, you will need to have the greatest ATV mud tires.

SunF Power Set of4 ATV Tires

If you are seeking reasonably priced replacement tires, SunF provides exactly what you need. The front tires measure 25 inches, while the rear wheels are 25 inches also. They have angled tread that protrudes to sink into the ground, making them useful for rough, muddy, and damp terrains.

These 6-ply solid rubber tires are available. You can bring them to a construction area and count on them to withstand being scratched or punctured by debris and building materials. Your grip and slide control are great thanks to their deep lugs and angled pattern, which dig into the surface.

Terache Premium Aztex Tubeless Tires

The Terache Aztex Premium tires come in several larger sizes. Harsh environments inspired the design of these tires. On flat terrain, their amazing traction is useless; they were designed to rip through the mud. Mud can be dangerous, especially when driving through a creek or in flood-like circumstances.

However, the Terache Aztex Premium tires stand their footing in snowy situations. Unlike mud, which contains gravel or areas of drier earth for points of traction, snow and ice frequently form smaller, more slippery particles. These tires create their grip, and with that sidewall-extending tread, they do so from all directions.

UTV Tires

If you possess a UTV, you must ensure it works to its full capacity. By fitting the equipment with high-quality tires, you can help to ensure this. Choosing the finest manufacturer for your UTV might be difficult because there are many possibilities available; below are some UTV tires you can get.

Carlisle All-Trail UTV Tire

The four-ply, all-terrain tire from Carlisle is made for fun karts, side-by-sides, ATVs, and UTVs. It was made with longevity in mind and is excellent for cars that travel through rough terrain. These tires offer a comfortable ride with excellent, aggressive tread compared to other tires.

They do not destroy the grass like some tires, making them perfect for climbing steep hills. On paved roads, they hold up well over time to wear and perform effectively in the snow.

Weize All-Terrain UTV Tires

You can obtain a whole set of tough tires that are prepared for just about everything with these UTV Tires. Each set of tires is designed to handle various driving conditions, including mud, loose sand, gravel, and rocky, bumpy roads.

ATV Tires

You must locate the best ATV tires for your All-Terrain Vehicle if you own one. Make the appropriate decision, and you can drive about freely and without problems on various terrains. If you make the wrong decision, you risk hurting yourself or causing damage to your car; below are ATV tires you can get.

Wanda ATV Tires

The tires are more abrasion resistant and kept in top condition for as long as feasible. It has an angular shape that contributes to what is referred to as a cleaning action when you use them. This implies that you will not be worried about mud or other debris gatherings in the deep gaps, frequently making you lose traction.

ITP Mud II Lite

The best ATV tire for a combination of mud and road driving is the ITP Mud II Lite. The best feature of this tire is that, despite its remarkable durability and hardness, it is not overly expensive. Even the most impatient drivers should be able to use the tire because of its 6-ply rating.

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What PSI Should Four Wheeler Tires Be

When purchasing your first ATV, you might not know the proper tire inflation pressure. The typical tire pressure for an average cyclist on ordinary terrain will be between 5 and 6 PSI. To fully enjoy your ATV when riding, there are several reasons to change the tire pressure.

The appropriate tire pressure makes driving safer, can help stop unneeded sliding, and extends the life of your tires. The typical pressure gauge requirements for ATVs range from 4 to 8 PSI. The typical pressure gauge recommendations for a UTV or side by side are somewhere between 12 and 18 PSI.

Final Thoughts

You must ensure you get the greatest four-wheeler tires available if you ride your four-wheeler for a significant period. Although most four-wheeler tires are quite pricey, you can still get some high-quality ones at a lower price. We have mentioned above some of the best ATV and UTV tires you can get.