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Complete Beginner's Guide To Garrett Metal Detectors

Complete Beginner's Guide To Garrett Metal Detectors

Even if you are new to metal detecting, you probably already know about Garrett. The organization has a well-established image as the highest in the industry as it has a manufacturing experience for over 50 years. Even yet, not every Garrett detector is worthwhile to purchase; the trick is to locate the one that suits your needs.

Eleanor and Charles Garrett established Garrett in 1964. The business understood that they needed to make high-quality detectors at competitive prices to compete in the then-competitive market. However, Charles did not start showing an interest in metal detectors until 1963.

There are several reasons why Garrett metal detectors are popular. When purchasing a potentially pricey detector, it is critical that the manufacturer has a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

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Best Garrett Metal Detectors

The reputation and longevity of Garrett are unmatched in the metal detecting industry. They are renowned for producing dependable metal detectors for users of all skill levels that are appropriate for all kinds of hunts in all types of terrain. Below are the best Garrett metal detectors.

Garrett 250 Ace Metal Detectors

The Garrett 250 Ace is a great first detector that is reasonably priced if you want to start metal detecting. It is incredibly lightweight and simple to use, making it perfect for travel. You may use it for extended periods without your hand getting fatigued.

However, just because it is designed for beginners does not make it a toy detector. The 250 Ace has many features for metal detecting that are simple to use. The 250 Ace's simple display is one of its best qualities. It is simple to grasp what the display shows; each button has a distinct label and functions as intended.

Despite its simplicity, the ACE 250 has plenty of features. The model contains a pinpointing mode, discrimination setting, pinpointing mode indicator, coin depth indicator, graphical Target ID, and numerous built-in search modes. Because the coils are waterproof, it is appropriate for hunting in shallow water.

Garrett ATX Metal Detector

The ATX is a superior option, even if it is expensive if you plan to hunt mostly in saltwater conditions or for gold nuggets. A pulse induction metal detector made for harsh environments, the Garrett ATX. The ATX offers exceptional range and consistent responsiveness and is typical when hunting for gold.

Its ability to operate at several frequencies makes it ideal for any terrain, and the DD coil's exceptional sensitivity does not come at the expense of responsiveness. When purchasing the ATX, two packages are available. A DD cover, MS-2 headphones, and the regular assortment of accessories are all included in the Basic bundle.

The whole of the Basic package is included in the DEEPSEEKER bundle, along with a 20 inches mono coil for deeper searching. The ATX enables a considerably deeper searching than other versions, even without the additional coil. According to Garrett, it can be detected at a depth of approximately 19 inches.

Garrett Ace Apex Metal Detector

For those seeking a lightweight detector that is user-friendly, packed with capabilities, and equipped with multi-frequency technology, the Garrett Ace Apex is the ideal choice. Because of its straightforward controls and basic design, it is also excellent for beginners.

Thanks to Apex's four distinct single wavelengths or simultaneous multi-frequency mode, you may easily uncover gems in various soil types. The Ace Apex is lightweight and well-balanced, with several advantages that appeal to seasoned hunters.

This is also a great alternative for a serious novice because it is simple to use, and many of the basic features eliminate the guessing of other more high-spec versions. It is among the top inexpensive metal detectors on the market. Built-in wifi technology makes for a relaxing afternoon of hunting.

Garrett Gold AT Metal Detector

It provides the professional bounty hunter manual and automated ground balance, works in highly mineralized ground, and is made to prospect in various terrains so you can take it anywhere. It can identify iron and is perfect for gold prospectors because it has an all-metal steel audio function.

You can select targets and be alerted via enhanced audio characteristics for a quick recovery by expanding the ground balance area, distributing it, and limiting the impact of ground fluctuations using the ground balance window. The Garrett AT Gold boasts improved sensitivity and cutting-edge features for finding gold nuggets.

This implies that it can discriminate between metals, preventing you from stopping every two minutes from digging out bottle tops and unwanted targets when looking for coins and jewelry in a park. When hunting in confined areas, such as those surrounding rough terrain, the 8-inch coil is ideal.

Where To Buy Garrett Metal Detectors

Any Garrett dealer will sell you a Garrett detector. A variety of internet retailers, including Amazon, also sell Garrett models. Another choice is to purchase used and pre-owned versions from online retailers like eBay, though doing so would void the warranty.

Ensure you are looking at authentic Garrett products wherever you decide to purchase. Every Garrett product is made in Texas and is guaranteed to be of the highest caliber. Poor performance and an incorrect nation of origin label or no label are some red flags of counterfeit goods.

Garrett AT Pro

The Garrett AT Pro is the top pick if you are searching for an excellent all-arounder, maybe as an improvement to your first detector. It produces outstanding results on par with models that cost much more money and is designed to handle practically any terrain or situation.

Fully waterproof and suitable for usage in up to 10 feet of water, the AT Pro is a 15kHz VLF detector. This makes it a fantastic option for hunting near creeks, rivers, or even coastal areas. The AT Pro is a multipurpose detector because it is effective on dry land and ideal for underwater searches.

The AT Pro includes manual and automatic ground balancing settings. This gives you much more choice when you need to disregard salt or iron signals, making it a crucial feature if your area is heavily mineralized.

The AT Pro's "Pro" mode allows the detector to produce many sounds while over a target when it is turned on. Each tone conveys details about the object, such as its conductivity, depth, and shape. Although this is a more complex feature, it is worth understanding because it can make hunting much more effective.

If you like the basic audio option, you can turn it off. The AT Pro includes automatic and manual ground balancing settings, which is another significant benefit of the ACE series. This gives you much more choice when you need to disregard iron or salt signals, making it a crucial feature.

The AT Pro's "Pro" mode audio is a unique feature. This allows the detector to produce many sounds while over a target when it is turned on. Each tone conveys details about the object, such as its conductivity, depth, and shape.

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How Deep Metal Detectors Garrett

Metal detectors can detect only metallic objects. You are out of luck if you are seeking wood or diamonds. Any metallic object you are looking for is referred to as a Target in metal detecting lingo. Most Garrett metal detectors can find things 4 to 8 inches deep. Under ideal circumstances, some Garrett metal detectors can go 12 to 18 inches underground.

Final Thoughts

Garrett makes many different top-notch metal detectors. Garrett has a wide selection of detectors, so you have many alternatives, whether you are searching for a beginner model to get started or a professional detector loaded with cutting-edge capabilities. Considering that all of their models are made in the US and have a reputation for high quality and dependability, investing in a Garrett metal detector is frequently a sensible move for your hobby.