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The Best Gas-Powered RC Cars Under $100 [Reviewed]

The Best Gas-Powered RC Cars Under $100 [Reviewed]

For many people, remote-controlled cars have been one of the greatest alternatives to racing and having fun. Although electric-powered RC cars are more affordable and environmentally friendly, gas-powered RC cars are more powerful, noisier, and more fun to race with.

Most RC cars are very expensive and are available at a price; however, you can still get cheap RC cars. The best gas-powered RC cars under $100 are Fistone Monster Off-road RC Car, 29cc Lingxuinfo RC Gas-powered Car, Yamix Gas-powered RC Car, Fistone 4-WD RC Car, and Double E 4WD RC Monster Truck. 

Playing with an RC car is not only entertaining and exciting, but it also develops hand-eye coordination, especially in children. Most cheap gas-powered RC cars are designed for children, so you do not have to spend a fortune to get an RC car for your kid.

gas rc carGas Powered RC Cars

Rather than batteries, gas-powered RC cars require fuel or gasoline for power to be generated. Gas engines come with flywheels, carburetors, pistons, glow plugs, crankshafts, clutches, and air filters, exactly like full-size gasoline-powered cars and trucks. Below are some gas-powered RC cars.


Let us start with the DEERC DE36W, which sells for as little as $70. It is frequently on sale for under $65, making it an excellent steal. We are talking about a well-balanced car here that will not break the bank but will nonetheless leave you speechless with its driving prowess.

For $70, you get a 1/16 scale model with a powerful engine. We are talking about speeds of 15 to 20km/h, which is not awful considering the price. Furthermore, the DEERC DE36W may run for up to half an hour with a full battery charge. The included battery is a 6V 800mAh NiMh unit and comes with a charger. In terms of range, you may expect roughly 50 meters of coverage if you use the included 2.4GHz transmitter.

That is not the only range you can change. The DEERC DE36W, you see, has a camera built into it. It is a small 720p sensor with a WiCONNE video transmitter that allows you to observe your drone's live-action from up to 30 meters away. Overall, this little bugger offers excellent value and is undoubtedly one of the cheapest RC vehicles available.


You can get your hands on HOSIM's powerful 1/16 monster truck model, codename Spirit, for a few extra dollars. We are talking about a heavy-duty RC vehicle with big wheels that can traverse different terrain.

Despite its appearance, the HOSIM Spirit 1/16 is not a rock crawler. HOSIM'S Spirit is not your usual rock crawler; in addition to its obstacle-beating abilities, it can reach speeds of over 36 km/h. Yes, you can get a lot more speed for a few extra dollars than the DEERC's model could provide.

However, that is not all – The Hosim Spirit has a 2.4GHz transmitter that can transmit up to 80 meters. The car also has 4WD, which allows it to drive on various surfaces, including snow, dirt, and rocky trails.

When it comes to the design of HOSIM Spirit, we are looking at a very attractive model. The canopy is available in two colors: red and blue, and it has a pleasing overall appearance. The same can be said for its shocks, which contain rec splashes that add an extra layer of complexity to the model.

Exceed RC Nitro Buggy

One of the best affordable gas-powered RC cars is the Exceed RC Nitro Buggy. It has been improved at every stage of development to keep it at the top. This RC vehicle is faster, stronger, and more adaptable; it comes with a powerful motor that offers consistent and dependable power for off-road operation.

It is available for $288.85; the inner airflow was altered for increased torque and power. It also features a 2-channel pistol radio system, an air filter, and a tuned pipe. This RC car has a wheelbase of270mm, a length of 400mm, and a height of 170mm.

Cheap Gas-Powered RC Cars

If you are searching for something to do in your spare time, consider getting an RC car; they are entertaining, and you would enjoy them with friends and family. RC cars are either gas or electric-powered. Most nitro RC cars are fairly expensive; however, some are reasonably priced.


This automobile is fully equipped to serve you well; the materials used in its construction are of good quality, and it is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle with a 29 CC gas engine. The remote control also uses 2.4GHz. The car is lightweight due to plastic as a building material for many elements.

This vehicle can be used for running and playing because it is fully functioning and less problematic. Although gasoline is not included, it is extremely easy to obtain. The product is produced from high-quality raw materials and offers the car a high level of functionality and durability.

The car has a powerful gasoline engine with a displacement of 29 cubic centimeters. Although it has a powerful gasoline engine, it has an excellent radio control system. Also, it is quite simple to drive this car properly.

4 Wheel Drive 24MPH Vehicle by Fistone

Surprisingly, an RC electric-powered car with this many features can be purchased for less than $100. The car's body is detachable and interchangeable. This device is equipped with a lithium battery that can be readily charged by USB. It will take around 3 to 4 hours to charge the car completely.

After charging, the athlete can play for 25 to 30 minutes in the playoff. It has four-wheel drive, making it a powerful vehicle. It can reach a top speed of 36 km/. The remote control system operates at 2.4GHz. The vehicle is quite simple to operate with the help of a handy remote control.

It has a convenient USB charging port and can reach a top speed of 36km/h. It has a top speed of 24m/h and four shock absorbers. The car can be controlled by the radio control system from a distance of 60 to 80 meters. It has a USB charging connector for easy charging and several other features. DeXop Dual Control Off-Road HD Camera RC Car

rc car fixTeam Losi Desert Buggy XL

The Team Losi Desert Buggy XL is our top recommendation for the greatest gas-powered RC car you should be aware of. This one is from a well-known brand with a lot of positive feedback and excellent ratings, which means you will receive the best performance and a wonderful driving experience.

If you are buying a gas-powered RC car for the first time and do not have much expertise with them, you will not find a better selection than this one. It offers a wide range of customization choices and high-end performance and power.

It has a 23cc engine, which accounts for its rapid speed and excellent scale. This one comes equipped with dual disc brakes right out of the box. It is also relatively simple to manage and control. This one also has a 740cc gasoline fuel tank, which will provide you with 40 minutes of continuous action on a full tank.

Final Thoughts

Gas-powered RC cars have a few advantages over electric-powered RC cars; the most notable advantage is their realism. These vehicles can accurately reproduce full-sized autos down to the smallest detail. Although gas-powered RC cars are more expensive, you may still find them for a modest price. When choosing your gas-powered RC car, check for its size, durability, and speed.