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The intention when HEXBUG first joined the toy market in 2007 was to provide young children with a good robotics experience. The natural bug-like characteristics of their micro robotic organisms initially drew attention. Now, more than 100 different toys are available, ranging from robots that battle to buildable playsets.

RC kits usually contain the parts of an RC car needed to assemble an RC car. The Hex Mods RC car kit available is the HEXBUG Hex Mods Pro Series Elite Buildable Scale Rechargeable RC Car. It contains an RC controller, batteries, chassis, car body, tires, USB cable, shocks, and motor.

With cutting-edge technology, HEXBUG products continue to inspire creative thinking in children and adults of all ages. One of their most popular products is the Hex Mods RC cars; these vehicles are of high quality and performance.

Rc car race

Hex Mods RC Tuner Car

The most comprehensive collection of hobby-grade RC tuner car kits with thousands of mod options is called Hex Mods Pro Series Elite Raceway. This collection expands Hex Mods' potential with extra body types, hoods, bumpers, side skirts, engine covers, roof options, alternative rims, and spoilers.

Additional performance enhancements are included in this package, such as all-wheel drive, various interchangeable suspensions, tires with various levels of traction, steering linkages, and various gear ratios and motors for variable speed. The chassis can handle 18 mph of speed.

You can add your unique flare with decals and a street-legal lighting kit that comes with functional headlights, taillights, and LED lights for illuminating any circuit. It includes a 2.4 GHz remote for the best possible steering and play, plus an extra 20 feet of connectable barriers so you can design your track and elevate your racing experience.

Hex Mods RC Car Parts

Before purchasing a Hex Mods RC car, it is important to the parts of the vehicle and their functions or uses in the car. Below are some Hex Mods RC car parts you should know about.


The first and most important part of an RC car is the transmitter. RC toys frequently include a small portable device with a radio transmitter and some control. The receiver inside the toy receives a signal from the transmitter over a specific frequency.

The transmitter includes a power supply that drives the controls and signals transmission, often a 9-volt battery. The main distinction between remote-controlled and radio-controlled toys is that radio control is always cordless, whereas remote-control toys contain a wire between the controller and the toy.

Most radio-controlled toys run at either 27 MHz or 49 MHz. The FCC has designated this combination of frequencies for common consumer goods, including RC toys and walkie-talkies. Transmitters come in various forms, from straightforward controllers with a single function to fully featured controllers with many possibilities.

Using a trigger to move the toy forward when pressed and backward when released illustrates a single-function controller. You must switch off the toy for it to stop. In most full-function controllers, if no buttons are pressed or knobs are turned, the toy will halt and wait for more orders.


You need a motor to start your remote-controlled car; the RC car's motor aids in its operation and propulsion. For this, the car typically has two DC motors: a front and rear DC motor. Additionally, two main kinds of RC motors are brush and brushless. While the wire is twisted over an armature in brush motors, it is coiled around the stator in brushless motors.

Furthermore, the faster the motor, regardless of the type, the fewer wire turns there are. Remember that both motors are rotating while the car travels forward. Only the rear motor rotates when the car is in reverse.


The receiver is another crucial part of an RC car; consider a situation where the controller sends signals, but the automobile does not receive them. This will defeat the entire purpose of a radio-controlled car. A receiver is recognized to receive the radio waves that are being transmitted, as the name implies.

You should also be aware that the transmitter and receiver must use the same wavelength for proper communication without any interference. Only then will they be capable of coordinating the proper operation of the car.

Additionally, be careful not to cut the antenna when using it because doing so would undoubtedly reduce the range and dependability of the receiver. This is due to the antenna wire's length being properly tuned to the receiver.


Also present in an RC car are servos, which function more like tiny motors than servos, and aid in the RC car's quick movement. The RC servos are very good at taking up transmitter impulses and comprehending commands, which is the cause.

Analog and digital servos are two different types of servos; their layout and organization are remarkably similar. However, the reaction and response time are what make a difference. Here, digital servos outperform analog ones in speed and effectiveness.


The term "chassis" typically refers to the framework or base upon which the rest of the car is constructed. You may, for instance, have a metal or plastic chassis. The complete car is constructed on top of this chassis and all of its parts.

Electronic Speed Controller

An ESC is the final major part of an RC car; the ESC aids the operator in managing the power and speed of a motor. This, in turn, aids in controlling the RC car's total power. Consequently, a power manager is another name for an ESC. The ESC might also contribute to delivering a portion of the energy needed to power the RC-servo.

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Like all other automobiles, RC cars primarily have four wheels, two rear and two front wheels. The rear motor and front motor, both respected DC motors, are connected to both wheels. The wheels begin moving in response to the commands sent by the transmitter.

Hex Mods RC Car Drift

The RC model cars from Hex Mods are fully customizable and retail priced. The Pro Series Elite version of Hex Mods features a car chassis with a top speed of about 13 mph. Each kit is completely modifiable when received; this set includes a body kit that allows you to switch out the spoilers, hood, and a different set of wheels.

Performance can also be improved to give complete customization. Suspension can be changed, tires with various levels of traction can be used, and gear tuning can be used to adjust speeds. The Hex Mods Pro Series Elite has fashionable visual upgrades, including decals, interchangeable hoods, and green LED.

It includes upgrades to a performance that alters driving skills. Aesthetic improvements to personalize the car's appearance. This RC car features an adaptive control system at 2.4 GHz, a Li-ion rechargeable battery, 13 mph velocity, and an unusual supercar body design. This buildable RC car may be instructive and be an excellent gift.

Children and adults can collaborate to build their customized scale model cars for road play. Instead of using gas or solar energy, this toy is powered with electricity, and the battery pack offers the user a sustainable experience. This vehicle will help you reach new heights and quickly become your favorite.

Batteries are used to power this robotic toy set; there are Lithium Ion and AAA batteries included. Then use decals to make your car uniquely yours to stand out from the crowd; additionally, each Hex Mods car has an LED-powered light to illuminate any circuit or track.

Final Thoughts

Research is important before making any purchases, as you are already aware. Therefore, there are a few things to think about before beginning your study. Before purchasing a Hex Mods RC car kit, you should look at the price, ensure the performance suits your taste, and check reviews online.