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Holy Stone Drone: Are They Good? Everything You Need To Know

Holy Stone Drone: Are They Good? Everything You Need To Know

Holy Stone is one of the best drone manufacturing companies worldwide; other companies competing for the best are DJI and Autel Robotics. Holy Stone produces drones to meet the preference of every drone pilot; their drones are durable and qualitative. In 2019, Holy Stone won the "Best Drone" award at CES.

Holy Stone drones are popular; they are perfect for every pilot, from beginners to experts. Holy Stone drones are equipped with flight features to assist professionals and even beginners when operating the drone. Some of the top Holy Stone drones are HS720E, HS710, HS440, HS700D, and HS510.

Holy Stone drones are equipped with quality cameras and GPS, amongst other essential flight features. If you want a foldable drone, a drone that weighs less than 250g or more, there is a Holy Stone drone for you.

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Holy Stone Drones

Holy Stone has built a reputation for durability, quality, and affordability in the drone industry. There are tons of Holy Stone drones available in the market that you can purchase; we will look at some of the best picks for both expert and beginner pilots and the best in features.

Holy Stone HS100

Holy Stone HS100 is one of the most intelligent drones with an advanced GPS and is controlled with its remote controller only. This drone is 13.9 inches long, 7.7 inches high, 13.5 inches wide, weighs 1.543 pounds, and has a top-flight speed of 18.6 mph. It is recommended for individuals aged 14 years and above.

This drone does not only provide an excellent flying experience for beginners, but it also provides some basic features for photography and videography. The drone also has a follow me feature; that makes the drone follow the operator anywhere you go while staying above you, and the camera will be centered on you and capture every move.

The Holy Stone HS100 is easy to fly; if you let go of the controller, unlike some drones which will crash, this drone will hover even in the breeze at the same altitude. The Holy Stone HS100 is one of the easiest drones to assemble, disassemble, and carry about.

It also has a return to home feature, so the drone will return to its launching point when the button is pressed. The 4-light intelligent battery of the drone has a micro USB socket which makes charging easier.

The Holy Stone HS100 battery life is 18 minutes, and its maximum distance is 0.311 miles. The Holy Stone HS100 Navigator has a powerful motor that ensures there is enough power for the drone to fly well and be resistant to the wind so that you can fly the drone without any worries.

The drone has foldable propellers that make it easy to transport and set up. This drone battery has LED lights that indicate the drone's battery level, making it easier to know when the battery is running low. The 2K camera of the drone can be tilted to a different angle using the remote controller so that you can capture lots of quality aerial images and videos.

Holy Stone HS510

The Holy Stone HS510 is 11.77 inches long, 8.54 inches wide, 3.66 inches high, and weighs 0.54 pounds. The Holy Stone HS510 is a drone built with relatively high-quality materials. This drone has a video resolution of 2.7K at 25 frames per second and 4K at 16 frames per second. The top-flight speed of the Holy Stone HS510 is 18.6 mph.

The Holy Stone HS510 is a compact foldable drone with a GPS feature that automatically returns it to the point of takeoff when the connection is lost. This drone's camera frequency is 5G, and it also has a gimbal that helps stabilize it; the camera utilizes every pixel to capture crystal clear images.

This drone also has some accessories: two batteries, a carrying case, a screwdriver, a manual, a charger hub, a charging cable, a transmitter, and four spare propellers. The blades of this drone's propeller are also designed to be foldable. This drone is perfect for both beginners and expert pilots.

The charge time of the Holy Stone HS510 battery is 150 minutes, it has a total flight time of 20 minutes, and the first-person-view control distance is 300 meters. Other flight features available on the Holy Stone HS510 are optical flow positioning, headless mode, stable hovering, low voltage alarm, and GPS tracking.

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Holy Stone HS440

This is another impressive drone from Holy Stone; the Holy Stone HS440 is 8.74 inches long, 3.39 inches high, 8.43 inches wide, and weighs 5.9 ounces. The total flight distance of the drone is 330 feet, which is also the total first-person-view flight distance. It has a total flight time of 20 minutes.

The Holy Stone HS440 features a 3.8 volts LiPo 1900 mAh battery with 7.22 Wh. It takes about 180 minutes for the drone's battery to be fully charged. It is equipped with a 1080 pixel HD camera with a 90 degrees tilt angle that can be adjusted using the remote control or your mobile phone.

Some impressive features available on the Holy Stone HS440 include high-speed rotation, circle fly, two-speed modes, headless mode, one key landing and takeoff, emergency stop, stable discharge, safe charging, precise hovering. With these features, you are guaranteed a safer and more streamlined flight.

It also has a gravity sensor mode that makes it easy to control the drone; you can operate and direct it by tilting your mobile phone if you do not want to use the remote control. Included in the package are two drone batteries, 2 USB cables, a charger, four extra propellers, a screwdriver, an instruction manual, and a bag.

Are Holy Stone Drones Any Good?

Holy Stone is a great choice when purchasing a drone; the drones are easy to operate and user-friendly. They perform excellently, are easy to calibrate and control. They are also more affordable than other high-end drones with similar features. Holy Stone drones are designed to last for a long time.

Although the only issue with Holy Stone drones is their battery life, unlike other high-end drones in the same category, Holy Stone drones do not have good battery life. So, if you want to enjoy a good flight with a Holy Stone, you must have at least two or three extra batteries.

Can You Fly A Holy Stone Drone Without A Phone?

Of course, you can fly a Holy Stone drone without using a mobile phone. Every Holy Stone drone comes with a remote controller to fly and operate. The major use of a mobile phone is for first-person-view flights. If you want to see what the drone sees in FPV, you need to connect the drone to your mobile phone.

How Do I Fly My Holy Stone Drone?

There are two ways to fly a Holy Stone drone; you can fly it using the remote controller or your mobile phone. The second option is more preferred because you fly the drone in first-person-view. The first thing to do is connect the drone to your mobile phone; you must have installed the drone application prior to connection.

On your mobile phone, go to the settings panel, open Wi-Fi, and connect to the drone's Wi-Fi network. Once the drone is connected to the mobile phone, you have to configure it by following the steps on the instruction manual, and you can fly your drone.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Holy Stone is among the best drone-producing companies today; they provide high-quality quadcopters that will meet the preference and standards of any drone pilot. Holy Stone drones are equipped with lots of features that will thrill any drone pilot.