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Homemade Archery Target – A Complete DIY Guide

Homemade Archery Target – A Complete DIY Guide

Every archery lover or enthusiast requires a target for shooting and practice; however, most archery targets are very expensive. When you cannot afford an archery target, building yours is a great idea. You can construct a high-quality one that will last longer or a low-cost one that will still accomplish its job.

To build a homemade archery target, first, get a large cardboard box and stuff it with plastic bags or shrink-wrap and then tape the box shut. You have your archery target. You can also decide to make a wooden target; you will need to construct a box and stuff it with different materials. 

Purchasing an archery target might be costly; you can create your homemade target to avoid this. There are several homemade archery targets and several ways to build one. Building an archery target develops your building skills and saves money.

home made archeryHow To Make Homemade Archery Target?

You will need a target frame and material to fill it with to construct your archery target. The material and structure must be sturdy enough to resist an arrow's impact. When designing an archery target, the weight, construction, and target size must be considered.

Before building an archery target, think about what size you want it to be based on your purposes and intended applications. Your decision may be influenced by the bow you use. For example, a compound bow target is slightly smaller than a recurve bow target in international tournaments, but compound bow archers usually stand near their targets.

If you desire a portable archery target, then the target's weight is important; you should be able to transport your target without requiring assistance. If you are building a wooden target, utilizing tinner plywood reduces the target's weight significantly. Consider the materials you will be employing and how much they will add to the overall weight of your objective.

Hay Archery Target

The Hay Archery Target is among the most popular at-home targets. They are inexpensive and simple to put up, but they often have certain disadvantages. To build this type of target, first, determine the size of the target you will require. Then obtain sufficient straw hay and use it to cover the area.

Stack the hay, place them in a cage or target stand, print out some paper targets, and fix them to the haystacks. This type of target acts as a backstop; however, in cases where the hay becomes wet, it will fall apart when moved. Your arrow goes all the way through, which means the hay is too loose.

Foam Mat Target

This is a fascinating target to create, and they are usually quite durable and last a long time. This style of an archery target will eventually need to be repaired. However, if you build the frame correctly, replacing mats that are going apart is straightforward. This target can be made in two ways: horizontally or vertically stacking the mats.

To build this target, you will require a piece of fabric, 4 lengths of threaded rod, 4 lengths of 2 by 4, 50 mats, 8 washers, and 8 nuts. Attach mats to get the desired goal width; placemats on top of each other until you reach the desired target height. A couple more mats should be added at the top.

Drill large holes and put the threaded rod through the ends of the 2 by 4s; atop the threaded rods, place the nuts and washers. Then, put the mats in between the 2 by 4s; fasten the bolts on the threaded rod to squeeze the matting tightly. Now, glue a printed target to the side of the mats, and you have your foam mat archery target.

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Wood Box Archery Target

This is among the most challenging tasks to achieve, but it will serve you well for many years. The only maintenance required for this target is always to replace the target sheet and restock some of the fillings. To construct this archery target, you will need some packing material, 4 pieces of plywood, a burlap or tarp, a staple gun, deck screws, and one 4 by 4 piece of plywood.

To begin construction, you must first form two perfect squares by joining four plywoods together. Then use a piece of 2 by 4 plywood to join the two frames together; next, close up the target with 4 by 4 plywood. Now, attach the target sheet to the front of the frame and fill the frame opening with your packing materials.

After filling the frame, close it with the last pieces of plywood; you can also spray paint the target spots if you desire. It is recommended to add a handle and some wheels to the bottom of the target as it can get heavy.

Homemade Archery Target Stand

You require some old rag and a cardboard box to make a homemade temporary archery target setup; fill the box with all of the materials and close it. Attach the target to the box by drawing the rings or printing one like this. This simple and inexpensive target holder may be used in a pinch; however, you should not hope it will last long.

To build a homemade archery target stand, you will need a drill, skill saw, tape measure, speed square, some pallets, exterior grade screws, a sheet of corrugated plastic roofing, eye lags, paracord, woodblocks, and bag target. First, cut the base pallet; this part will serve as the target stand's base or floor.

Mark the middle of the base pallet to indicate where the upright supports should go, and then install them. Slide the uprights in the middle of the pallet slats and secure them with screws. Next, install the horizontal uprights, which should be constructed in a ladder-like fashion; this should be attached to the top of the uprights.

Now, install the diagonal support, which should be constructed from the uprights to the base pallets. Mark the diagonal braces' spots on each side and then cut them out; next, install the eye lags in the holes drilled in the uprights. Now, construct the roof panel by cutting out the second pallet and fastening the roofing to the top of the pallet.

Attach the eyelets to the eye lags on the frame with a paracord. To have a uniform elevation of the bag, tie the cable ends at equal lengths; some targets have bottom eyes.

archery arrow woodHow To Make A Homemade Archery Target With Cardboard?

To construct a homemade archery target with cardboard, you should first get a large cardboard box. Ensure the box is about 12 inches thick to stop the arrows; you should get an 18 inches thick box if your arrows are of high velocity. Remember that a cardboard archery target is not suitable for high-powered compound bows or crossbows.

Now fill the cardboard box with shrink wrap or plastic bags; shrink wrap is discarded at almost every retailer in large numbers. Alternatively, use expanding insulating foam or plastic bags to fill the space; fill the box with as much as it can contain. Completely seal the box using duct tape or packing tape.

You have just created a transportable archery target with free or low-cost materials; examine the target. In an open place with no one around, test the target; fire from a closer range than usual to ensure a degree of safety.

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Final Thoughts

Archery is among the fun activities one can engage in; however, an archery target is required to practice. Constructing your archery stand is a great idea; however, you must not expect the target you made to last long or function better than the one bought from the store. Nevertheless, it costs less to build one by yourself; we have provided the procedures for constructing a homemade archery target.

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