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Honda Odyssey ATV Specs: [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

Honda Odyssey ATV Specs: [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

The Honda Odyssey ATV was manufactured from 1976 to 1985 when the three-wheeled ATVs were the order of the day. Honda took a step to produce the only recreational four-wheelers then.

The Honda Odyssey ATV remains one of the best ATVs that have already stamped their authority in the ATV market. With low ground clearance, a full roll cage, a powerful engine, an electronic capacity ignition, and 60-watt roll-mounted headlights, the Honda Odyssey stands out as a steadfast ATV machine.

Honda's efforts to build a reliable ATV were genuine enough to overshadow the challenges experienced before in the ATV recreational industry. Despite comprehending the features associated with the Honda Odyssey ATV, there is much to learn about, including its functionality.

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Honda Odyssey ATV Overview

The Honda Odyssey is an All-Terrain Vehicle designed to traverse the dunes with lots of ease. While the Honda Odyssey looks similar to Odyssey vans, the two should not be confused with each other as they are distinct.

The Honda Odyssey came in two classes and three generations. Honda produced the first generation from 1977 to 1980, Odyssey FL250. The Odyssey FL250 is easily distinguished due to its yellow body, absence of the bumper, and black roll. Further, Honda upgraded its model in 1980 to have its headlight relocated to the top roll of the roll bar. While it is an impressive ATV for some riders, it is weak because it lacks a rear suspension, making it difficult to handle challenging terrain.

The weakness of the first generation of the Honda Odyssey ATV prompted Honda to make significant changes to its subsequent production. Honda made various alterations to make it more appealing to riders. Some of the improvements that they staged include;

  • Installing a larger gas tank to ensure that the ATV could go for a long distance without having to refill
  • Introduced an electronic capacity for prompt starting of the ATV
  • Redesigned the steering geometry to accommodate large front shocks and thus make it possible for the ATV to handle rough terrain
  • Enhanced the shoulder harness padding
  • Changed the color from yellow-black to red

In a nutshell, the features of the Honda Odyssey ATV got even better with their third-generation ATVs. Including a reverse in the three-speed transmission made it one of the most outstanding ATVs on the market.

Further, the additional stellar features included:

  • High-mounted air intake.
  • Independent four-wheel suspension.
  • Comfortable seats enhanced with a high standard of safety.
  • Quality triangular headlight.

The models played a significant role in creating a positive image of Honda. For most ATV enthusiasts, Honda is the best for manufacturing quality and durable machines. Notably, the enhancement of the Honda All-Terrain Vehicle culminated in the manufacturing of the highly-held Honda Pilot ATV.

Honda Odyssey ATV Specs

The Honda Odyssey ATV is one of the best ATVs on the market, with every feature designed to stand the test of time while guaranteeing a sensual performance. Here are some basic specs and features associated with the Honda Odyssey ATV.

The Engine

The Honda Odyssey ATV features a robust engine with impressive power for stellar performance. It features an air-cooled 2-stroke with a diaphragm fuel pump type and a semi-dry air cleaner type.

The engine can guarantee a top speed of 60 mph, and that quickly changes with a few modifications on the entire body of the ATV.

The Drivetrain

The Odyssey models have their power delivered through a three-speed transmission.

Tires, Brakes, And Suspension

The Honda Odyssey ATV features sturdy tires that guarantee superb services. Also, the manufacturer installed a rear suspension on the FL350R to make the squad more stable and eliminate the instability problem it had experienced. The hydraulic disc brakes guarantee high safety in rough terrain and at high speed.


The Honda Odyssey ATV has a CDI ignition that was not present in its first two generations. With a robust starter motor and recoil system, the starting system of the Honda Odyssey ATV is pretty reliable.

Honda Odyssey Go Kart

The Honda Odyssey go-kart weighed less than 181Kg and used a 250cc two-stroke engine. With a solid stick rear axle, 15cm ground clearance, and front trailing arms, it is one of the most sophisticated road machines that is exciting to ride. Moreover, the Honda Odyssey go kart is small, lightweight, and agile, making it easy to maneuver at high speed.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, the Honda Odyssey go kart gives room for a simple modification to increase its speed.

 500cc Honda Odyssey ATV

The 500cc Honda Odyssey ATV was designed for an aggressive rider. The robust engine ensures that the Honda Odyssey ATV can handle anything you throw at it. Additional stellar features that make the 500cc Honda Odyssey ATV a threat to its competitors include high ground clearance, quality handlebars, and nimble handling.

Honda Odyssey ATV Top Speed

For aggressive ATV riders, speed is a critical factor they must consider whenever they consider investing in an ATV. So what is the Honda Odyssey ATV top speed?

The top speed of the Honda Odyssey ATV depends on the specific mode. For instance, the Honda Odyssey FL250's top speed is 55mph, while the top speed of the FL350 is 60mph. However, if you want, you can quickly rebuild and modify the Honda Odyssey ATV to increase its speed.

While rebuilding and modifying an ATV can be pretty expensive, depending on the specific modification you want, it is, in most cases, worth the effort.

The Price Of The Honda Odyssey ATV

Second Hand Honda Odyssey ATVs still have their special place in the modern market. Online trades have set the price of the used Honda Odyssey ATVs to be $3,400-$6,750. You can get these ATVs in Illinois, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

Buying A Used Honda Odyssey ATV

When purchasing a used ATV, you need to be cautious not to buy a valueless product. One way to get the best used ATV is to ensure that you are familiar with some of the critical considerations you are supposed to make.

The Cosmetic

While the most critical aspect of an ATV is what is beneath the plastic part, it is essential to pay close attention to its appearance. A well-maintained ATV will always have an appealing body. Moreover, the cosmetic aspect gives a clear indication of the value of the ATV.

Inspect The Frame

Apart from the appearance of the ATV, the other critical aspect you need to examine is the frame. Check to see if the frame is bent or has any significant damage. Any sign of foul play on the frame is a clear indication that there could be a severe problem with the ATV.

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Check The Engine Oil

Although dirt engine oil may not necessarily be a deal breaker, it can show you hidden problems in ATVs, which is why it is always a valid concern. Metal parts wear out fast when oil breaks down and loses its cooling properties and adequate lubricity.

Similarly, squeaky-clean engine oil could indicate that you are dealing with a seller trying to flush any signs of potential issues in their ATVs. Therefore, you must ensure that everything makes sense before closing the deal.

Inspect The Shocks

When inspecting the shocks, look for moisture around the top of the shock. Run your finger over wet spots to feel whether it is oily. If it is oily, the shocks are on the verge of expiry.

Worn shocks reduce the stability and performance of the ATV. Fortunately, shocks are pretty affordable as their cost is about $150.

Check The Brakes

Lastly, you need to ensure that the brakes of the ATV you are about to purchase are in perfect condition. You determine the brakes' status by checking the pad's condition and thickness. Further, examine the rotor for gouges and look for caliper leaks.


Although more than three decades have passed since the last production of the Honda Odyssey ATV, they are still pretty valuable machines in the market. The stellar features associated with both FL250 and FL350, including sturdy girder-type, lightweight build, and retro-style roll bars, have strengthened their loyalty.