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Hot Wheels Display Case: [WHEN AND WHY YOU NEED ONE?]

Hot Wheels Display Case: [WHEN AND WHY YOU NEED ONE?]

A Hot Wheels designer, Eric Han, created the Hot Wheels Display Case. It was shown at the Los Angeles Hot Wheels Dealers Symposium in 2017, but the general public may finally purchase it in August 2018. These brilliant Hot Wheels display options will rescue your house if you have a crazy car enthusiast nearby.

A Hot Wheels Display Case is an aesthetic way to store or display your Hot Wheels vehicles and other toy cars that you possess. If you are a collector of toy cars, getting a Hot Wheels display case will be the perfect way to store your cars and prevent you from losing or smashing them by mistake.

Hot Wheels cars are typical clutter traps since people tend to collect them. These little matchbox cars are capable of traveling. Use this clever storage and display options to serve two purposes; store and protect them.

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Hot Wheels Display Ideas

Hot Wheels or other toy cars tend to be collected by both kids and adults who adore toy cars, making them a classic clutter trap. In contrast to other toys, they have the advantage of being attractive, valuable, and displayable.

They are therefore ideal for aesthetic storage instead of being thrown into another shoe box. Here is a simple list of some great Hot Wheels storage and display ideas for you. Some are simple enough for "dummies," while others call for a bit more expertise.

  • Most people's favorite Hot Wheels Display is the Truck Grill Hot Wheels Storage from Arts and Crackers, which truly illuminates.
  • You can make or purchase a hanging organizer using a tutorial from YouTube. The hanging organizer will be hung onto the wall, and you can store your Hot Wheels there.
  • With the help of a woodworking guide from LumberJocks, you can create a stylish slanted display shelf.
  • You can use metal knife shelves to keep them. However, it appears to only function in older vehicles with metal bottoms. You should attach Magnets to the bottom of the cars as a solution.
  • You can purchase a wooden crate garage from Frugal Fun or make one yourself. This display case is easy to store and does not take up much space.

Hot Wheels Wall Display

A hot wheels wall display helps you store your hot wheels while they are still in the package and can even shape it to make it look like a race track with bleachers and custom names for the owners. Building a hot wheels wall display costs about $20, which is cheap; however, a lot of painting and creativity is involved.

The first thing to do is to purchase the 3 J trim at a local store; you can get them in 10-foot pieces. Also, get something you can stick the trims into, like a 2 by 4-foot piece of quarter-inch MiataDF. Cut the j trim down to 16 20-inch pieces, which leaves you with two for each interior column and one for outside columns.

This will give you space for about 10 to 11 cars on each column. You will also have left over a 40-inch piece of j trim which you can use at the bottom of the track to support the cars. After cutting, set the j tris to your desired style and use hot glue to stick them to the MiataDF or use double-sided tape.

The final step is to decorate your race track for your wall. The fun part is building the bleachers, cutting the angles on the side of the track, and painting the red and white stripes for the corners. After the construction, you can hang your Hot Wheels display on the wall.

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Hot Wheels Display DIY

Hot Wheels vehicles are ideal for children to tote around and are so much fun to collect. However, if you have kids who love Hot Wheels, there is a possibility you will have purchased hundreds of these cars.

You will need a Hot Wheels display case to store the vehicles in these cases. You can construct a wooden display that houses a ton of automobiles while taking up very little space. Additionally, mounting this display shelf to a wall is unnecessary; just set it atop a bookcase or dresser.

Although depending on their age, children can certainly assist with the sanding, painting, and cutting. Each of the four shelves in this Hot Wheels display cabinet can contain 15 to 17 cars. 18, if you crush them. Since there should be room between each automobile, we suggest 15 or 16.

Since most boards are already cut to these sizes, you will not need to make many cuts in the wood. Additionally, putting together the display stand is simple. However, the assembly will be much simpler if you possess a nail gun. Additionally very helpful is a motorized saw.

The materials and tools you will need are four 1 by 4 inches pine boards, two 1 by 2 by 17 inches pine boards, eight 1/4 inches poplar boards, two 1/4 by 2 by 6 inches pine boards, nail gun and nails, wood glue, varnish, sandpaper, saw, and paint. Sand the sharp edges of your boards after cutting them to the proper lengths.

Due to their condition, you can trim the 1 by 4 boards since you are purchasing a 4-foot-long board rather than the particular 24-inch length boards. Cut the 1 by 2 by 17 inches boards as necessary. Purchasing a 1 by 2 by 24 inches board is the best choice.

Next, put the shelves together; a "bumper" on each side of each shelf prevents the automobiles from rolling off. This is a crucial step because it is doubtful that the display case will be completely level wherever you position it. For this phase, we used 1/4 by 2 inches poplar boards.

You can choose what portion of the bumper should hang loose and what portion should stand up ahead of the cars. Place the bumper consistently on each shelf; we placed a few pieces of scrap wood under the shelves. Apply wood glue to the shelf's surface; fasten the bumper to the rack.

The next thing is to nail the sides to the shelves; this can be challenging to decide how to do it. Each side board's bottom should be fastened with a nail for the bottom shelf; then, cut a 4 inches board to serve as a template. Place the 4 inches board in the space between shelves and indicate the shelf height on both sides with a pencil.

Then remove the 4 inches board and line up the shelf using your pencil marks; use a nail gun to fasten it. The display case's bottom should have feet. The display case was remarkably stable without the feet, but now that they are present, it is even more solid and will not topple over.

To attach the feet from the bottom, flip the entire structure over. After that, stain or paint your display case; gray latex is an option for the shelves. You can use craft store acrylic paint if you want to save money. Using wood stain to stain the shelf is an additional choice.

Since poplar and pine are two quite distinct types of wood, I decided against taking this option. If you prefer to use the wood stain, you should apply one or two coats of varnish to the wood once it has dried to protect it.

Final Thoughts

Getting a Hot Wheels display case is the best option if you are a toy car collector, particularly the Hot Wheels vehicles. If you are into construction, you can build your own display case. However, if you do not have the time to build your display case, you can purchase one from stores like Walmart and Amazon.