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How Can I Make My RC Body Stronger? And Make It Last Longer?

How Can I Make My RC Body Stronger? And Make It Last Longer?

No one wants to spend a lot of money purchasing a good RC car, only for it to break or get damaged after a short while. Everyone wants their RC car to last for a very long time, so they are willing to do anything to make it stronger. We will show you the best and easiest way to make your RC body stronger and last longer.

To make your RC body more robust, you need drywall tape with adhesive, scissors, shoe goo, and paper towels. First, clean the car surface with paper towels, lay the drywall tape on the surface of the RC car, apply the shoe goo, and use the scissors to cut off the excess.

If your RC car is for recreation, racing, rock crawling, off-roading, or stunts, regardless of what you use your car for, there is a time where you would need to reinforce it. Although it is best to reinforce it after purchase, this will make it last longer.

How Do You Toughen An RC Body?

For an RC car body to last for a long time, it must be reinforced and toughened. Although most RC bodies are designed to withstand high pressure and force, there is a limit at which they cannot withstand any more damage. You can make your RC body last longer by making it more rigid.

It is almost impossible to use an RC car for races, stunts, off-roading, and other rugged activities without bashing it. You can also fix it after a crash or smash, but frequent repairs weaken the car's body. Rather than resorting to always fixing the car after a bash, you can toughen the body and make it stronger than before.

To toughen an RC body, you need some materials, shoe goo, scissors, drywall tape, and paper towels. The first step to making an RC body tougher is to clean the body shell with paper towels. If you skip the cleaning process, the reinforcement will not last long.

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The dirt and debris on the body shell will prevent the tape and goo from adhering, and it will come off after a while. So, you need to ensure you clean the body shell properly before proceeding to the next step. The next thing to do is to apply the tape to the areas you want to toughen.

Apply an adequate amount of tape on the body shell. Ensure you do not apply too much drywall tape. Otherwise, you would be adding unnecessary weight to the car. Too much weight reduces the performance of an RC car. The drywall tape will provide the required structure for the goo to stick to.

The drywall tape also eliminates bubbling that occurs when you are installing the shoe goo. Once you have successfully applied the drywall tape to the body shell of the RC car, the next thing is to use the shoe goo to create a liberal coating on the body of the car. Ensure you keep the goo as thin as possible.

When applying the shoe goo on the body shell, knead it with your fingers to apply it evenly. Leave it for some time to cure; you can leave it overnight for proper adhesion. Once the goo is completely cured, you can cut off the excess tape on the RC car to achieve a neater and more beautiful design. With these simple steps, your RC car will be tougher than before, and it will withstand all the pressure and force better.

How Can We Protect the RC Body?

You have to do many things to protect your RC body if you want it to last for a long time. Many people overlook most things that protect an RC car; they believe it is not important. Little things like the way you store the RC car, the way you clean it, and what you use it for determine how long your car will last.

How To Properly Store An RC Car

RC cars are a large investment, especially if you purchase a good brand or a large one. Since you have spent a large amount purchasing your RC car, you would want to protect it, and one of the best ways to protect it is by storing it properly.

Most people just put their RC cars in a box or their garage after a run. This is a bad thing to do; doing this damages the parts of your RC car. Before you store an RC car, you should do the following:

Clean The RC Car Thoroughly

Before storing an RC car, you need to clean it properly to keep the car body in good condition. You should clean the wheels, the body, and the chassis as thoroughly as you can. You can use cotton swabs, distilled water, and a cleaner to clean the car. You must clean every part of the car.

Oil The RC Car

You need to oil your remote-controlled car before storing it. After every race, the shock oil degrades and can cause the car to break down if not replaced. So, you must replace the shock oil every time you want to store your RC car.

Remove The Batteries

A mistake people make is leaving the batteries inside the RC car when storing it. This mistake has resulted in a shortening of the battery life and can even cause damage to the car engine. You should store each battery with the required amount of charge; this depends on the type of battery you use with your RC car.

Drain The Fuel

This step is for those who own a nitro RC car that is powered by gas. Leaving leftover fuel in the tank of your RC car can cause problems the next time you need to operate the car. After draining the fuel, start the car and leave it to run until all the fuel has been used up. Only then can you store the car.

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How To Properly Wash An RC Car

An effective way of protecting your RC car is by washing it regularly. Your car will get dirty after every ride, especially a rigorous ride. You need to wash it clean, so it will be ready for use and will last longer. You should never submerge your RC car into a pool of water. That is the fastest way to damage it.

Use Water And Soap

This is the simplest way to wash an RC car, but that does not mean it is not as effective as other methods. With soap, water, and a little labor, you should get your RC car clean. However, you should be careful not to let water slip into the parts where the electronics are located.

Use An Air Compressor

You can purchase a small air compressor to wash your RC car, or you can use a can of compressed air to get rid of the dust and dirt on the car. However, this is dependent on the size of your RC car and how frequently you would clean it. You should be careful when using air; otherwise, you can cause loose paint to come off.

How Do You Stiffen RC Shocks?

To stiffen the shocks of your RC car, the first thing to do is to remove the body shell. The next step is to use a shock spacer; they come in different sizes. Pop them onto the body of the shock, and you have stiffer springs. If the springs do not pop out after you fix the shock spacer, the springs are worn out, there is not enough oil, or the rods are bent.

If you have aluminum shocks, there is a collar (a black ring) on the shock that you use to tighten or release the shock springs. All you have to do is to twist the collar.

Final Thoughts

It would be bad if the RC car you invested a lot of money purchasing did not serve you well. You do not want to spend loads of cash purchasing an RC car that will be broken after a few runs. The safest way of ensuring that does not happen is by reinforcing the body and properly maintaining the RC car. You must never skip out on proper maintenance.