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How Do You Clean A Lexan RC Car Body? A Step By Step Guide

How Do You Clean A Lexan RC Car Body? A Step By Step Guide

Most RC cars have a Lexan body which is also known as polycarbonate. Lexan is a brand of polycarbonate produced by Sabic Innovative Plastics. If your RC car has a Lexan body, you should learn the step-by-step procedure of cleaning the vehicle's body.

To clean a Lexan RC car body, you will need a car cotton polish and two rags. Apply a little bit of the car cotton polish onto the first rag and use it to clean every area of the Lexan RC car body until there are no more scratches. Then, you use the other rag to wipe off polish from the car body. 

Cleaning a Lexan RC body is very easy; however, it should be done with care. There are some materials you should never use during the cleaning of an RC car, especially if it has a Lexan body.

How Do You Clean A Lexan RC Car Body?

After taking your RC car for a ride outside, it will get dirty, and you might find some scratches on the body. When this happens, the best thing to do is clean the Lexan RC car body to get rid of all dirt and scratches. This helps you in maintaining the RC body so that it will last longer.

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Get Your Requirements

Before you start cleaning the Lexan RC car body, you will have to get the materials required. You will need to get two pieces of clean cloth and a car cotton polish. These are the only materials required to clean the car body. Once you have the tools, you are good to go.

Remove The Car Body

When cleaning a Lexan RC car body, you will need to remove the car body from the chassis. This is because it is only the body that gets dirty and scratches. Also, you do not want to cause any damage to any part of the RC car's chassis. So, you have to unscrew the body from the chassis and set the chassis aside.

Start Cleaning

Once you have removed the Lexan RC car body, you can start cleaning. The first thing to do is take the first piece of cloth and apply a little of the car cotton polish. Then you start wiping the body from the front. As you proceed, you can continue to add the cotton polish to continue wiping. Make sure you cover all the parts of the Lexan RC car body.

After all the parts have been covered, you should take the second clean piece of cloth and wipe off the cotton polish. Use it to wipe every part of the RC car body thoroughly. Make sure you do not leave any part out. Once this is done, you will have your Lexan RC car body looking clean and brand new.

Can You Use Alcohol To Clean Lexan?

You can use alcohol to clean Lexan. However, the only suitable alcohol to use is methyl alcohol. Any other type of alcohol can damage the Lexan. However, it is not advisable to use alcohol to clean Lexan. Cleaning Lexan is easy once you have your cloth or a clean sponge, lukewarm water, and mild soap.

You have to apply the soap to the cloth and use it to wipe the Lexan body, then finish the job by dipping a cloth into the water and wiping the Lexan. The next thing to do is dry it off with a moist cellulose sponge to avoid water spots.

The only time you should use alcohol on Lexan is when you are removing paint from a Lexan body. In this case, you have to use denatured alcohol or nail polish remover to remove the paint. When using denatured alcohol, you will have to let the Lexan body soak in the alcohol until all the paint comes off.

Then you wipe it with a dry cloth. However, if you are using nail polish remover, you have to apply it to a cloth and use it to wipe the Lexan body, and the paint will wipe off gradually.

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Can You Use Glass Cleaner On Lexan?

No, you should never use glass cleaner on Lexan. This is because glass cleaners contain ammonia, and ammonia is a product that can cause severe damage to Lexan. Ammonia is a very harmful chemical to Lexan, and it can cause severe damage and even tarnish the look of the Lexan body.

There are some chemicals that do not react well with Lexan, such as abrasives, benzene, acetone, gasoline, and carbon tetrachloride. Using these chemicals on Lexan can disfigure the Lexan body and make it unattractive. If this happens, you would have to purchase another RC car body as a replacement, which will cost some money. You can avoid this unnecessary spending by keeping glass cleaner off your Lexan RC car body.

How Do You Clean An RC Body?

After taking your RC car for a run, it will be dirty and soiled. Some people store the car the way it is without cleaning. This is one of the fastest ways to reduce the lifespan of an RC car. You need to always clean your RC car after every run before you store it.

After running your RC car, you will realize that the shocks and everything underneath it have accumulated dirt that needs to be cleaned for the vehicle to perform well. To clean your RC car body, you will need a homeowner's grade air compressor, a standard quality paintbrush, a bristle brush, not a foam brush, and a simple degreaser type of solution like 409 or Windex without ammonia.

You will also require a simple microfiber cloth. First, remove the body, wheels, and tires off the chassis by unscrewing the screws attaching them. Next, use the air compressor to blow off the chassis so that all dirt can come off. Then take your bristle brush and use it to dust the suspension component and drivetrain component.

Next, use a small cloth and the cleaning solution to wipe the bottom of the chassis. Then, take the RC car body and use the air compressor to blow out any dirt. After using the air compressor, you may still find some dirt stuck to the RC car body. Hence, you should spray it with the degreaser and wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Make sure you wipe it down thoroughly and do not forget any part of the RC body. Next, you should also ensure you thoroughly clean the tires and wheels, especially if you operate it in muddy areas. After doing this, let the RC body and tires dry. Then you can reassemble the parts back together before storing the RC car.

When cleaning, it is important that you do not allow any of the chemical spray to touch the electrical component of the car or the bearings. Cleaning your RC car is a very important factor as it boosts the performance of your RC car. A clean RC car will perform better than a dirty one.

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Final Thoughts

Although cleaning an RC car body is an easy task, you must also take precautions and use the right materials. You do not want to damage your RC car by using the wrong material. Hence, it is important that you know what to use when cleaning your RC car.

After every ride, you must always clean your RC car. Doing this does a lot of good to your RC car. You would not know of several benefits of cleaning an RC car until you see a dirty and damaged RC car.