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How Fast Can New Bright RC Cars Go? Which Is The Fastest?

How Fast Can New Bright RC Cars Go? Which Is The Fastest?

Several manufacturing companies produce RC cars, such as Traxxas, HPI Racing, AARMA, and Redcat Racing. The cars produced by these companies have their distinct features. New Bright is also one of the leading manufacturers of RC cars.

New Bright RC cars can go as fast as 20 mph without stopping. The fastest New Bright RC car is the New Bright RC Frenzy; it is the fastest, toughest, and most advanced RC car. This remote-controlled car has a speed of more than 20 mph. It is one of the best RC cars to get for children.

There are several RC cars that you can get from Bright RC cars. However, only one has the title of fastest RC car. There are lots of qualities that make the Frenzy RC car the fastest New Bright RC Car.

Fastest New Bright RC Car

New Bright is known for its unique RC vehicles, from cars to trucks to Monster trucks. They also manufacture RC vehicles with excellent top speeds. We will be looking at the fastest New Bright RC car.

new bright frenzy rc car

New Bright RC Frenzy

The fastest New Bright RC car is the New Bright RC Frenzy. It is a 1:10 scale truck that comes ready to run out of the box. This RC vehicle has a polycarbonate body and uses a 2500 KV brushless motor. It comes with one pistol-grip controller, a Li-ion battery and charger, and an instruction manual.

The pistol-grip controller allows the driver to move the vehicle forward by pulling the trigger, while braking and reverse are done by pushing the trigger outwards. This RC vehicle has adjustable shocks and spring suspensions. The rings on top of the shock are where adjustments are made. It uses a 2.4GHz radio system that allows 12 drivers to drive together without any signal interference.

The length of the Frenzy is 17.88 inches, the height is 10 inches, the width is 13 inches, and the weight is 0.441 pounds. It uses soft rubber tires that provide enough grip and firmness to run over sloppy areas without falling over. The top speed of this vehicle is over 20 mph. It has a super-rigid chassis, metal differential gears, and full suspension.

Before using this RC vehicle, you must charge the battery and wait until the red light on the charger goes off before you unplug the battery. The charge time is 90 minutes. Once the battery is fully charged, you can install it into the Frenzy. Then, you can use your RC vehicle.

How Do I Make My Bright RC Car Faster?

Sometimes after getting a new RC car, you might not be satisfied with the car's speed and are looking for ways to make it go faster. Not all New Bright RC cars are fast, but you can make some adjustments to your RC vehicle to make it go faster.

Change The Grease You Use

If your New Bright RC car is not moving as fast as you want it to, it might be because of the grease you are using. The type of grease you use for your RC car is important. Thick grease tends to gunk up and clog up the gears and other important parts of the vehicle, making it go slower than it should.

To rectify this problem, you should change the grease from a thicker one to a lighter one. Using an oil-like lubricant like WD-40 might be a better option. This light lubricant will keep your New Bright RC car going faster, and there will be no clogging of gears.

Constantly Clean the Gears and Rotating Parts of the RC Car

The gears and rotating parts of an RC car play a role in the speed of that car. When something is wrong with these two areas, your RC car will reduce its speed and go slower than expected. You always have to clean the gears and rotating parts of your Bright RC car.

Always make sure these parts are free of dirt, obstruction and are moving freely. When there is dirt on these parts, make sure you clean them immediately. Changing them when there are any damages is also something you must do. Doing these things will make your Bright RC car faster.

Running The Electric Motor

When your RC car is on and running, there is always friction between the bearing and the armature. When this friction is high, the speed of your RC car will be reduced, and it will slow down. To fix this problem, you have to run the electric motor of your New Bright RC car for a few hours while it is connected to a power source.

Following this procedure will mold and change the shape of the brushes to the armature, reducing the friction between the armature and the bearing. When this happens, your New Bright RC car will go faster.

Change The Tires

Sometimes the tires you use for your New Bright RC can slow down the vehicle. The type of terrain you are running your RC car on might not be good for the vehicle's tires. Hence, your RC car will go slower than you desire.

You should study your RC car by running it around the track you desire to ride on. Watch how the vehicle operates and see how the tires perform on the terrain. Doing this might require you to get new tires for your New Bright RC car. The tires you get should be suitable for the terrain you will ride on.

How Fast Does The New Bright RC Pro Dune Rebel Go?

New Bright has manufactured some amazing RC cars and trucks, one of which is the Pro Dune Rebel. This RC vehicle has some unique features and also has an incredible top speed.

dune rebel rc

New Bright RC Pro Dune Rebel

The New Bright RC Pro Dune Rebel has a length of 15 inches, a width of 9.5 inches, a height of 8 inches, and a weight of 2.53 pounds. It is a 1:12 scale vehicle with a full-functioning radio control allowing up to 12 vehicles to race together. A 9.6 V Lithium-ion battery powers it.

This RC car uses nimble controls to power through dirt and leaves any challenger behind in the dust. The 2.4 GHz radio system of this vehicle enables a longer range and faster response. With this vehicle, you can feel the combination of unmatched power, pure speed, and ultimate performance.

The RC Pro Dune Rebel has a lightweight frame, off-road tires, polycarbonate body, and rugged suspension. It uses a pistol-grip controller that provides instant response, proportional speed control, digital speed control, and powerful acceleration. It has an internal antenna.

The full functioning radio control provides reverse, forward driving, and left and right steering. Its front wheel alignment provides improved control of the RC car. The top speed of the New Bright RC Pro Dune Rebel is 12 mph. The rugged tires of this RC car allow it to ride on different terrains.

It has a total runtime of more than 30 minutes and a charging time of about an hour. The New Bright RC Pro Dune Rebel is a very impressive RC car to get for your kids. You can get it from either Amazon or Walmart.

Final Thoughts

New Bright RC cars are very good and are made from excellent quality materials. They have a lot of amazing features, especially their speed, which is very impressive. Next time when you are looking to buy an RC vehicle with excellent speed and made of quality materials, you can go for New Bright RC cars.