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How Fast Do Tamiya Cars Go? Which One Is The Fastest?

How Fast Do Tamiya Cars Go? Which One Is The Fastest?

If you are a newbie in the RC world, you should know that different companies are manufacturing RC vehicles. Knowledge of the different RC manufacturing companies will help you select the best remote-controlled car brand to purchase. One popular company is Tamiya, and we will look at how fast Tamiya cars go.

Tamiya Cars can go as fast as 15 mph to 40 mph. This is an impressive speed for a regular RC car. The fastest Tamiya RC car is the Tamiya Super Levant; it is one of the fastest brushless trucks in the market. It has a top speed of 40 mph. This RC truck is equipped with an 8T brushless motor.

There is a wide variety of RC cars you can get from Tamiya RC company. If you are looking for a fast RC car, Tamiya has one to offer. There is only one Tamiya RC car that can be called the fastest.

The Fastest Tamiya Car

Compared with other RC car brands, Tamiya cars are not as fast, but they move fast enough to be considered fast cars. Other RC brands can reach a top speed of 70 mph, but Tamiya has not produced any car that can match that speed yet. Maybe in the future, Tamiya will.

tamiya super levant

Tamiya Super Levant

The fastest Tamiya Car is the Tamiya Super Levant. It is a 1:10 scale vehicle and uses an 8T brushless motor that provides the car with great speed and massive power. The weight of this RC truck is 4.4 pounds, its length is 16.92 inches, its width is 11.65 inches, and its height is 5.98 inches.

It has a wheelbase of 11.92 inches, its front tread is 9.6 inches, its rear thread is 9.7 inches, and its tire diameter is 1.96 inches at the front and 4.33 inches at the rear. It uses a bathtub frame chassis and a reliable FM system that prevents radio interference. The top speed of this RC car is 40 mph.

The bathtub frame chassis has excellent 4-wheel double wishbone suspensions and an upper frame for superior rigidity. With the Tamiya Super Levant comes a wheel and trigger-type transmitter with adjustable covers to match the size of your hand. The battery pack and R/C unit are positioned flat on the chassis for a low center of gravity.

The suspensions of the Tamiya Super Levant come with oil dampers and feature a 2-degree toe-in rear upright, which provides greater stability. This RC vehicle features front and rear differential gears, a 3-piece steering tie rod, full ball bearing, a wheel double wishbone suspension, a slipper clutch, and CVA shock units.

frog rc car

How Fast Does The Tamiya Frog Go?

The Tamiya Frog is one of the oldest RC cars; it was released in 1983 but has since been improved, and different modifications have been added to it. It is an off-road vehicle with a top speed of 40 mph. It comes in two forms; a kit version and a ready-to-run version. The ready-to-run version comes with the body pre-painted, while the kit version comes with a clear body that you will have to paint yourself.

It has an extended oil-filled shock on the rear end and comes with an electronic speed controller situated next to its servo. This RC car has 3 pinion and 3 spur gears that allow gear ratio change. It has a sleek polycarbonate body and 3-piece wheels with grooved front tires and spiked rear tires.

It has a characteristic space frame and uses a diaphragm-type rear suspension that has oil dampers. This RC car is perfect for off-road running with its lightweight yet rugged form. It can handle rough terrain and jumps with weight balance and stability because its battery is held in an ultra-low position on the chassis.

The advanced 4-wheel independent suspension of the Tamiya Frog has a durable steel radius arm. This RC car's 3-step gear ratio and full ball-bearing secure maximum transmission efficiency, while the sealed differential gearbox allows high-speed cornering.

The Tamiya Frog requires a 2-channel radio, 7.2 V battery and charger, steering servo, and Tamiya PS paint. It can be used on different types of terrain. Its chassis is made from ABS plastic material, and it comes with body stickers.

Are Tamiya RC Cars Any Good?

Yes, Tamiya RC cars are very good. Seeing that Tamiya RC company is one of the first RC manufacturing companies to be established, it is safe to say that they will have more experience than other RC companies. They have manufactured many unique RC cars over the years, varying in scale, sizes, and functionality. Here are some of the best Tamiya RC cars.

rc porsche

RC Porsche 911 GT 1 Street

The RC Porsche 911 GT 1 Street is one of the oldest RC cars manufactured and released in June 1997. It is a 1/10 scale vehicle that is made from polycarbonate, is lightweight and durable. It has a wheelbase of 9.33 inches, a length of 17.48 inches, a height of 4.72 inches, and a width of 7.63 inches.

This RC car's single belt-driven 4-wheel drive system provides smooth and efficient power through the differential gears. This RC car has oil dampers at its front and rear, using a brushed 540 motor. It requires a steering servo, 7.2 V battery pack with a charger, 2 channel radio, and Tamiya PS paint.

The RC Porsche 911 GT 1 Street chassis is made from ABS plastic material; its bearings are made from plastic and metal bushings. It uses an adjustable gear ratio and has CVA super mini dampers that allow a low stance.

susuki jimmy rc car

RC Suzuki Jimny JB23

Thanks to the toughness and versatility of the RC Suzuki Jimny JB23, it has gained numerous fans and is one of the best RC cars of Tamiya. Down the side of the MF-01X is a propeller shaft that transmits power to the front wheels from the rear-mounted motor. The gearboxes of this vehicle have a sturdy and easy-to-assemble structure.

This RC car's receiver, battery, and steering servo do not come with it and will have to be purchased separately. This RC car uses an adjustable gear ratio, and its body is made from polycarbonate material. With this vehicle comes body stickers. It uses a 4-wheel drive system.

This RC car has no LED lights; however, it does have rally block tires, a torque-tuned motor, and fully independent double-wishbone suspensions. It can be operated over all types of terrain. This vehicle features lightweight, sturdy monocoque and propeller shafts.

plasma edge rc car

RC Plasma Edge II Gun Metal

Having a TT-02B chassis with a skid-shaped frame, the RC Plasma Edge II Gun Metal is an off-road buggy vehicle capable of running both brushed motors and sensor brushless motors alike. It has a length of 14.56 inches, a width of 9.84 inches, and a height of 6.299 inches.

The chassis is made from ABS plastic material, while the body of the RC car is made from polycarbonate. The suspension of this vehicle uses a 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension with long arms. The white CVA oil shock units give the vehicle assured handling while the suspension arms facilitate hassle-free assembly.

The front and rear gearbox of the RC Plasma Edge II Gun Metal are sealed to prevent dust and ensure smooth operation. The chassis of this vehicle has a bathtub-type frame, the R/C mechanism and battery are placed flat to ensure a low center of gravity.

Final Thoughts

Tamiya is a very old RC company, but that does not make it outdated; many of their RC products are very good and have been improved to match the class of most RC cars today. Tamiya is a brand known for durability, long life, and high performance. It is impossible to make a list of top RC brands without Tamiya being on the list.