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How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go? [ANSWERED]

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go? [ANSWERED]

Dirt bikes are vehicles for recreational activities that come in various powers and sizes to suit your needs. Operating a 50cc dirt bike is practical and enjoyable; however, they are mostly suitable for children. These vehicles are high-powered machines that do not require a special license.

50cc dirt bikes are designed to travel at a top speed of 25 to 40 mph. These dirt bikes are for children aged 5 to 7; the speed may appear fast for children of this age. However, they will most likely not reach the top speed. By using the throttle limiter, parents may control their children's speed.

50cc dirt bikes are the smallest size on the market, making them ideal for teaching young children how to ride a bike. Being a parent, you might have wondered about the high speed of 50cc dirt bikes and if the speed is suitable for your child.

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How Fast Is a 50cc Dirt Bike?

All 50cc dirt bikes are generally designed with different top speeds based on the engine architecture and brand. Furthermore, several children enjoy operating their dirt bikes without using the entire throttle to maintain a comfortable speed. The top speed of several 50cc dirt bikes is between 25 and 40 mph.

Before you get too worked up over how fast your child's bike is going, make sure they wear enough protective gear. Dirt motorcycles can go out of hand, so ensure your kids are fully protected. Even if your children do not want to reach top speeds, it is still crucial to keep them safe. Do not introduce the sport to extremely young children.

Although the engine's capacity primarily determines the bike's speed, other factors influence how fast your 50cc dirt bike will move. One of those factors is the dirt bike's weight; in comparison to heavier bikes, lighter bikes go faster, like the Yamaha PW50 dirt bike.

Specifications of dirt bikes, such as gearing alternations and engine types, can impact the bike's speed and general performance. 2-stroke engines are often significantly lighter and faster than 4-stroke engines. The gear ratio is another factor that affects speed; you can improve the dirt bike's average speed by adjusting the gear ratio.

If your child will be riding a 50cc dirt bike, you should get the necessary protective gear ready. Maintain the dirt bike to ensure your child is riding on a safe vehicle. Additionally, trail riding must be constantly supervised. There are other safety measures to incorporate when your child is operating a 50cc dirt bike.

A properly maintained 50cc bike can last up to 15 years without major repairs. These dirt bikes are simple to use and dependable; all you need to do is perform some maintenance tasks. These tasks include filling it up with enough gas, replacing the oil at least every year, and cleaning the filter regularly.

At the end of each riding season, you should take out the starter battery and store it on a charger for the winter season. Failing to do so will make you buy a new battery by the start of the next riding season. Also, always repair a flat tire as 50cc dirt bikes have considerably thinner tires than other dirt bikes and are more prone to getting flat.

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50cc Dirt Bike Speed

A 50cc dirt bike has a top speed between 25 and 40 mph. If you have a smaller kid, you might consider this top speed too high for your child. Hence, there are ways you can limit how fast your child's 50cc dirt bike will go. By decreasing the throttle turning radius, a throttle limiter feature limits the amount of power delivered at a given speed.

The speed limiter assists new dirt bike riders in gaining experience and confidence while maintaining a safe pace. It also aids in the supply of more linear power in 2-stroke dirt motorcycles, allowing the child to move smoothly on uneven trails. A throttle limiter is standard on most 50cc trail bikes, and it is optional on some motocross bikes.

The throttle limiter on your tiny dirt bike is positioned on the throttle grip. First, remove the throttle grip cover and open the bolts on the limiter cover to adjust the speed restriction. Then you will find three smaller screw holes, the first of which has a screw in it; move to the last hole to lower the top speed.

Return the throttle grip cover by tightening the two bolts. It is a far easier approach to control how fast your child rides their dirt bike than trying to keep them in low gear. Plus, as they develop riding skills, you can easily adjust it back. A kill switch is not a typical feature on a 50cc dirt bike.

They are, however, available on larger dirt bikes, and you may add one to your child's 50cc dirt bike as an added safety precaution. During an emergency, the kill switch assists in quickly shutting down the motorcycle engine. It functions similarly to the ignition key, but it is located on handlebars, making it more accessible.

A kill switch on your child's bike provides a means of an emergency stop if they lose control of the dirt bike. When the operator activates the kill switch while the bike is moving, the engine power shuts off, and the bike loses motion until it comes to a halt. With this feature, you can ensure your child is safe on his 50cc dirt bike.

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How Fast Does A Honda 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

Honda is one of the top leading manufacturers of automobiles in the industry; they manufacture cars, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, and even scooters. For dirt bikes, Honda is all about the power, speed, and quality. However, since they mostly manufacture powerful and fast dirt bikes, you can only find a few 50cc dirt bikes.

Nevertheless, the Honda CRF50 dirt bike is one of the fastest 50cc dirt bikes, with a top speed of 33 mph. This dirt bike uses an air-cooled 2-valve, SOHC, horizontal single engine that generates enough torque for a high speed. Your child does not need tremendous strength to operate this vehicle.

It has a curb weight of 111 pounds and a seat height of 21.6 inches. Although its suspension is simple, it is a capable vehicle with 3 inches of rear-wheel travel and 4 inches of fork travel. The cantilevered shock and inverted forks are not adjustable, which is right if your child is ready to test the suspension.

The Honda CRF50 has been a fantastic introductory dirt bike for small children. Your child can ride this dirt bike if he or she can ride a bicycle. If your child wants to race with a 50cc dirt bike, this is a wonderful bike to start. It will not handle many jumps and obstacles, but it will teach your child good balance, brakes, and throttle control.

Whether cruising about the pits or racing, this dirt bike is a popular one. The weight limit is supposed to be for children under 80 pounds; however, it will hold you if you weigh 200 pounds. However, if you ride hard or jump it, the suspension will quickly bottom out, and you will begin destroying parts.

Final Thoughts

A 50cc dirt bike is mostly suitable for children since it is an excellent beginner's vehicle. This bike size travels at a pace of 25 to 40 mph on average; however, most parents are hesitant to allow their children to ride dirt bikes for good reasons. When riding a bike, children should always wear safety gear. You can also utilize a throttle restriction to reduce the speeds at which your children can go. For normal speeds, put them in second gear.

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