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How Long Do RC Batteries Last? Why Do RC Batteries Die Fast?

How Long Do RC Batteries Last? Why Do RC Batteries Die Fast?

There are two types of RC cars, electric and nitro RC cars. RC batteries are used to power electric RC cars, and nitro fuel is used to power nitro RC cars. To have a great time with your RC car, you must have a good battery that lasts for a long time.

RC car batteries will last for about one to two hours before they should be recharged. However, RC batteries should last for up to three to six months. RC batteries die fast because the engines of the RC cars are constantly powering the batteries at high speed.

An RC car's performance relies on how long the battery will last and how long it takes to recharge it. Before you purchase an RC battery, you should know how long RC batteries last. This will help you in choosing a good RC battery.

How Long Do RC Batteries Last?

The RC battery's model, type, and manufacturer determine how long the battery will last and its lifespan. There are two major categories of RC batteries; alkaline and rechargeable. The alkaline batteries are for the remote, and the rechargeable battery is for the RC car.

The duration an RC battery will last depends on the cell number and mAh power of the battery. There are different types of RC batteries; NiMH, LiPo, and NiCD batteries. Hence, the type of RC battery you get determines how long it will last.

A NiMH battery will last for about fifteen to twenty minutes on a single charge. On the other hand, LiPo batteries will last for about thirty minutes, while NiCD batteries will last for about twelve to fifteen minutes.

All RC batteries have a shelf life which is how long they will last before being disposed of. NiCD batteries have a shelf life of one to three years, while NiMH batteries' shelf life is three to five years. LiPo batteries, on the other hand, have a shelf life of two to four years.

There are ways to make your RC battery last longer; they include

  • Never overcharge your battery.
  • Do not wait until the battery is dead before charging it; plug in the charger and start charging it once it gets low.
  • Store the battery properly.
  • Your RC battery should always be dry and clean.
  • In between the charging and discharging period, you should allow your RC battery to rest.
  • If you are going to use the battery in cold weather, preheat it first before using it.


Why Does My RC Car Battery Die So Fast?

Frequently using your RC car reduces the battery lifespan. The engine of an RC car is constantly powering the battery at high speed, which makes them die very fast. Leaving your RC car with the battery in it without making sure it is fully charged will cause it to drain quickly.

The engine of RC cars also pulls energy and power from the battery, which will cause it to drain faster. Hence, it is best to make sure you charge your RC car battery before leaving it for a long period. When the engine of your RC car is on and the vehicle is not in use, it will start pulling more power from the battery than needed, which will make the battery die faster.

Another thing that allows your RC car battery to die fast is the way you drive. When you drive in a stop-go fashion, the battery of your RC car will die faster. A stop-go fashion means accelerating quickly and then decelerating hard while driving. You have to make sure you are driving smoothly.

When your RC car battery is not fully or nearly fully charged, and you use it, the battery will die faster than you expect. Another thing that makes your RC car battery die fast is using an old battery. When you are using a very old battery for your RC car, it will start to deteriorate, which will make it die faster.

How Long Do RC LiPo Batteries Last?


An RC LiPo battery is one of the safest and best batteries to use for your RC vehicle. The RC LiPo battery can last for about two to four years without usage. However, it will last for about thirty minutes on a full charge. A dead LiPo battery cell is 3.3 volts, while a fully charged one is 4.2 volts.

Most LiPo batteries have a 300 charge cycle. After this period, they are suitable for disposal. When a LiPo battery has passed its lifespan, the battery will no longer charge as it will start to deteriorate. Once this happens, the LiPo battery will start to show signs of swelling.

There are some things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your LiPo battery. First, you have to ensure that it is stored in a cool place or near-freezing temperatures when you are not using the battery.

When storing a LiPo battery, it should have either forty or fifty percent charge. Storing a LiPo battery that is completely drained will increase the risk of the battery circuit failing.

Another factor that reduces the lifespan of your LiPo batteries is how you charge them. Using cheap chargers or another low-quality type of battery charger to charge your LiPo battery can spoil the battery and make it malfunction. You should always use the correct charger for a LiPo battery to charge them.

Overcharging a LiPo battery will not make the battery last longer. One common mistake people make is leaving their LiPo battery plugged in after it is fully charged. Doing this will lead to trickle charging which can result in overheating of the battery.

When a LiPo battery is overheated, it can explode. You should also make sure you do not use the LiPo battery till it is completely drained. Doing so will damage the anode material of the battery.

How Long Does A 6000mAh RC Car Battery Last?

A 6000mAh battery can hold a six-amp load for an hour in an RC car. The amount of current a battery produces determines how long it will last. So, it is correct to say the number of hours the battery will last is determined by the amount of energy it is producing.

A 6000mAh will provide 6000mAh for one hour, 1000mAh for six hours, 10mAh for six hundred hours, and 100mAh for sixty hours. This battery has a shelf life of five years if used and persevered safely.

There are some things that we do wrong that reduce how long a 6000mAh battery lasts. One of them is how we charge the battery. Overcharging a battery can cause damage to it and reduce its lifespan.

You must never leave your 6000mAh battery when it is charging. You have to make sure you are watching it closely and unplug it immediately when it is full. Also, you must always check the battery's temperature and make sure it is cool before you use it.

Using a hot 6000mAh battery in your RC car can lead to overheating, which will damage the battery. Lastly, the way you store 6000mAh batteries is very important in determining how long they last. You must make sure it is stored in a cool, dry place.


Final Thoughts

One thing every RC car owner must know, regardless of the level of experience, is how to store, charge, and use RC car batteries properly. You do not want to spend a lot of money replacing your RC car battery frequently. Hence you have to make sure it lasts long. Ensuring your RC car batteries are in good condition and well-maintained plays a vital role in the performance of your RC car.