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How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride a Dirt Bike? [ANSWERED]

How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride a Dirt Bike? [ANSWERED]

Dirt biking is an adventure activity that is also regarded as a sport. It is a very popular activity and a wonderful way to spend time with friends while exploring the outdoors and getting a little dirty in the best way imaginable. Dirt bikes, like other hobbies, require some skill development for you to ride them properly.

Kids who are about three years old can operate small electric dirt bikes, and when they are about four years, they can operate dirt bikes with a 50cc engine size featuring training wheels. However, once kids reach the age of 5 or 6, they should be able to ride without training wheels. 

When introducing a child to the operation of dirt bikes, there is no particular age as to when your child can start riding. It all relies on how well you believe your child will manage the challenges of off-road driving and their maturity level.

kid sits on child size dirt bike

What Age Is Appropriate For Dirt Bike Riding?

Riding a dirt bike is a thrilling pastime for the whole family to watch and participate in. However, most parents might be hesitant to allow their children to ride what is effectively a motorcycle since they might doubt its safety. Dirt biking is not the safest activity, but it does give kids important driving skills.

Dirt bike riding has no age restrictions; children can ride small electric dirt motorcycles from as young as three years old. One of the best methods to tell if a child can operate a dirt bike is to see how well they can ride the bicycle. This is significant because it instills balance and confidence in them and teaches them about braking and speed.

You can also train your kids with unique bikes featuring training wheels until they are older and confident enough to ride independently. Other varieties of dirt bikes are available for youngsters of various ages. You should start exposing your children to increasingly advanced games as they get older so they can master the skill.

Junior dirt bikes may be fun for kids of all ages. Some bikes, on the other hand, are more child-friendly. It is critical to understand the distinctions between dirt bikes to choose the right one. A bike appropriate for a child aged 4 to 6 years may not be appropriate for a child aged 9 years. When choosing a model for your child, consider his or her age.

Models that are suitable for children range in size from 50 to 250cc. As children grow older, they should have the required skill to ride bikes with engines that provide more than 250cc power. For a newbie, a safer dirt bike is a less powerful one. If your children lack the requisite skills, do not introduce them to strong bikes.

When your child reaches 7 to 10, they will begin to desire a dirt bike with more power and speed. At this point, a bike with a displacement of 70 to 100 cc will suffice, though you should first examine their capacity to operate a dirt bike that has more power than they are used to. The idea is to keep them safe, giving them only as much power as they can handle; getting a bigger bike for them puts their safety at risk.

Best Size Dirt Bike For Different Age Groups

Engine power distinguishes dirt bikes, with more powerful models reserved for older children. The ones with a displacement of 50 to 250cc are suitable for children. The ones above that range are for older youngsters who have ridden dirt bikes before. We will be looking at the right dirt bike for kids according to their age group.


There are experts who argue that introducing toddlers to dirt bike riding is a bad idea. While some parents, on the hand, are fine with their children riding dirt motorcycles as far as safety procedures are implemented. A 6V bike with training wheels might be an excellent first bike for your child.

Training a child at this age has tremendous benefits because they will have the basic knowledge of operating a dirt bike which will be highly beneficial as they grow older. To manage the speed, get a lanyard and attach it to the back of the bike. You must not allow your child to exceed a speed limit of 5 mph.


An electric dirt bike with a centrifugal or automatic clutch featuring some training wheels is the best option for this age group. Light dirt bikes with safety bars are required for children in this age group. You might consider getting a gas bike for your child when he or she turns four, as an electric bike has a short ride time of roughly 30 minutes before recharging.

It is safe for a three-year-old to learn to ride, but four-year-olds might want more time on the dirt bike. The maximum speed of this bike should not exceed 10 mph. Start with a 3-mph bike for three-year-olds. It is sometimes assumed that bikes used by children in this age group are super slow; however, these bikes are exhilarating but not as advanced as those with 50cc engines.


A gas or electric dirt bike with a 50cc engine and a centrifugal or automatic clutch is suitable for children aged 5 and 6. Learning to ride a clutched bike takes a few lessons; however, the child will eventually get the hang of it. Furthermore, your child's previous dirt bike would have instilled balance and posture.

The child's bike might not require training wheels if the youngster has some riding experience. However, using a bike with training wheels helps increase a rider's confidence because the child can concentrate on the throttle and brakes rather than fearing falling off the bike. The speed should remain 10 mph.

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In this age group, you have got a young champion in the home who is ready to do any off-road maneuver. The youngster is now a more seasoned rider who has the required skills and ability to ride a 65cc dirt bike. However, you should keep in mind that the concern is the child's ability and strength, not their age.

You should continue letting the child ride a 50cc dirt bike if his or her weight and height do not fit a 65cc dirt bike. A child that is 8 years old can operate a dirt bike with gears and clutch. The vehicle's seat will also be taller, and the bike will be heavier than those used by smaller children.

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Children aged 9 and 10 can ride a dirt bike with an engine size of 85cc; such bikes weigh roughly between 110 and 130 pounds. Their seat height is about 30 inches; however, an 11-year-old can ride a 110cc dirt bike. A dirt bike with a displacement of 65 to 125cc is appropriate for riders aged 12 to 13.

Such a bike weighs about 200 pounds with a seat height of over 30 inches. From age 12 to 16, your child does not need to use training wheels with a dirt bike, and the bike will have both gears and a clutch. A 14-year-old rider should be mature enough to handle a 250cc dirt bike, while a 16-year-old can operate a 450cc bike.

Final Thoughts

You can educate your children on dirt bike riding at any age you want. If you believe your children are agile and capable of handling off-road adventures, then it is time to invest in a dirt bike. It is critical to purchase the correct bike, especially if they are just getting started. The idea is to assist them in gaining the necessary confidence and balance for a bigger and more advanced dirt bike.

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