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How to Change a Dirt Bike Tire [FOLLOW THESE STEPS]

How to Change a Dirt Bike Tire [FOLLOW THESE STEPS]

If you regularly go dirt biking, you would have had a flat tire at one point or the other; flat tires are one of the things you will experience regularly. If you have no experience fixing a flat tire or do not know how to fix one, you will have a hard time if your bike suddenly has a flat tire while trail riding.

The first step to changing a flat tire is to get your tools, including a tire stand, stem puller, changing lube, mounting lube, and rim strip tape. Next, unmount the wheel you want to change by disconnecting the rim lock and inner tube. Then with your tools, remove the tire from the wheel. 

Most riders avoid changing their dirt bike tires because they think that it is stressful and difficult. However, this activity is as easy as changing the engine oil for your bike as long as you have the right tools.

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How To Change A Tire On A Dirt Bike?

Changing a dirt bike tire may appear daunting, but it does not have to be difficult. Most bikers with a basic understanding of mechanics, the correct tools, tips, and lots of patience can accomplish the task without difficulty and quickly. Changing your dirt bike's tire is a step-by-step procedure.

The first step is to get the required tools, including a plastic hammer, baby powder, tire spoons, spray bottle of soapy water, wrench,5 -gallon bucket, tube, and a new tire. After getting your tools ready, you can now proceed to change your tire. First, unmount the tire from the bike and place it in the bucket so that it does not stay on the ground.

Next, remove the valve core with a core removal and let out all the air in the tire. Since you will eventually detach the tube from the tire, this is the best period and a good opportunity to bring out the dust seal. Make sure the rim lock is unfastened because the tire must be removed.

In this technique, some soapy water will be helpful; you can use it as a lubricant along the tire's edge. Let the bead loose from the rim using a tire spoon on the tire's edge. To remove the bead, try working around the tire; now, turn the tire over and redo the operation until the tire is no longer attached to the bead.

Start at the rim lock and slide your tire spoons below the tire; be very careful and make sure you do not squeeze the tube. Using the tire spoons, begin moving the tire, and it will slowly start to come off. Once you have removed it like 3-quarters out, you can pull out the dirt bike tire tube.

Now, remove the opposite half of the tire and spray it with soapy water; insert a tire spoon to the bottom of the tire, and with a plastic hammer, gently tap the bead on the rim. Be very careful to avoid bending the bead or the rim. You have now succeeded in removing your dirt bike's tire.

Having removed the old tire, you can start attempting to install the new dirt bike tire. To lubricate the tire and fix it on the rim, you should use soapy water. Look for the dot on the rim and make sure it is lined up with the rim lock; this is critical as it helps for proper tire balancing.

Now, start by handing the tire to the rim; use your tire spoon to force the tire into the rim. Now, replace the valve core to the tube and replace the tube to the tire; be very careful to avoid pinching or wrinkles in the tube. To keep the valve stem in place, push it into the rim and secure it with a nut.

To attach the new tire, begin with tire spoons at the vehicle's rim; check whether the tube is wrinkled, and work the tire into the rim using your knee. It will be easy until about halfway through, at which point it will get difficult. Be very careful not to pinch the tube during this process; when moving the tire gets difficult, you can use the plastic hammer.

It is best to add some air to the tube; examine the beads to ensure the tube is not protruding and everything is in the right place. Now check to see if the tube is correctly seated in the tire. Then, take out the valve core and flatten the tube again; ensure the valve stem is not pinched.

Next, pump up the tires to the proper pressure; you will find the right tire pressure on the tire's side or in the dirt bike's user's manual. Place the valve cap on top of the dust seal. The final step is to keep the tire firmly attached to the rim by tightening the rim lock; this will help if you have a flat tire later.

How To Change A Rear Dirt Bike Tire?

Most times, the rear tire of a dirt bike is usually the one that needs changing; as a dirt bike owner, it is necessary to know how to change its rear tire. The first thing to do is to get your tools: a block of wood, torque wrench, socket with a breaker bar, a wrench, and a sharpie marker.

After getting your tools, put your dirt bike on a sturdy stand. Now, the first step involves noting how many threads are on the chain adjuster and marking the number. Then remove the washer and axle nut by loosening them; raise your tire and use the wood to hit the axle so it enters the swingarm.

Now, remove the axle from the vehicle; make sure you do not use a hammer. Next, remove the chain from the sprocket and remove your rear tire. After removing the wheel, it is time to fix the new tire; to do this, fix the spacers and position the wheel. Then work the chain to the sprocket and put the axle in its place; fix the chain adjuster and set the tensioners to the specifications in the user's manual.

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How To Change A Dirt Bike Front Tire?

The first step to changing a dirt bike's front tire is to unscrew the brake caliper and extract the axle nut. Then loosen the bolts but avoid removing them completely; knock out the axle from the mounts using wood. Now pull out the axle and pull up the wheel so that there is not too much pressure on the axle.

Having removed the wheel, clean all parts of the hub and wheel thoroughly before fixing a new wheel; you can use grease to clean it if you have. Install the axle after aligning the wheel hub. If you extracted the hub spacers, ensure you replace them; fix the axle nut and tighten it. Remove the brake caliper and reinstall it.

Remove your dirt bike from the stand and squeeze the front forks several times. The forks will align themselves with the axle due to this; this is a critical step since mismatched forks can bind and cause serious harm to the dirt bike. Finally, torque the bolts on the sides of the axles.

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Final Thoughts

If you are changing your dirt bike's wheels for the first time, you might have a hard time as there are several possibilities you will face challenges and difficulties. However, that should not make you give up; as long as you have the right tools and materials needed, the less difficulty you will have. There are also some tips and tricks to changing a dirt bike's tire; by applying these tips, you will face fewer challenges while changing the tires.

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