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How to Charge an ATV Battery: Tips & Tools for ATV Batteries?

How to Charge an ATV Battery: Tips & Tools for ATV Batteries?

An experience no one wants to have is their ATV not starting because the battery is drained out. When you do not use your ATV for a long time, especially in winter, the battery will slowly be drained. Now, you need to know how to effectively charge your battery.

To charge an ATV battery, you will have to remove the side panels protecting the battery, connect the battery terminals to a smart charger, and the battery will start charging. It takes about four to five hours for an ATV battery to be fully charged.

Charging an ATV battery is a simple process. However, for you to charge the battery of your ATV effectively, you must know the procedures. Charging the battery the wrong way can make it spoil and useless.

Charging A New ATV Battery For the First Time

The excitement that comes with purchasing a new ATV is overwhelming. The first thing you want to do is go on a ride with your ATV. Before you do that, you must ensure that every part of your vehicle is fully functional and ready for use, the battery included.

After your first ride in your ATV, you may notice that the battery needs to be charged, but you are a newbie; you do not know how to go about it. We will show you how to charge a new ATV battery.

A new ATV battery has a lifespan of three to five years, and it could be longer than that if you use and maintain it properly. Before you charge a new ATV battery, ensure all these are in place:

  • The ATV has to be in a dry and fully ventilated area. Before charging, ensure the ATV battery and the charger are dry. To protect yourself from harmful gases released when charging the battery, use a well-ventilated area.
  • You should have easy access to the battery. Most ATV batteries are hidden behind a plastic cover, while others are easily accessible. Ensure the battery is not damaged; charging a damaged battery is dangerous.
  • Identify the type of battery you have. You must not assume all ATVs have the same battery and will be charged with the same charger. There should be a label indicating the battery type; ensure you check it.
  • Ensure you use the right charger to charge the battery. Using the wrong charger or setting up a manual charger incorrectly can undercharge or overcharge the battery. And this can result in irreversible damages.
  • If you are not using an automatic charger, you need to be aware of the battery's voltage so you can monitor it as it charges.
  • Make sure you have a clean connection: The charger's positive lead, which has a red clamp, goes to the positive battery terminal. The negative lead has a black clamp and must be connected to the frame ground.

After you have carried out the above steps, you are ready to charge your battery.

  • Connect the leads to the battery terminals, the red lead to the positive battery terminal, and the black lead to the negative battery lead.
  • Plug the charger into a wall socket but do not connect it yet. You need to set the current if it is a manual charger and the charge mode for an automatic charger.
  • Start charging the battery. Charge it for the time needed for it to be fully charged. Never start your ATV while charging the battery with an automatic charger.
  • Monitor the battery to ensure there is no unusual occurrence.
  • When the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger and leave it to cool off for some minutes.

How Long Will It Take To Charge An ATV Battery?


The time it will take for an ATV battery to be fully charged varies. There are different factors that affect the total charging time; these factors include the type of battery, the state of the battery, and the type of charger.

A battery at zero percent will take about fourteen to twenty hours to be fully charged. If it is at seventy-five percent, three to six hours. It will take six to ten hours for a battery at fifty percent and ten to fourteen hours for a battery at twenty-five percent.

Using a charger with a float or drip mode to charge your ATV battery will take up to four and a half hours to charge as the charger will roll upstream. Your ATV battery has to be constantly charged; you should have a trickle or smart charger designed to monitor your ATV battery level constantly.

Can I Charge My ATV Battery With My Car?

Although it is not advisable to charge your ATV battery with your car, you can charge it. You can charge your ATV battery with your car charger or the car's battery.

A car charger comes with an output of 10 amps. Charging your ATV battery with a 10-amp charger can cause the battery to overheat, which can damage the battery permanently. You do not want your battery to be damaged since you would have to purchase a new one.

If you are going to charge your ATV battery with your car battery, you will require some jumper cables. The jumper cable will be used to jump-start the ATV battery from the car battery. However, it would be best not to use a car battery to charge your ATV battery fully.

While charging your ATV battery with your car battery, you must make sure the car stays off. To charge your ATV battery with your car battery, you have to connect the positive terminals of both batteries with the red cable lead.

Tips and Tools for ATV Batteries

Below are some tips you should follow to make sure your ATV battery lasts longer and functions properly:

Store It Properly

If you will not use your ATV for some time, you should disconnect the battery from the vehicle and store it on an insulating material. Storing your ATV battery increases its life span. Your ATV should be kept in a shed, inside a garage, or under a patio. Exposing it to external factors can reduce its lifespan.

Ensure It Is Fully Charged


Another thing that increases your ATV battery lifespan is how you charge it. You have to make sure that the battery is always fully charged. Once you notice your ATV's light is getting dim or the engine sounds weak, you should charge the ATV battery immediately. When you are not using your ATV, you should charge the battery.

Keep It Clean

Your ATV battery will never last long if you do not clean it. Corrosion of the battery can make it malfunction; hence you should clean it with a wire brush, warm water, and baking soda. It would be best if you also cleaned the battery frame and the exhaust tube. Ensure you clean the terminals too. If the terminals are dirty, the battery can have a shorter lifespan.

Keep It Warm

Temperature is an important factor that determines if your battery will last or not. You need a battery heater for your ATV battery: When an ATV battery stays cold for a long time, the battery will not last long. A battery heater will keep your battery preheated so it will remain functional.

Final Thoughts


Your battery is an important part of your ATV, the engine is the brain, and the battery is the blood that keeps the brain functioning. You need to take proper care of your battery if you hope to have a great time riding your ATV.

A good battery guarantees a pleasant ride. You do not want to go on an adventure with your ATV and have the battery die midway into your journey. To prevent this, you must do everything you can to keep it functioning.