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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Camper [PLAN OF ACTION]

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Camper [PLAN OF ACTION]

Tiny scurrying feet when the light suddenly comes on, black droppings, and greasy walls and surfaces are just a few ways to tell that you have mice in your RV. The discovery that you are sharing your space with these creatures should not make you panic because there are many tested and trusted ways to dispel them.

Mice will damage your RV and expose you to diseases. So, common ways to keep them out of your camper include blocking all entrances or mouse proofing, using eucalyptus oil, spritzing pepper spray on walls and surfaces, restricting their access to food, and getting a cat.

Rodents often seek shelter in warm and abandoned places. But sharing your camper with mice is the least desirable way to start your trip. The earlier you take steps to keep them out of your camper, the less damage they will do.

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How to Keep Mice Out of Camper in Winter

Your RV represents a warm haven for mice and other pests during the winter. And if you are parked on a grassy surface, you increase your chances of encountering them even more. But again, wintertime or any other period has never been suitable for accommodating mice in your personal space. Below are some tips on how to keep mice out of your camper.

Starve Them

To keep mice out of your RV, you must cut off their food source. Do not leave food or remnants lying around for them to feed on; do not store your food in containers that mice can chew through.

This means the most suitable RV storage containers are glass jars. Because in the worst-case scenarios, mice will eat through plastic packaging, wood, and other pliable materials that are in their way.

Furthermore, leaving your pet's food exposed provides nourishment for the mice. When your furry buddy or feline friend is not eating, you should cover the food with a suitable container. Again, it should not be pliable to mice teeth.

Mice need food and warm shelter in the winter. You convey a non-spoken message that your RV is unsuitable by depriving them of these necessities.

Use Eucalyptus Or Other Essential Oils

There is something about the smell of eucalyptus oil that repulses mice. As was mentioned earlier, you can combine two teaspoons with a few drops of liquid detergent and some water in a spray bottle.

Spritz this solution on your walls, floors, the doorway of your RV, and other outlets where mice may gain entry.

Alternatively, you can dip some cotton balls in eucalyptus oil and drop them in strategic places like your kitchen cabinets, wardrobe or dresser, and drawers. Target places where mice may nestle and build their nests.

As much as we do not like to disturb sleeping babies, mice's nesting places should not be allowed to thrive. You may have identified their nesting place when you see a dome-shaped structure with an exit hole. Drop a cotton ball stained with eucalyptus oil there, and the mice will disperse themselves.

You can also use lavender oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and citronella oil. The application is the same with eucalyptus oil – mice detest the stench and will avoid places that emit them.

Block their Entryways

Mice are tiny, resilient rodents who will do anything for warm shelter and food. They will chew through drywall and squeeze through little holes the size of a dime. Or, they scurry in through vents, uncovered pipes, or any exposed area that allows access into your RV.

You need to identify these potential entrances in your vehicle. Then use a spray foam where suitable. This product creates a non-pliable surface for mice teeth on the area you spray it on.

It is suitable for holes in your RV, such as the places where pipes have been erected. Also, look for gaps or spaces that are wider than a dime and put the spray foam to work. This is one site-fire way to mouse-proof your luxury vehicle.

A more natural method is applying some essential oil that repels mice around these small entrances.

Do Not Store The Vehicle On A Grassy Surface

A grassy lawn provides enough coverage for mice to sneak into your RV. This is why it is best to store it on a gravel or concrete surface. Avoid wood or any material mice can bite through.

Even better, you can store the camper in the garage for the winter. You have more control over mice in your garage than in the outdoors.

Keep The RV Well-Lit

In conjunction with parking your RV on a concrete surface, ensure the area is well-lit to deter mice from entering. A solar lamp is an economical way to provide lighting at night if you're storing the camper on your driveway or other suitable outdoor structure.

How To Keep Mice Out Of A Pop Up Camper

Preventing mice from entering your pop up camper is similar to keeping them out of your RV for the winter. The last thing any RVer wants is to be welcomed back by mice.

But one of the perks of a pop up camper is the ease of dismantling it. It has walls partially made of fabric and is a couple thousand pounds lighter than the average RV. Use these specifications to your advantage by collapsing and storing the camper properly, away from the reach of rodents.

If no food attracts or nourishes mice, they will get the message to stay away. This entails cleaning the camper before collapsing it. Remove all traces of food, such as crumbs, leftovers, pet food, and foodstuffs. But you can leave the canned items behind.

Eucalyptus and a bunch of other essential oils deter mice, insects, and other rodents, so be sure to put some in your camper.

How To Get Rid Of Mice Naturally

Mouse poison often dehydrates the target, causing it to die before reaching a water source. If any other animal finds the dead rodent, they may eat it and feel the effects of the poison too. There are some natural methods effective in getting rid of mice. We will be explaining some of them below.

Use Essential Oils

It is a fact that strong-smelling items deter pests like mice. But that is not the only reason you should try essential oils to eliminate mice naturally.

The plants extracted from these herbal products generate chemicals to protect themselves from pests and insects. And these compounds survive the process of turning the herbs into essential oil.

You get to enjoy these benefits, i.e., get rid of mice by applying the oils to areas where mice may nest. You can also put them at your entrances and around dime-sized holes.

Alternatively, you may use a spray bottle to distribute your desired essential oil around your property adequately.

Get a Cat

Although caring for a cat may seem like a lot of work to some people, a feline creature is a natural and super-effective way to combat a mice infestation. If it happens on your outdoor property, you may get an outdoor cat; provide a litter box and some food for it, and it will have a comfortable haven which it will protect from pests.

The same applies to living with a cat. If the mice problem is in your home, a feline creature is the best way to go.

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Use A Pepper Spray

Many things repel mice, and pepper spray is one of them. The sharp spices irritate mice's respiratory system and eyes when they take a whiff. It makes them uncomfortable and conveys a message that they are unwelcome.

To make a special pepper spray that will deter mice, combine the hottest peppers you know, add some dish soap, shake well, and spritz.

Final Thoughts

Mice are adorable creatures, but, sadly, all they do is damage your property, eat your food, and increase your risk of animal-borne diseases. These are all valid reasons to get rid of them fast! Explore your natural and mouse-proofing options, and your RV or camper will be safe from mice.