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How To Make An ATV Street Legal: Plan Of Action

How To Make An ATV Street Legal: Plan Of Action

ATV riding is a thrilling activity, which explains why most ATV enthusiasts want to ride even on the street. However, before driving your ATV on the road, you should ensure that it meets the street legal criteria. But how do you make your ATV street legal?

While some states do not allow ATVs on their streets completely, some require installing additional safety features before you can legally ride your ATV on the street. The process involves registering your ATV, getting insurance, and installing turn signals, headlights, brake lights, horns, tires, mirrors, lighted license plates, and windshields.

Converting your ATV to street legal is a simple process as all you require is to determine your State's requirement and make the appropriate adjustment to your ATV. Nevertheless, before you convert your ATV into a street-legal machine, ensure it is worthy of investment. Read on!

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How To Make An ATV Street Legal

After assessing your situation and establishing that making your ATV street legal is a worthwhile investment, you need to meet the legal requirements in your State. Making your ATV street legal entails registering and upgrading your quads. Here are some of the top upgrades to consider.

1. Install New Tires

Normally, ATVs are made of tires designed for rugged terrains. To make your ATV street safe, you must install new tires for smooth surfaces. You can go for DOT-approved tires to make it even easier to pass the licensing and registration process. In addition to installing appropriate tires, you must also make sure to add pressure to reach normal levels.

2. Turn Signals

You will also need to install turn signals to protect your ATV when changing lanes and making turns. The good news is that installing turn signals is easy because you can always purchase the kit online and install it swiftly. Nonetheless, you should ensure that that turn signal kit has a switch you can easily and comfortably reach whenever you want to turn.

3. Brake Light

Brake lights, also known as tail lights, are a compulsory requirement you must meet if you want to make your ATV street legal. Ensure that you install the right brake lights to comply with traffic laws. Moreover, brake light provides you with the necessary safety whenever you use your ATV on the streets.


The horn is also important because it helps you communicate with other drivers. Horns are standard equipment recognized by law as they can help warn of potential hazards. Therefore, you must install functional horns for your ATV to be street-legal. There are several quality horns at a cost-friendly price.

4. Replace The Muffler

ATVs have a noisy muffler as they are designed for riding on trails that may be sparsely populated. A loud muffler can disturb other road users, and the best way to solve such a problem is to replace your noisy muffler with a quieter version. Some states may require that you install your muffler with a spark arrestor.

5. Add Reflectors And Lights

Lights are essential as they help you communicate with other road users. Furthermore, lights and reflectors make driving possible during low-lighting conditions or at night. The lights that you must install are the headlights, brake, and turn tail lights.

6. Install A License Plate Holder

After installing all the required additional equipment as stipulated by your State's law, the last step is to install a license plate to facilitate your quad's registration. When installing the license plate, ensure that it meets the requirements of your State.

While there are several items you can install to your quad to make it more street friendly, the above are the most important items. With some of the ATV additions above, your ATV will easily pass street legal inspection.

How To Make An ATV Street Legal In Texas

If you intend to make your ATV street legal in Texas, you will need to ensure that your ATV meets the following requirements;

  • At least one tail light
  • Good working brakes
  • At least one headlight
  • Working muffler with no bypasses or cutouts
  • All occupants should wear eye protection and helmets
  • Unmodified Forest service-qualified spark arrestor

In addition to installing all of the above equipment and ensuring that your ATV is registered, you must also install Texas OHV License plates.

How To Make An ATV Street Legal In Tennessee

Although ATVs can provide a compelling way to explore Tennessee, you should always ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations to avoid any unnecessary troubles with the authorities.

You may only be able to legally ride your ATV or UTV in the streets of Tennessee if you fit the following exceptions.

  • You are on the part of a road designated for ATVs. Examples of such roads include the Railroad in Lake City to the State Route 116 Beech Grove.
  • You are crossing a two-lane highway safely and efficiently.
  • You are using your UTV or ATV for agricultural activities.
  • You are transporting a non-mechanical UTV or ATV.

However, you can make your ATV street legal in the State of Tennessee by doing the following;

  • Ensure that your ATV is in perfect condition so that it can easily exceed a speed of 35 mph
  • Equip your ATV with proper functioning equipment
  • Install two tail lights, headlights, and stop lights on your ATV
  • Equip the ATV with horns to enhance communication with other drivers
  • Install seat belts for each seat
  • Equip your ATV with a spark arrestor to reduce noise pollution
  • Ensure that the operator is at least the age of 16 and has a valid driver's license
  • Lastly, ensure that the operator has proof of liability insurance

By ensuring that your ATV/UTV meets all the legal conditions of driving on public roads, you can comfortably ride on the streets of Tennessee.

How To Make An ATV Street Legal In WY

Although you cannot ride your ordinary ATV in the streets of Wyoming, there are several adjustments that you would need to make your ATV street legal in WY. Generally, making an ATV street legal in WY entails getting an MPV permit that you will display on your ATV/UTV.

To get an MPV permit to ride on a public road, you should obtain an up-to-date license permit, a valid driver's license, and proof of liability insurance. Additionally, you must install the following equipment on your ATV;

  • Headlamp
  • Brake light
  • Tail light
  • Horn
  • Red rear reflector
  • Left-hand rear-view mirror

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How To Make An ATV Street Legal In Connecticut

If you want to make your ATV street-legal in Connecticut, the only option is to register it in another state, and your ATV will be street-legal in Connecticut. This is made possible through the reciprocity agreements between states. Therefore, ensure that you make the necessary adjustments to your ATV to meet the street legal requirements of the State where you want to register it.

General Requirements To Make Your ATV Street Legal

One of the things that you need to know is that some states, such as Connecticut, do not allow ATVs in the streets unless you register your ATV in another state as street legal. In the states that allow UTV/ATV Street, there are several general additions that you will need to make to convert your ATV into street legal. Some of these additions include;

  • Side view mirrors
  • Rearview mirror
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Speedometer
  • Suitable eye protection or windshield
  • Mud flaps
  • Tail lights
  • Rear-facing tag holder
  • Functional horns
  • Speedometer
  • High and low beam headlight

Installing all this equipment will tremendously increase the chances of your ATV passing a street legal inspection. Further, these accessories make your ATV safer.

Final Word

If you want to make your ATV street legal in your State, the first step is to go through the rules and regulations in your State before you start the process. Again, once you start installing the required equipment to your ATV, ensure that they are of the best quality because they are meant to help you pass the street legal inspection and enhance your safety.