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How to Mix 2 Stroke Gas for Dirt Bikes [QUICK ANSWER]

How to Mix 2 Stroke Gas for Dirt Bikes [QUICK ANSWER]

Dirt bikes refer to a motorbike designed for tough terrains such as unpaved tracks or roads and are mostly used for scrambling. Most dirt bikes come with a 2-stroke engine; these engines require gas to function properly. However, you must know how to mix 2 stroke gas for your dirt bike so that you fuel it properly.

To mix 2 stroke gas for your dirt bike, you will first determine the engine's gas to oil ratio. Then, get your grade of fuel and your synthetic 2 stroke oil. Next, get a gallon of gasoline container, pour the oil into it; fill it with gas, and shake the bottle when you are done mixing. 

Mixing 2 stroke gas for dirt bikes can be difficult. It is, however, required for the vehicle, and it must be done correctly, or the engine will be damaged or destroyed. A damaged 2 stroke engine will render your dirt bike useless, and getting a new one is expensive.

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How Much 2 Cycle Oil Per Gallon Of Gas?

2-cycle gasoline engines power many types of equipment for outdoor use. They are sometimes referred to as 2-stroke engines and are small but have plenty of power. However, they do not have the large oil sump that four-cycle engines require; they are lubricated by oil incorporated into the fuel.

A 2-cycle engine needs a certain gas to oil ratio for proper lubrication. Consult the user's manual or your engine's label for the right mixture. Almost all 2-cycle engines have gas to oil ratio of 50:1. This equated to 20 milliliters per liter of gasoline or 2.6 fluid ounces per gallon.

When mixing lower amounts of fuel, a liter equals 1.06 quarter gallons; therefore, it is okay to use 20 ml of oil for each quarter gallon of gas. 40:1 mix ratio is better for two-cycle engines; a gasoline gallon plus 3.2 ounces of 2-cycle oil. Use 2.6 fluid ounces of oil for each gallon gas for a 50:1 gas to oil ratio.

Use 3.2 fluid ounces of oil for each gallon of gas for a 40:1 ratio; use 4 fluid ounces of oil for a gallon of gas in a 32:1 combination. If you are mixing two gallons of gasoline, combine 5.2 ounces of oil with two gallons of gasoline at a 50:1 ratio. With a 50:1 ratio, 12.8 US ounces of oil is required for 5 gallons of gas.

2 Stroke Oil Mix

A 2-cycle, often known as 2-stroke, the engine is commonly found in weed trimmers, outboard engines, leaf blowers, and other small engine equipment. The engine is a 2-cycle engine when it has only one port for both gas and engine oil. It requires a certain combination of gas and oil to perform effectively.

The ratio that indicates the parts of oil and gasoline in a gas-and-oil mixture is written as a ratio. The ratio required for your engine's 2-cycle oil mix can be found on the engine label or the operator's manual. To create a 2-stroke oil mix, you first have to fill a clean gas can with the proper amount of 2 stroke oil.

Next, fill the tank with the necessary amount of gasoline. To combine the oil and gas, shake or stir the container. To extend the shelf life of the combination, you can add a fuel stabilizer or make sure you use it within 30 days. When creating 2 stroke gasoline, mix your fuel in a green jerry can.

This is the color for two-stroke fuel storage, and it will help you avoid costly mishaps. Use a two-stroke fuel calculator to enter the two-stroke fuel ratio and the number of liters of gasoline you have on hand. The calculator will figure out how much 2 stroke oil you will need; add the oil to the gas and give it a shake before fueling your tank.

A two-stroke engine lacks an internal oil chamber. Hence, you must manually add 2 stroke oil to your gasoline. If you do not, your engine's pistons and cylinders will be damaged. This may be a costly rebuild, with a 2-stroke mix calculator to figure out how much oil you will need to keep your machine running smoothly.

When mixing your 2-stroke oil, there are some warnings to keep in mind. You must use only 2 cycle engine oil rather than motor vehicle oil which has noncombustible compounds that will cause serious damage to your engine. Also, use only gasoline that contains less than 10percent ethanol.

Gasoline that contains over 10 percent of ethanol draws moisture, rendering the gas useless, and your engine will get damaged. Do not estimate the amounts of gas or oil; your engine needs a specific blend of fuel and lubricant to work properly. Make sure you always mix the oil and gas in a clean and separate container instead of the engine.

Oil To Gas Ratio Chart

Having an idea of the oil to gas ratio chart will help you determine how to mix your 2-stroke gas for your dirt bike. Below is the oil to gas ratio chart.

Mixing Ratio (Gas: Oil) The volume of 2 Cycle Oil Volume of Gasoline
32:1 4 oz. 1 US gallon
40:1 3.2 oz. 1 US gallon
50:1 2.6 oz. 1 US gallon
32:1 31.25 ml 1 Liter
40:1 25 ml 1 Liter
50:1 20 ml 1 Liter

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How to Mix 2-Stroke Gas for Dirt Bikes

The two-stroke mix ratio is determined by the equipment's year of manufacture and make. Your oil mixture should be as precise as possible, with neither too much nor too little oil. If you put too much in, the engine will stop, carbon will build up, and smoke will be produced, which is terrible for the environment.

The first step to mixing 2 stroke gas for dirt bikes is to get a proper jerrycan. There are a variety of jerry cans available nowadays. Some are straightforward, while others are spill-proof. They also come in various colors, and you should use the color that corresponds to your gasoline type; a green jerrycan is ideal for you.

Then find reliable unleaded fuel; the fuel must never include more than 10 percent ethanol. When ethanol is exposed to air, it attracts moisture; when water is mixed with oil. The properties of the oil change and the desired effect is lost. Next, look for a 2-stroke engine oil with a decent composition and minimal smoke emissions.

If you are particular, you may get refined 2 stroke oil that extends your engine's life and makes it run more smoothly. This type of two-stroke oil will help you achieve high performance with your engine. Mineral oils are a less expensive choice that works well because they are made from natural petroleum.

These 2-stroke oils, on the other hand, are not as clean and eventually cause buildup in the engine; hence, the engine will eventually require more maintenance. The 2-stroke oil mixture must be used within 30 days after the mixture. Next, shake the can vigorously once you have finished pouring the oil into the fuel.

Then pour the 2-stroke mixture into your fuel tank. Avoid mixing 2 stroke fuel straight in the fuel tank of your engine. It is too difficult and time-consuming to shake the two-stroke mix thoroughly; to make your mix, remember to read the directions and discover the correct 2 stroke mix ratio or use the standard.

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Final Thoughts

A 2-stroke engine has a single upstroke and downstroke that completes a power cycle. Now that you know all about 2 stroke engines and how to mix the gas for your dirt bike, you should have no problem with your engine if you carefully follow the procedure. With this knowledge, you have reduced expenses.

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