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How To Snorkel An ATV: Do It Yourself Or Use A Snorkel Kit?

How To Snorkel An ATV: Do It Yourself Or Use A Snorkel Kit?

Many people want to drive their ATVs through mud and deep waters, but they are scared of damaging their engines. They do not know how to keep out water from their engine. That is what a snorkel is for. You will find it very useful if you want to drive your vehicle through the waters.

To snorkel an ATV, remove the vehicle's side panels, spray the engine and the intake area with a degreaser. Next, you pressure wash the engine, intake area, and clutch covers, dry completely with compressed air. Then, install the snorkel on the ATV.

You can either make use of a snorkel kit for your ATV or make your snorkel by yourself. Snorkeling your ATV will keep water and mud from the important parts of the vehicle's engine.

How Does A Snorkel Work On An ATV?

A snorkel on an ATV allows air to reach the major components of your ATV that require fresh and clean air. When the necessary parts of your ATV engine are covered or drowned in water or mud, your vehicle tends to shut down.

Using a snorkel on your ATV protects the different engine parts and allows you to ride freely in a flooded or muddy area. There are some optional parts of your ATV that you can snorkel, such as the carb vent tubes, electrical connections, differential vents, and crankcase breather tube.

ATV snorkels are made of PVC pipes and couplings underneath the plastics up to the front rack or right around the gauge pod system. The belt drive of your ATV can malfunction or become permanently damaged when water enters it. A snorkel prevents this from happening.

It is advisable that when installing a snorkel on your ATV, you should get a professional to get the job done as any small mistake can destroy your vehicle. A snorkel on an ATV prevents the vehicle's intake hose from sucking water or mud and damaging the engine.

How To Make Your ATV Snorkel


Most snorkel kits are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. However, you should desist from riding your ATV in deep water or mud without first snorkeling the engine. You can easily make your own snorkel. Let us look at how to make a snorkel at home.

The first thing you need to get when making an ATV snorkel kit is a PVC pipe. You can get one at a home repair store. Then, you need to locate the airbox of the vehicle. The airbox has a carb inlet. Create another hole in addition to the one in the airbox for the snorkel. Then insert the PVC pipe into the second hole you have created and extend it as high as you like.

After inserting the pipe into the hole, drill a hole where the pipe will come out of the body part of the ATV. Next, vent all the vent lines to the handlebars, like the exhaust vent line has to be vented to the handlebars to prevent water from getting into the vehicle.

Like the carburetor vent line, other vent lines of the ATV should be vented to the top with a filter. Vent lines with output air do not require a filter or breather. You should also get dielectric grease. The grease will be used for the electric plugs of the ATV to prevent water from entering the electric parts of the vehicle. The PVC pipe you use should be the same diameter as the carb of the vehicle. You must avoid taking the PVC pipe through bends. It can constrict the airflow.

Will A Snorkel Void Warranty?

One of the major reasons why many people are indecisive about snorkeling their ATV is the fear that it might annul all warranties. However, regardless of the dealer and where you purchased your vehicle, a snorkel will not make your warranty void.

However, if any part of the vehicle is affected by an external component you installed, there is a probability that your warranty could become void. As long as the snorkel you installed is not the cause of any damage or malfunction on your ATV, you are still entitled to your warranty.

If there is a problem with your ATV, you must remove the snorkel before taking it to a dealer. You should also be honest with the dealer and let him be aware that you used a snorkel on the vehicle. This way, they can easily recognize the problem with the vehicle.

Popular ATV Snorkel Kits


If you do not want to go through the stress of making your snorkel for your ATV, you can easily get a Snorkel kit for your vehicle. Let us look at some of the best and most popular ATV snorkel kits you can purchase.

Honda Foreman 500 SYA Warrior Snorkel Kit

The Honda Foreman 500 is one of the most popular snorkel kits. This snorkel is one of the best snorkels that moves stock air intake points to the location above the front feeder and away from the seat.

This kit guarantees the vehicle fresh and clean air when riding through water or mud. It also comes with two warrior risers that have vent lines. The risers ensure that the vent lines are properly secured and always dry.

With the snorkel kit comes an additional vent-line that extends the stock venting points. The risers of this snorkel kit can be easily disassembled and assembled. With the right tools, you can easily install the Honda Foreman 500 to your ATV.

New High Lifter Snorkel Kit


The New High Lifter Snorkel Kit is the best snorkel kit for you if you use Honda ATVs. This snorkel kit comes with a power-coated customizable riser bracket and durable vinyl tubing.

The durable vinyl tubing makes it easy for you to reach any difficult part of your ATV. The snorkel kit also comes with a silicone hose that does not melt even when exposed to maximum heat.

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 High Lifter Snorkel Kit

This Kawasaki Brute Force 750 comes with durable vinyl tubing and two inches five centimeters risers. The riser bracket has been designed to keep the riser space evenly and straight.

This snorkel is perfect for keeping your ATV safe from the damages water and mud can cause. The kit also comes with the tools to mount the snorkel to your ATV. It also comes with a manual. With this snorkel kit, you do not need to hire anyone to fix it for you.

Polaris Ranger 1000 XP & NorthStar High Lifter Snorkel Kit

This snorkel kit has one of the best designs and is the first snorkel kit to come with high-temperature silicone hoses that are custom-molded. The silicone hoses guarantee a reliable connection and make installation easier.

The snorkel ensures better heat dissipation by blowing belt exhaust across the manifold. With the snorkel riser placement in this kit, you can get a better rear view when driving. The kit comes with all the mounting hardware and the instructions you require for a complete installation.

Final Thoughts

Have you desired to go driving through waters and muds the way it is done in the movies, but you are scared of the effects it might have on your ATV engine? You should have no cause to be afraid; there is a solution to that.

You might have heard of a snorkel but never thought of how important it will be to you as an ATV owner. With a snorkel installed in your ATV, the fear of damaging your engine by driving through deep water is gone. The snorkel protects your engine.