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How To Get Ignition To Turn Without A Key [Find Out Here]

How To Get Ignition To Turn Without A Key [Find Out Here]

If you misplace your car key, is there a way that you can start the car? The answer is yes. Several techniques can help you start your car when you misplace your car keys before you find a long-lasting solution to the problem.

To start the car without keys, you can embrace three effective techniques: a screwdriver and a hammer, hotwiring, and a red coil wire. The method you will use to start your car depends on your car's model and the type of key.

Read on for more details on how the three methods can help you solve the problem of displacing your car keys.

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How To Get Ignition To Turn Without Key

There are three main methods to get ignition without a key. However, before closely examining the three methods, it is vital to note that there are different forms of car keys that can influence the method you will use. The keys include the classic key, transport key, traditional key with remote control, keyless start, and digital key.

With the form of your car key in the picture, there are three ways to start your car without a key;

  1. Hotwiring
  2. Red coil wire
  3. Screwdriver and hammer


Hotwiring is an effective technique for cars manufactured in the 1990s. It describes a procedure for bypassing the ignition system of a car.

To use this technique, you start by removing the plastic cover of the steering wheel column using a screwdriver. Removing the plastic cover will allow you to access the ignition system.

The second step is to identify the starter and key wires. In this step, you need to wear insulated gloves and be keen to ensure that you do not miss anything. The battery wires are red, whereas the brown and yellow wires are for the initiation.

Remove tiny insulation at the end of the battery wires and the power wires coming from the cylinder. Connect the power wires, and the battery wire ends, and your car will start.

Red Coil Wire

The red coil wire is reserved for people with adequate technical skills in cars. To use the red coil wire technique, you must get under the hood and identify the red coil wire. First, get hold of the jump starter wire and then run it on the positive side of the coil.

Continue running the red coil wire to find the solenoid connected to the battery's positive side. The process should allow you to activate the solenoid, and the starter will kick on.

Screwdriver And Hammer

The screwdriver and drill are also known as the screwdriver, and the hammer technique is the easiest method people use to start their cars without the ignition key. However, if you embrace this method, you must be careful to avoid damaging the ignition switch.

The screwdriver and hammer technique requires you to drill the keyhole from where the inner flaps begin before removing the drill and locking bits. With that, you can start the car by inserting a screwdriver or any flat piece of metal that can fit.

The only problem with this method is that it will permanently damage the car's ignition system.

Ignition Switch Replacement

The ignition switch is designed to lock your car's steering wheel and prevent the car from starting without a key. It is good to note that the ignition switch system may not deter a thief with the knowledge of how to turn the ignition without the key.

Although most of these systems are designed to serve you for a long time, it is not uncommon to experience challenges with this component. Several bad ignition switch signs should tell you it is time to replace the system. They include the key refusing to turn, the car won't start, accessories won't power on, and car stalls while driving. If you notice any of these signs, it is a sure indication that you need to consider ignition switch replacement.

How To Replace The Ignition Switch Replacement

Once you have identified signs pointing towards a faulty ignition switch, you should take ignition switch replacement into account to eliminate its several associated problems. Fortunately, the ignition switch replacement is a straightforward process.

The ignition switch is behind the key cylinder, meaning you will need to remove dash panels or covers to access the switch. Some of the materials necessary for completing the process are the memory saver, screwdrivers, and ratchet w/sockets.

To proceed with ignition switch replacement, you will need to follow these steps;

  • Turn the ignition off.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the memory saver.
  • Remove the negative battery cable and secure it away from the battery.
  • Remove the screws from the steering column cover to access the switch.
  • Locate the ignition switch. If your vehicle is equipped with an airbag, you need to be careful not to deploy it or interfere with it.
  • Remove the key lock cylinder and disconnect the connectors from the ignition switch if viable.
  • Remove the ignition switch and install the new one. Ensure that the electrical connectors fall into place.
  • Install the key cylinder
  • Install the steering covers and mount the screws back to their original position
  • Install the battery cable and remove the memory saver.

How To Start A Car Without A Key

Learning how to turn the ignition without a key is an essential skill that will ensure you do not get stranded even when you misplace your keys. While starting a modern car without the correct key is almost impossible, older models are easy to start without a key.

To start your car without the original key, you need a screwdriver/hammer to get the engine running. While this technique damages the car key mechanism, it takes a short time to get the car running. All you need is access to the point where the inner flaps begin by using a drill. Insert the screwdriver head and turn the ignition to start the car.

The hotwire engine and the red coil wire are similar methods you can embrace to start the car.

How To Bypass Ignition Switch To Start Car

When you misplace your car key or attempt to ignite your car, but it does not start, the next thing that will come to your mind is how to bypass the ignition switch to start the car. If you have a modern car, bypassing the ignition system may require a complex technique.

To bypass the ignition system to start your car, you need to identify the battery and the ignition coil. Join the ignition coil's positive side to the battery's positive side. Further, you will need to identify the starter solenoid and join it with the positive side of the battery. After that, remove the ignition connector from the solenoid and short it to where the ignition switch connects.

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Scenarios That Will Require You To Start A Car Without A Key

Every time people want to think of how to turn the ignition without the key. You have to be sure that you cannot access the key before you think of bypassing your car's ignition switch. Here are some scenarios that will require you to bypass the system.

  • If you misplace your key and you are sure that you may not be able to recover it anytime soon
  • If you have broken keys, you might not be able to start your car without bypassing the ignition system.
  • When the ignition system is malfunctioning
  • If the smart key is dead


The start switch is one of the most involved gadgets in a car, which means that it is constantly subjected to tear and wear. While taking good care of the system will minimize its deterioration, learning how to bypass the ignition switch to start a car is crucial because it will be helpful when you misplace the key. In addition, it is wise to find a long-lasting solution to the problem to avoid its challenges.