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Is Exceed RC A Good Brand? What Is The Most Reliable Brand?

Is Exceed RC A Good Brand? What Is The Most Reliable Brand?

With the increase in the demand for RC vehicles, many companies manufacture RC cars, so there are different brands of RC cars. However, not all RC brands are reliable; some produce more reliable and long-lasting RC vehicles than others. So, it is essential to know the best RC brands before purchasing an RC car.

Exceed is an average brand, their RC cars are not among the best, neither are they among the worst. They produce RC cars for beginners. The most reliable RC brand is Traxxas. Other reliable brands are Axial, HB Racing, ARRMA, HPI Racing, Kyosho, Mugen, Losi, and Xray.

There are different brands of RC cars that you can get. However, the quality of these brands varies; hence you have to know the reliable brands before trying to get one.

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Who Is Exceed RC?

Exceed RC is an RC brand that majorly produces RC cars for beginners rather than high-end hobbyists. Most Exceed RC car models are relatively cheap; hence they do not have strong parts.

Exceed RC cars do not perform as well as other brands as they do not provide the high-end maximum performance that others do, which is why they are suitable for beginners. Some of the models of Exceed RC are:

Exceed Nitro Powered Hyper Speed

Exceed Nitro Powered Hyper Speed RC car is one of the most popular RC cars manufactured by Exceed RC. This is a ready-to-go RC car, so you do not have to worry about assembling it before operating. This RC vehicle comes with a two-channel pistol wheel remote control, a starter kit, and a manual.

The Exceed Nitro Powered Hyper Speed car is one of the racing RC cars of Exceed RC. It has a top speed of 55 mph. This vehicle also has impressive features like a two-channel pistol radio system, a tuned pipe, an air filter, a four-wheel shaft drive system, and an adjustable wishbone suspension. This vehicle is recommended for individuals above age 14.

Exceed RC Magnet Mini Monster Truck

The Exceed RC Magnet Mini Monster Truck is electric-powered; it is swift, strong, and durable. It is one of the best Exceed RC cars, having a ground clearance of 0.7 inches, and uses a 1100mAh NiMH battery. This RC truck can ride over any terrain with the help of its pre-mounted buggy wheels that have durable, aggressive threads tires.

This RC mini monster truck has high-quality double shock absorbers and lightweight suspension arms. The monster truck is equipped with a high-speed motor and bevel gear differential gearbox. This RC vehicle uses a 2.4GHz remote controller.

Exceed RC Rock Crawler

Made of metal and aluminum, the Exceed RC Rock Crawler is one of the Exceed RC's strongest and most durable RC vehicles. It has a multi-link suspension which allows the vehicle's wheels to have a firm grip and enough traction to ride over any obstacle. The weight of this RC vehicle is 6.548 pounds, and it has a top speed of 40 mph.

The Exceed RC Rock Crawler, as the name implies, is designed like an actual rock crawler vehicle; hence it can ride over any terrain and overcome all obstacles. It also has a 2.4 GHz transmission which reduces the weight of the vehicle's motor and maintains a low center of gravity. This RC vehicle is suitable for individuals above the age of 14.

What Is The Most Reliable RC Brand?

As a hobbyist, riding RC cars is exciting and a great way to relieve stress. Hence, you do not want to get an RC car that you will not have a great time operating. So, you need to know some of the most reliable RC brands you should look out for when purchasing an RC vehicle.

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The most popular name in the RC world is Traxxas. Traxxas is famous for producing the most popular, most powerful, fastest, and most reliable RC vehicles. All Traxxas RC vehicles were designed with the user in mind; all their vehicles have features that will make the operator enjoy the RC car.

Traxxas is the best-selling RC brand globally; they manufacture the best electric and nitro RC cars. All Traxxas RC cars are fully assembled with powerful radio systems, strong body parts, powerful brushless motors, and durable tires. Some Traxxas models are X0-1, Revo 3.3, Slash, Bandit, Rustler, and Maxx.

Other reliable RC brands include:


Axial is among the top five most reliable RC brands. It was founded in 2005 and has since become one of the best-selling RC brands. This company has also won many awards like the best-engineered product of the year, most innovative, and best truck. If you are looking for an RC vehicle that can ride over any terrain and overcome all obstacles, you should get an Axial RC car.

Axial provides you with an amazing rig that is ready to race the fastest and destroy every obstacle. Some of the RC models of Axial come with a waterproof receiver box and have amazing chassis mods; hence you can ride safely into puddles and potholes.

Some Axial RC products are Axial Deadbolt RC Crawler, Axial 2019 Jeep Wrangler, Axial Jeep JT Gladiator Rock Crawler, Axial Grave Digger Monster truck, Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer, and Axial Trail Honcho Rock Crawler.


Arrma is one of the most reliable RC brands; they manufacture high-speed super-tough RC vehicles. This RC brand provides you with different models of RC vehicles to enjoy racing with your friends. They are also famous for making large-sized RC cars that are very strong and durable.

Arrma RC provides you with RC cars that are suitable for riding over all terrain without getting damaged. They have high ground clearance so that they can overcome all types of terrain. Arrma RC vehicles are Arrma Granite Scale Monster Truck, Arrma Talion Sports Performance Truck, Arrma Extreme Bash Roller, and Arrma Kraton Monster Truck.

HPI Racing

HPI is popularly known for manufacturing RC cars and trucks with innovative designs, exceptional durability, and high quality. Their RC vehicles are fun to ride; there are vehicles for beginners, professionals, and children.

At first, HPI Racing was manufacturing only RC car accessories, but as the company grew, they started developing RC cars and trucks. HPI Racing manufactures RC cars that look like real cars. Their vehicle lasts long and is designed to ride over any terrain and avoid all obstacles.

HPI Racing models are HPI Racing Venture Toyota FJ Cruiser, HPI Racing Jumpshot Stadium Racing Truck, and HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Flux Porsche.

What Is The Best Brand Of RC Trucks?

RC cars are not the only type of RC vehicle you can get. RC trucks are also exciting and fun to operate; they can ride over almost all terrain than cars. There are different brands of RC trucks, but there is only one brand that is better and more reliable than others.


Traxxas is the best brand of RC trucks; you can always count on this company to produce the best RC vehicles that are strong and durable. This industry was founded in 1986 and has since become the best-ready-to-run RC vehicle manufacturer in the world. Although Traxxas RC vehicles are a little more expensive than others, the high quality of their vehicle makes the price worth it.

Most Traxxas trucks are designed to be modified and customized to suit your taste. Traxxas RC trucks have high ground clearance, so you can be sure to ride over any terrain and overcome all obstacles with these vehicles.

Traxxas RC trucks include Traxxas Land Rover Defender Blue, Traxxas Stampede, Traxxas T-Maxx, and Traxxas Rustler.

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Final Thoughts

One of the ways to relieve stress is by operating RC cars; the excitement of racing with friends is a great stress reliever. However, you can only enjoy operating an RC car when you have a good brand. So, it is essential to know the most reliable RC brands before you purchase an RC car.

If you are concerned with quality and would pay anything to have a good, reliable, long-lasting RC car, you should go for any Traxxas models. This does not mean other brands are not reliable. Some of them also produce good RC cars.