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John Tyler Dollar Coin Value: [Complete Collector's Guide]

John Tyler Dollar Coin Value: [Complete Collector's Guide]

The John Tyler dollar coins are neither uncommon nor expensive; uncirculated versions of these coins can, nevertheless, command a premium. The United States of America's 10th president was John Tyler. His term in government is indicated by the coin's written date range of 1841–1845.

The face value of one dollar is the only value of the circulated John Tyler dollar coin. In uncirculated form with an MS 65 grade, the D and P John Tyler dollar coins are valued at about $3.75. In PR 65 condition, the 2009 John Tyler S proof dollar coin is valued at about $4.

This dollar coin is the second dollar in the presidential series to bear "In God, We Trust," which is an intriguing aspect of the coin. For individuals interested in assembling collections of Presidential $1 Coins, the John Tyler $1 Coin is a wise buy.

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John Tyler Dollar Coin

The second edition of the Presidential Dollar collection in 2009 and the tenth overall was The John Tyler Dollar. The U.S. Mint's historical rolls went on sale on May 21, 2009, the same day the coins were released for general use. President William Henry Harrison's vice president was John Tyler.

Harrison passed away in office after 30 days, and Tyler took over as President. By taking on all of the duties and authority of the position, he established an important precedent. From 1841 until 1845, he served the last year of his single term. The John Tyler Dollar underwent a formal launch ceremony two days before the official distribution release date.

Harrison Tyler, the grandson of former president John Tyler, and Andrew Brunhart, the United States Mint's deputy director, staged the ceremony at Sherwood Forest Plantation in Virginia.

Phebe Hemphill created and sculpted the portrait on the John Tyler Dollar's front. The words "John Tyler," "In God We Trust," "10th President," and "1841-1845" are inscribed on the coin's reverse. The Statue of Liberty, created and modeled by Don Everhart, is depicted on the coin's back.

Since the series' inception in 2007, this look has been applied yearly. "United States of America" and the face value of "$1" are inscribed on the notes. The phrase "In God We Trust" was relocated to the coin's front in 2009. This came after an initial public misunderstanding of the government's objectives after the motto was inscribed on the coin's edge writing.

The coin's edge text still bears the date, the mint mark, and the other well-known motto, "E Pluribus Unum." The United States Mint manufactured a maximum of 87,080,000 John Tyler Dollar coins. The facilities in Denver and Philadelphia received an equal share of this sum.

The United States Mint has decreased the number of collectible products produced for the series, starting with the coins of this year. Several years after the U.S. gained its freedom from Great Britain, in 1790, John Tyler was born. His father, John Tyler Senior, was a Virginia judge and farmer who subsequently served as governor.

He also served in the Virginia House of Delegates. The nation produced a dollar coin in 2009 to honor John Tyler's presidency. The clad substance, a mix of metals comprising zinc, nickel, manganese, and copper, is used to make John Tyler dollar coins.

The outside layer is an alloy of nickel and copper, while the inner surface is pure copper. This material's durability and wear resistance were factors in its selection; additionally, it strikes effectively, which is crucial for a coin used in commerce. The U.S. Mint in Denver and Philadelphia produced the John Tyler dollar coins.

On the front face of the coin, coins struck in Denver bear a D mintmark, while those struck in Philadelphia bear a P mintmark. At both mints, a record of 87,080,000 coins was produced. Uncirculated examples of the John Tyler dollar coin are relatively uncommon.

Due to this, they could be traded for a price higher than their $1 face value. The United States Mint only made these coins briefly, contributing to their rarity. A genuine John Tyler dollar coin might not always stand out from a fraudulent one to the average person.

However, a few minor variations can be utilized to determine the authenticity of a John Tyler dollar coin. You can present the coins to an authenticator who can examine them and tell you if it is genuine or not because the coins are manufactured using a mixture of 4 metals. These coins can be graded and authenticated, which will raise their value.

Value Of John Tyler Dollar Coin

In circulated condition, the John Tyler Dollar Coin is worth the value on its face, which is $1. The uncirculated dollar coin, however, can be purchased for between $3.75 and $5. Depending on how eager the buyer is to purchase this coin, you might be able to sell it for more money.

There are several methods available for getting this dollar coin. One choice is to buy the coin from the U.S. Mint's website. Finding a reputable coin dealer that specializes in American coins is an additional choice. For possible postings, you may also browse online auction sites like eBay.

In ordinary uncirculated grades, this dollar coin is less than $2 in value. Proofs are priced between $4 and $6 each. Any worn dollar coins during the John Tyler presidency are only worth their face value. Those unique coins will probably cost several hundred dollars if the presidential dollar contains any big flaws.

On a coin grading scale of 70 points, the $1 John Tyler Presidential Coin is rated. The quality of the coin's surface has the most role in establishing its grade. The coin's strike, shine, and general aesthetic appeal are other elements that influence its value. They are flawless and uncirculated. MS 65 is also a good grade; in most cases, these coins are uncirculated; the coin is more prevalent the lower the grade.

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John Tyler Dollar Coin Value 1841 To 1845

The United States Mint produced the John Tyler dollar coin as a commemorative issue in 2004. On the front and reverse of the coin are images of President John Tyler and the Statue of Liberty. Both the proof and uncirculated variants of the coin were produced and sold by the Mint.

The presidential dollar collection honors previous American presidents and includes the dollar coin honoring John Tyler. Accompanying the George Washington dollar coin in the series is the John Tyler dollar coin. The Mint will produce four Presidential dollar coins annually through the presidents' service orders.

You may estimate this coin's value roughly by assuming it will be worth around $300 in normal condition, whereas one in verified mint state status could get up to $7,000 at auction. The face value of one dollar is the only value of the circulated 2009 John Tyler dollar coins.

The only condition under which these coins can be purchased is uncirculated. In uncirculated condition with an MS 65 grade, the John Tyler P dollar coin and John Tyler D dollar coin are worth approximately $3.50. The John Tyler dollar coin was all struck by the United States.

On the coin's edge, you can see the mint mark. Coins with additional detail are known as proof coins. They take longer to make since they are coined on unique planchets. Since they were created with collectors, you will not discover any in your loose change.

Final Thoughts

Banks and some retailers that support the usage of dollar coins on the market sell the John Tyler dollar. There are numerous variations of these coin sets. Some count the President's budget for the year. All of the currencies that the U.S. Mint has produced for circulation are included in other collections. Uncirculated and proof coin sets from the U.S. Mint are both available.