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Kawasaki 4 Wheelers – Best Kawasaki ATV Models Available

Kawasaki 4 Wheelers – Best Kawasaki ATV Models Available

While it is evident that Kawasaki ATVs are reliable in every aspect, you need to settle for the best models to get the value of your money. That leads to the question, which are the best Kawasaki ATV models available?

The Kawasaki KFX450R, Kawasaki KFX50, Kawasaki KFX90, Kawasaki Brute Force 300, BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I EPS CAMO, and the Kawasaki KFX400 are the top five best Kawasaki ATV models. These ATVs feature reliable power, suspension, gears, braking system, steering wheel, and comfortable seats.

Besides ensuring that you settle in the best brand, there are other numerous factors that you will need to consider to ensure that you purchase an ATV that meets your needs.

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What Makes Kawasaki a Reliable ATV Brand?

It is essential to check the reliability of an ATV before investing your money in it. You should examine several features to get a clear picture of the reliability of the ATV that you want to purchase.

The Power

ATVs are designed for rough trails. Therefore, in addition to the rider being experienced, the ATV needs to be powerful enough to handle any difficulties when riding on rough terrains. Generally, Kawasaki ATVs possess an impressive engine. However, it is crucial to consider how you intend to use the ATV to pick the right engine.

The Braking System

Kawasaki ATVs feature hydraulic disc brakes and multi-disc rear brakes to make them more reliable. The braking system is highly efficient, meaning that you would not have to worry about your safety regardless of the steepness of the trails you will be riding on.

Comfortable Seats

ATV riding is supposed to be fun. However, this might not be achievable if the seats are not comfortable, especially for long rides. With Kawasaki ATVs, you do not have to worry about riding from a distance because the seats are designed to make you feel good.

The Weight

Kawasaki ATVs weigh around 240 kilograms and can carry riders who weigh up to 400 lbs. Moreover, they are designed to improve their stability in off-road riding.

Fuel Consumption

Kawasaki ATVs are known for decent mileage consumption. For instance, each Kawasaki ATV consumes a gallon of fuel for 15-20 miles of travel. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the high fuel consumption when it comes to Kawasaki ATVs.

Kawasaki Four Wheelers

Kawasaki manufactures a wide range of impressive ATVs for diverse uses. Regardless of your objective to invest in an ATV, be rest assured that you will get your perfect fit from Kawasaki. Here are the top Kawasaki models in the market.

The Kawasaki KFX450R

The Kawasaki KFX450R is a product of a partnership between Kawasaki and Suzuki. It is one of the best ATVs to ride, designed to move around quickly. Like many Kawasaki brands, you do not expect it to disappoint when it comes to comfort. In addition, the controls of the models do not disappoint as both the rear and back brakes are pretty powerful.

KFX450R Features

  • Engine: four-stroke single, liquid-cooled, valves per cylinder
  • Electric starter
  • Fuel capacity; 2.6 gal
  • Ground clearance; 4.3 in

Kawasaki 250 4 wheeler

The Kawasaki 250 4 wheeler is another great ATV that falls on the list of all-time Kawasaki performing ATVs. Most people love this model since it is efficient and its price is pocket-friendly. The features that make the Kawasaki 250 4 wheeler competitive include a long-travel suspension, lightweight steel, and aluminum chassis.

The Kawasaki 4 Wheeler 300

The Kawasaki 4 wheeler 300 is an ideal machine for ATV enthusiasts who are first getting into the hobby. In addition, it is an excellent ATV for those looking for a reliable but affordable machine. It features a 271cc single-cylinder engine, swingarm rear suspension, independent double-wishbone front suspension, rack capacity of 110 pounds, and a towing capacity of 500 pounds. The price of the ATV ranges around $ 4299.

Kawasaki KFX50

If you are looking for the latest ATV models, you need to know that the Kawasaki KFX50 is the smallest and the most affordable ATV. A 49.5cc, single-cylinder engine powers it. The machine is designed for riders above the age of six.

As a parent, you will have access to a throttle limiter for easy adjustment of the performance of the ATV to guarantee the safety of your child. Another safety measure for you includes a keyed ignition and floorboards to reduce injury risks.

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Kawasaki KFX90

The Kawasaki KFX90 is another outstanding youth ATV that you may want to consider purchasing for your youngster. It is designed for riders aged 12 and above and comes with a more powerful 89cc, single-cylinder engine. The big tires give the ATV more ground clearance. Further, the Kawasaki KFX90 features an efficient electric start system and keyed ignition to control when your child should get access to the machine.


The BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I EPS CAMO offers high performance during off-road ventures. It boasts top industry-leading features, including variable electronic power steering, speed, increase in torque, and all-day working performance. In addition, the BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I EPS CAMO boasts greater chassis control and numerous other innovative features. If you are looking for an ATV that will give you an exciting ATV experience, then this is the machine you should get.

Kawasaki KFX400

The Kawasaki KFX400 is Kawasaki's most popular and successful sport ATV offering a smooth riding experience. It is fast, reliable, and boasts numerous excellent features that enable it to command considerable attention in the market. The Kawasaki KFX400 is powered by a liquid-cooled 398cc 4-stroke engine.

Brute Force 4 Wheeler

If you are looking for powerful ATVs for various ventures, the Kawasaki brute force four-wheelers should be on the top of the list. Despite being one of the most reliable ATVs, the brute force four-wheeler keeps upgrading and improving. In other words, going for the latest models will be a ticket for a perfect ATV. Here are some of the top Kawasaki Brute Force ATVs;

  4. KAWASAKI Brute Force 300 2×4

Tips for Purchasing the Best Kawasaki ATV

One of the tricks to ensure that you get yourself the best ATV is conducting extensive research. As they say, information is power, and I couldn't agree more. In addition to being informed, the following tips will help you get the best Kawasaki ATV. Besides, rushing to get an ATV without due diligence will not only result in you paying for a less performing machine but also paying for the machine at an exorbitant price.

  • Get your ATV from an Authorized Kawasaki dealer.
  • Check the online reviews and the quality of customer services that you stand to get from the dealer.
  • Ask for technical expertise before placing your order
  • Ensure that you get a warrant for the machine you are purchasing
  • Understand the different ATVs; sport, recreational, and Youth ATV
  • Check the level of performance

Final Thoughts

Shopping for an ATV is as straightforward as it's a thrilling adventure. It allows you to have a close look at different ATV machines before choosing the one that you think will meet your expectations. The BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4I EPS CAMO is an excellent choice for you, while the Kawasaki KFX90 will serve your youngster right. Notably, the Kawasaki above ATVs offers top-notch reliability and performance. Moreover, they are highly durable, meaning that you will not have to think of replacing them anytime soon or even carrying out expensive maintenances.

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