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Kids Side By Sides: What To Look For In Kids Side By Sides

Kids Side By Sides: What To Look For In Kids Side By Sides

Have you ever thought of buying a side by side for your child and don't know what to consider? This is the major reason people do not buy side by sides for their kids despite all the pleas. We will show you what you need to look out for when purchasing kids side by side.

When purchasing kids side by side, you should look out for the following: engine size, maximum speed, the ATV type, carrier racks, brake and foot controls, drive mechanism, suspension systems, adult supervisory control, and heat and burn prevention.

Before you purchase a side by side for your kids, you need to consider many things. Do not buy just any side by side; you cannot decide on the best side by side if you do not know the major features.

What Are The Best Kids Side By Side?

There are different types of side by sides designed for kids and youths, hence picking the best for your kids may not be as easy as you think it will be. Let us look at some of the best side by sides you can purchase for your kids.


One of the best features of this UTV that makes it suitable for kids is its engine. The SSR 170 UTV has a 170-cc air-cooled four-stroke single-engine. This side by side has a fuel capacity of 2.9 gallons and is sold for $3,949.

The rear and front brakes of this vehicle are dual hydraulic discs that help enhance the control of the vehicle. This UTV provides enough space against the ground with its wheelbase of 7 feet 2 inches and a ground clearance of seven feet.

This UTV is fully equipped with a belt drive, a chain drive, aluminum wheels, big bumpers, and LED lights. It also comes with some spare tires and mirrors.

Polaris Ranger 150

The Polaris Ranger 150 is one of the safest side by side for children. This side by side vehicle provides many safety features for your kids, such as geofencing capabilities, safe start, and digital limit setting. The Polaris Ranger 150 cost $5,950.

The geofencing feature of this vehicle allows you to control and determine the areas it can drive in and the speed at which it goes in a particular location. It also has a passcode-protected safe start, so you control who and when the vehicle is being operated.

When you enable the passcode-protected safe start, you have to input a passcode before the vehicle can start. The front and rear brush guard sets protect the vehicle from rocks, limbs, and the rigors of the area you are riding in.

Blade 150


The Blade 150 is one of the best low-budget kids side-by-side vehicles. This side by side has a strong four-stroke air-cooled engine and a front and rear hydraulic disk. This side-by-side vehicle also has some LED headlights and attains a maximum speed of 34 mph.

It also has a ground clearance of six inches. It has an automatic choke system and a fuel capacity of 2.1 gallons. It also has a dual-shock swing arm and steel frame doors.

The Blade 150 has a 150-cc engine and is reliable. It is also chain-driven with forward and reverse, so there is little possibility that you can get stuck when driving it. This vehicle is sold at $3,399.

Massimo Gunner 250s

The Massimo Gunner 250s is another expensive side by side, and it is also one of the top best for children. It has an impressive engine that cracks out 16 horsepower and has a two-wheel driving system. This vehicle cost $4,749.

This side by side is equipped with a speedometer, odometer, hour meter, and heat indicator. With these features, your child can know when to adjust anything while driving. This ensures the safety of your child during the ride.

Polaris RZR 170


Another side by side vehicle that pays more attention to your child's safety is the Polaris RZR 170. This side by side also comes with a DVD, so your kids can learn how to operate it before attempting to ride the Polaris RZR 170.

It also has six feet ground clearance so you can ride the vehicle over any terrain. This vehicle comes with some amazing safety features. It has 4-wheel hydraulic disc front and rear brakes, especially when riding up or down a hill.

The vehicle comes with seat belts, safety nets, a full protective cage, safety flags, two helmets, a parent-adjustable speed limiter, and a seat belt interlock. It also has daytime running lights that ensure clear visibility for the rider and others in the area. The Polaris RZR 170 is sold for $5,299.

Who Makes Youth Side By Sides?


There are lots of companies and manufacturers that make side by sides vehicles. However, only a few companies produce youth side by sides. Let us look at some of these companies.


Polaris is one of the top leading manufacturers of youth side by sides. They offer a wide variety of youth ATVs that have the highest industrial leading technology and safety features.

The side by sides manufactured by this company is suitable for kids from ages six to sixteen. Their vehicles provide youths with the freedom to enjoy off-road rides. All their vehicles are equipped with front and rear brush guard sets, full windshields, and front and rear bumpers.

Polaris's youth side by sides include the Outlaw 110 EFI, Polaris ACE 150 EFI, Phoenix 200, Outlaw 70 EFI, RZR 170 EFI, Sportsman 110 EFI, and Ranger 150 EFI.


Yamaha is one of the top biggest manufacturers of side by sides vehicles. Previously, their main focus was adult side by side vehicles. They produced them in two main categories: sports and utility.

After a while, they started producing youth side by side, such as Raptor 90 and YFZ50. The Yamaha YFZ50 is one of the best youth side by side that introduces youths to the off-road lifestyle.

Yamaha has manufactured some of the newest youth side by sides, including Yamaha Grizzly 90, Yamaha Raptor 90, and Yamaha YFZ50. These vehicles all have excellent engines and some amazing safety features.


Honda is another company that specializes in vehicles. Usually, when you hear about the company Honda, the first thing that comes to your mind is cars. However, Honda also manufactures side by sides vehicles.

This company provides a wide range of side by sides for youths, including the TRX250X and the TRX90X. These vehicles all have some excellent features that make them easy and safe to ride.


Can-Am has been manufacturing side by sides vehicles for a long time. However, in 2003, their production of side by sides increased and has since become very popular. The vehicles produced by this company have been equipped to tackle any task on any terrain.

This company manufactured the Can-Am DS, a side by side that is specially made for youths. This vehicle helps youths learn how to ride safely and easily. The Can-Am company offers a six-month warranty for vehicles purchased.

Final Thoughts

Riding a side by side vehicle is fun, but your children should not miss out on the fun of riding. You can easily get a side by side vehicle that is suitable and safe for your children to drive.

One of the best experiences is to have a great family time. It will not be good if the adults go off-roading and the children are left in the camp. They should also get the opportunity to drive off-road. Fun should be for everyone, not just the adults.