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Large RC Planes: Giant Scale RC Planes

Large RC Planes: Giant Scale RC Planes

RC planes are slowly becoming popular, like RC cars and RC trucks; the major reason RC planes are not as popular as other RC vehicles is drones. People thought it was better to own a drone than an RC plane; this is not incorrect. Nevertheless, you can still purchase an RC plane for your children.

Large RC planes are remote-controlled planes with a big scale size like 1/3, 1/8, 1/6, 1/13, and 1/5. Giant scale RC planes include Airbus A-380 RC Plane, RC Fokker DR1, H1 Racer, Stearman N2S-4, Antonov AN-225 RC Plane, A Virgin Atlantic RC Boeing 747-400, and Pitts Python Biplane. 

RC planes are very fun to operate, especially those with cameras; you will get to have a clear view of what your RC plane sees. The most common RC planes are small-scale sizes like 1/24, 1/12, 1/16, and 1/32. However, you can also get a giant scale RC plane.

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Large RC Planes

An RC plane is a small plane controlled by a ground operator via a hand-held radio transmitter. The transmitter provides signals to servomechanisms or servos within the aircraft, which move the control surfaces dependent on the location of the joysticks on the transmitter. Below are the large RC planes you can get.

Airbus A-380 RC Plane

The Airbus A-380 RC Plane is a 1:15 scale size RC plane and is 192 inches long with a wingspan of 204 inches. Peter Michel designed and built it; it is a very cool and impressive RC plane. According to its inventor, this plane took more than 5000 hours to build over eight months, using balsa wood and Styrofoam.

This RC plane features a pair of JET CAT Standschub engines and has a fuel tank with a 2.6-gallon capacity. This provides enough power to keep the plane aloft for slightly over 480 seconds. This plane is a lightweight and cost-effective aircraft to operate using a 3000 mAh 3S battery regardless of its size.

RC Fokker DR1

The RC Fokker DR1 is one of the enormous RC planes on the market; it is a 65 percent scale triplane designed and built by Steve Carr. It is a very impressive and cool RC plane with an attractive design. It has a wingspan of 16 feet and is powered by a scale model 550 cc engine.

Steve Carr designed this engine; this RC plane is very large, requiring 4 receivers (Multiplex), and for flight, utilizes 13 servos. This Fokker Dr.1 Triplane model is made of high-quality balsa and plywood components that are lightweight and durable. It is very easy to control and fly.

Antonov AN-225 RC Plane

The Antonov AN-225 RC plane is a 1/16 scale model of the enormous Antonov AN-225 full-sized plane. It is a six-engine cargo RC aircraft that OK Antonov developed in the Soviet Union. This RC plane weighs 206 pounds, has a wingspan of 779.5 inches and a length of 204 inches.

It is powered by two Behotec JB-180 engines and 90er EDF-6s electric fan engines that produce roughly 104 pounds of thrust. This RC plane has a 32 wheel landing gear system and a takeoff weight of 206.1 pounds. All of its engines produce a thrust of 103.6 pounds.

H1 Racer RC Plane

The H1 Racer RC Plane is another large RC plane developed by Aero Telemetry. It is a 1:2 scale plane, also known as a half-scale RC plane; the size of this RC plane makes it one of the biggest RC planes in the world. This RC plane is mainly built from composite materials and custom hydraulics, making it durable.

A 360 cc two-stroke two-cylinder 30hp engine is the power source of this massive RC plane. In order to get more power out of this RC plane, the engineers who worked and designed this plane had to create a custom exhaust system and modify the plane's carburetor. This RC plane is very easy to operate and can be handled by a beginner.

Stearman N2S-4

The Stearman N2S-4 is a very beautiful 1/3 scale RC plane; it is one of the world's biggest RC planes. It was designed and built by a Youtuber named elimay421; it is very cool looking and has yellow, red, and blue. It is powered by a Seidel UMS ST 7-250B and sounds as good as it looks.

It is an impressive aircraft modeled after the real Stearman N2S-4, a navy variant of the Boeing Model 75. Everything about this RC plane is of high quality, from its body parts to its tires and wings. This RC plane has a maximum speed of 124 mph and a landing speed of 52 mph.

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Pitts Python Biplane

The Pitts Python Biplane is a 7:8 scale RC plane replica of the full-sized version. It was designed and built by Gregg Hayfield; according to the builder and designer, this RC plane took 5 years to complete from start to finish. This RC plane has a total weight of 305 pounds.

It features a 650cc, flat twin engine with a 64-inch 3-blade propeller and was scratch-built. This RC plane was designed for micro-light use; it has a stretched fuselage that improves pitch damping and optimizes flight performance. It has realistic scale features, including molded panel lines and a hand-painted pilot figure.

How Much Do Large RC Planes Cost?

RC planes are generally very expensive; hence, large RC planes are also very expensive. An average large RC plane costs between $400 to $10,000; where you purchase a large RC plane determines how expensive it will be. The quality of the plane and the material it is made of also affect the cost of the plane.

Purchasing a large RC plane will cost much money because the material and tools required to build a large RC plane are more than that used for small RC planes. Hence, when making plans to purchase any large RC plane, you must have enough money so that you do not exhaust all your savings.

What Is The Biggest RC Plane You Can Buy?

If you love getting big things, a big RC plane is most likely the type of RC plane you should get. There are different sizes of big RC planes; however, there is only one biggest RC plane that you can buy. We will be looking at the biggest RC plane you can buy on the market.

RC Boeing 747-400 RC Plane

The RC Boeing 747-400 RC plane is the biggest RC plane you can buy; it was manufactured and designed by Adi Pitz. This plane took 2000 hours to build and comes complete with working landing gear that can retract during a flight. It is a 1:13 scale model of the full-sized Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400.

This RC plane is 17.8 feet long, with a wingspan of 16.24 feet; it is painted white and red. It is made from high-quality materials and is extremely durable; its wings are very strong. You can operate this RC plane in different weather conditions as it was designed to withstand several weather conditions.

It is powered by 4 turbine engines that allow it to soar through the skies without any issues. This RC plane weighs 150 pounds, and its engine provides a 30.9 pounds of thrust that makes it easy to fly and operate.

Final Thoughts

A giant RC plane, although expensive, can be fun to fly. This is because flying a large RC plane makes it feel like flying a full-sized airplane or aircraft. If you want to experience what it feels like to control a plane, you should purchase one of the many large RC planes available.

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