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The Max D Monster Truck: [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

The Max D Monster Truck: [WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW]

If you are into monster truck rallies, then the Max D Monster is a household name. The Max D Monster, owned by Field Entertainment and TOM Meents, was originally referred to as Goldberg before the name changed to Team Meents and now Maximum Destruction.

Max D Monster Truck is one of the most famous trucks in Monster Jam. Its freestyle performance with the ability to reach 100 miles per hour while doing front and back flips makes it one of the formidable opponents in the history of the monster truck rally. The Max D Monster always becomes conspicuous when performing stunts, especially when its developer, Meents, is behind the wheel.

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The History Of Max D Monster Truck

Who created the Monster trucks? Anyone who wants to have a deep grab of the history of the Max D monster truck would want to start by understanding how the monster trucks first came into existence.

The monster trucks are some of the unique creations in history. Their incredible ability to do tricks and flips while handling an enormous amount of pressure makes them attract many fans. The idea of Monster Trucks was first introduced in 1975 by Bob Chandler. Chandler was an off-road enthusiast, and his curiosity and innovative skills led to him installing oversized wheels in his Ford F250 Pickup truck. The addition of a large suspension to the pickup gave it a totally new personality.

Since then, Monster Jam has held monster truck events every weekend while staging numerous competitions. Further, Monster Jam has been naming the World Champion since 2000. The modern truck with many titles is the Max-D, operated by Thomas Meents.

Notably, the modern truck events are now more advanced as there are trucks capable of reaching up to 100miles per hour and can jump over 100 feet.

Where Is Max D Monster Truck From?

Paxton, Illinois, is the home city of the famous Tom Meents. Tom Meents and Field Entertainment own the Max-D Monster truck. The Illinois-based truck driver started his career in the 1980s. Since then, he has proved his worth by defeating most of his compatriots, including the legends such as Bigfoot, Grave Digger, and the Carolina Crusher.

Who Drives Max D Monster Truck

With the attention the Max D Monster truck attracts and its incredible track record, it is easy to wonder who does the fantastic stunts. Thomas William Meents, an American professional monster truck driver, is the current driver for the Max-D on the monster jam circuit. He has a remarkable track record of winning 14 monster jam final championships.

The high growth rate of the Max-D fan base could be associated with the incredible driving skills exhibited by Thomas William Meents. He has been crowned Monster Jam world racing more than 14 times, an outstanding performance that any Max-D enthusiast would want to accomplish.

How Much Do Monster Trucks Cost?

If you have watched the monster trucks perform, you must have noticed that they take a lot of punishment during the events.

Monster Trucks can only take such punishment if they are well-designed with reinforced and quality materials.

With that in mind, you will agree that buying and owning a monster truck is quite expensive. If you want to understand how much it costs to own a monster truck, then you need to look at how much each part would cost.

The Body Cost

The body is one of the most critical aspects of a monster truck. As you may have noticed in any of the events, the monster's body is large, well painted, and must be able to handle the abuse.

To develop a worthy body for a monster truck, an owner must liaise with a fiberglass company. The fiberglass company will assist in designing the body. Generally, the cost of designing a custom body for a monster truck is $15000-$50000. Once the body is ready, the next step is to repaint it, which can cost up to $5000.

In addition to the painting, the monster truck requires a roll cage. The roll cage is essential as it plays a significant role in protecting the driver. A solid roll cage can cost about $ 10,000.

Engine Cost

Another crucial part of a monster truck is the engine. Monster trucks require a custom-built engine. Since the engine is large and complex, the work required to build it usually is enormous. Building a monster truck engine can cost up to $ 50000.

Additionally, a monster truck requires a decent suspension and quality shock absorbers to protect the truck from the pressure that it is likely to experience when driving it. The suspension and the shock absorbers will likely cost you about $4000-$12800.

The Tires

The last main expense you will encounter when building a monster truck is the tires. As the name suggests, a monster truck requires monster tires. Generally, most monster trucks have 66 inches high and 43 inches wide tires. Large tires play a significant role in handling the pressure that the truck will go through during its lifespan. Building the tires may cost $8000-24000.

Additional Expenses

Besides the major expenses involved in building a monster truck, other minor expenses are essential in guaranteeing a fully functioning Monster Truck. For instance, the truck will require a Remote Ignition Interpreter that turns off the truck in case of a crash. Further, safety devices such as fire extinguishers are vital and can prove to be costly. While these expenses seem small, they can cost up to $10000.

Finally, monster trucks come with an added responsibility; as the owner, you need to hire a crew responsible for maintaining the movement of the trucks. All these will require money to sum up to $ 250,000 per year.

Owning a decent monster truck will cost about $250,000 – $300,000 per year. Undoubtedly, this is an enormous investment of resources, time, and effort, making it less feasible for an average person.

What Is The Most Expensive Monster Truck?

Considering that the cost of building a monster truck is variable and fluctuating, it is hard to give the exact figure of the most expensive truck ever. However, the Sin City Hustler hit the most expensive record in 2015 when it was advertised for sale for an asking price of $ 1000000.

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Maximum Destruction Fun Facts

Maximum Destruction is best known for its durability, intense destructive capabilities coupled with incredible speed, and the power to jump while doing both front and back flips. Specifically, the Maximum D is famed for the ability to perform backflips. On some occasions, it has become pretty close to performing a double-backflip which no monster has shown any signs of accomplishing since the inventions of monster trucks.

The tenth anniversary of the Maximum Destruction name change was in 2013 when its body was enhanced with classic steel and flame design to make it more resilient. Further, the image of a huge robotic face was added to its body.

Max D Fire Monster Truck

Owning a real Max D Monster Truck is not feasible for an ordinary person. Nonetheless, if you want to experience the ecstasy that comes with the max d fire monster truck, you can opt for the 1:24 scale monster truck. The realism in these trucks will give you excitement similar to the ones experienced in a monster truck rally.

Final Thoughts

The Maximum destruction Monster Truck has elated fans since 2000, and its fan base seems to expand further. Its powerful and destructive performance is one trait that leaves fans talking. With Tom Meents behind the wheel, the unique monster truck has already bagged 14 trophies, and the trend is not likely to change any time soon.