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The Best Metal Detecting Accessories [BUYER'S GUIDE]

The Best Metal Detecting Accessories [BUYER'S GUIDE]

If you are passionate about metal detecting, you probably want to be able to hunt anywhere you go. In that case, you will need to have reliable metal detector accessories to make your metal hunting exciting. So what are the necessary metal detecting accessories you should have in your toolbox?

The metal detector headphones, handheld pinpointer, digging tools, search coil covers, extra batteries & chargers, fun packs & utility belts, and metal detecting bags are some of the top metal detecting accessories. With these accessories, you can have a productive and exciting metal detecting venture.

Having the right accessories in your toolbox is one of the best ways to prepare for any hunting venture you may want to pursue. Please keep reading to understand what it takes to equip yourself with the best metal detecting accessories that any detectorist would want.

beach metal dectectorMust-Have Metal Detecting Tools And Accessories

Although the kind of metal detecting accessories you may need highly depend on your experience, some are a must-have. Whether you are an amateur metal detector or an experienced one, the following accessories will be essential for your venture.

Metal Detector Headphones

The metal detector headphones are indispensable in a metal hunting venture as they ensure that you are not missing any alerts due to ambient or background noise. They assist in canceling out undesirable noises around you, making it easy to capture every necessary detail. Additionally, if you do not like other detectorists to hear when you find an item, these headphones will provide you with that privacy.

Digging Tools

Metal detecting might require some digging, so you need to have multiple scoops and digging tools in your toolbox. The digging tools you would need depend on the terrain and the regulations for hunting in that specific area. Therefore, it is prudent to consider your hunting area before sourcing digging tools.

For instance, a beach ground will require a scoop to remove sand.

Searchcoil Covers

While most metal detectors come with a coil cover, some do not have it. If your metal detector does not have a coil cover, you need to purchase one for each search coil you own. The coil cover is essential to protect the coil from excessive wear and tear. Moreover, purchasing a coil cover is cheaper by far when compared to replacing a search coil.

Extra Batteries & Chargers

Having extra batteries & chargers means that your metal detecting ventures will not come to a halt if you have problems with your batteries. The extra batteries will ensure that you keep hunting and finding the good stuff.

Extra Search Coils

You can have different types, sizes, and shapes of search coils depending on the circumstances in which you will carry out your metal detecting ventures. A sniper coil that is not less than 6 inches may be the best option due to its maneuverability and usability in rocky terrain. Moreover, larger search coils cover more ground and boast incredible depth detection ability.

Other Essential Metal Detecting Accessories

In addition to the already mentioned accessories, there are several other metal detecting accessories that you may need. These accessories can be helpful for your health and safety, enhancing efficiency in your metal detecting ventures. They include;

  • Water and Snacks
  • Gloves, sunscreen, hats, and warm jackets
  • Bug spray and First Aid Kit
  • Paint Brush and Toothbrush
  • Specialty gold kits

How To Select The Best Accessories For Metal Detecting

One of the crucial things that you need to know when shopping for accessories for metal detecting is that there are different types in the modern market. Therefore, to get the best accessories that will prove significant in your ventures, you must know what to look out for in the best metal detecting accessories. Always consider the following essential factors.

The Desired Targets

Your desired targets will always influence the kind of metal detecting accessories you will need. Therefore, it is wise to determine where you will be doing your metal hunting before you set out to get your accessories for metal detecting. Additionally, if you are into specific metals, then ensure that your accessories are also specialized for the specific metals.

The Frequency Of Use

Although most metal detectors are built to last for a long time, it is vital to pay close attention to the details of the accessories before ordering one for yourself. If you intend to use the metal detector occasionally, renting one will be a good idea.

Depth Capability

How deep you want to do your search is another crucial consideration that you need to make. The depth capability of your metal detector is another vital concern because different models have different depth capabilities. Specialty models can reach up to 65 inches deep. When examining the depth factor, it is good to keep in mind that the factors affecting the detection depth include the frequency of the operation, object size, and the level of soil mineralization.

The best metal detector depth for beginners should be 8-12 inches since that is the depth where lost relics and coils are buried.

The Experience Level

When getting into the metal detecting hobby, you need a beginner-friendly model. A technical model can easily confuse you and even make your progress challenging. Starting with an entry-level machine and upgrading at a later date is the best way to go.

Discrimination Feature

The discrimination feature is essential in any metal detecting venture as it helps to ignore low-value items such as iron metals, caps, and nails. It is good to understand that some metal detector models, such as pulse induction detectors, lack this feature, and you may need to avoid them.

Ground Balancing

Having a machine without a ground balancing setting means that you will have difficulty detecting treasures in mineralized areas because your detector will pick signals from minerals rather than the targets.

Fortunately, all beginner-friendly units boast a pre-set ground balance setting to make your work easier.

Target Identification

The primary purpose of the target identification feature is to tell you what you have found. However, it is crucial to understand that you might not get an accurate reading if your treasures are deeper in the ground.

old men beach detectorWhere To Buy Your Metal Detector Supplies

While knowing some of the essential considerations to make when shopping for metal detecting accessories is paramount, you need to know where to purchase your accessories. Some metal detector supplies may not be up to standard, and if you invest your money in such products, the chances are that you will not enjoy your hobby.

Amazon is one of the best marketplaces to get your metal detector supplies as it tends to sell original products. Moreover, Amazon gives in-depth product descriptions to ensure that you are well-informed about the product you want to buy before purchasing it.

The most crucial point is that you need to be well-informed about the supplier's capabilities to provide you with quality products. One way to establish the likelihood of a supplier providing quality products to you is by reading online reviews and getting to know what other people think. In addition, consulting with a seasoned metal detectorist will make your work much more manageable.

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Finding the best metal detector supplies may not be as simple as it seems. First, numerous brands specialize in making these products, and this means that you have to start your search by identifying the best models.

Additionally, it is reasonable to understand that if you pick the wrong metal detector supplies, your dream of making a wonderful hobby in metal detecting will be crushed. However, if you understand what to look for in the best metal detector supplies, you will find the best product. Finding a credible supplier is another aspect of getting the right metal detecting supplies for your hobby that you should never overlook.

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