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The Best Metal Detecting Shovels & Diggers [REVIEWED]

The Best Metal Detecting Shovels & Diggers [REVIEWED]

If you have settled on metal detecting, you must get the best tools to dig underneath and get your target. Unfortunately, the numerous brands in the market can make it hard to identify the best metal detecting shovels and diggers, especially if you are not well informed.

The Lesche Digging Tool is the digger that any dedicated metal detector needs in their pocket. It is excellent for a wide range of actions as it is made of quality and heat-treated steel for strength and durability. Interestingly, the multipurpose shovel can easily take on even the most brutal roots, hence eliminating the need for other tools when digging.

Read on to understand the best options for metal detecting shovels and diggers in the modern market.

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Top Metal Detecting Shovels to Get

Having a good shovel is key to a successful metal hunting venture. This is because metal detecting involves digging, and you need to be well prepared for it if you are serious about the hobby. Besides, what is the point of detecting metals if you cannot retrieve them fast and efficiently? Here are some of the best metal detectors that you need to have a close look at.

Best Metal Detector Shovel – The Lesche Digging Tool

The Lesche digging tool is the best digger you must have if you are keen on taking your metal detecting hobby to the next level. It has become pretty popular in the market today because it is made up of quality materials, and its performance is on another level.

The single serrated edge on one side allows you to cut roots, sod, and weeds without applying much effort. Moreover, the digger has a sheath with a belt loop to make it easy to carry around.

Features and Benefits

  • It is multipurpose, ideally suited for metal detecting, nursery, landscaping, and camping.
  • The ultimate digging tool
  • It comes with a handy belt holder
  • Made in the United States
  • Easy to use
  • Made up of quality material for efficiency and sturdiness
  • It is lightweight

Second Run-up – Radius Garden Root Slayer

If you find the Lesche digging tool not appealing for one reason or another, the Radius Garden Root Slayer will be a perfect replacement. It is among the top metal detecting tools on the modern market, and one of the explanations for this is its ability to cut through even the toughest root with ease. You might not notice that you are cutting through roots in some situations.

In addition, the shovel is lightweight, making it easy to carry even long distances.

Benefits and Features

  • Made up of powder-coated carbon steel to prevent rust and offer maximum durability
  • Inverted V blade with Ripsaw teeth
  • Lightweight; weighs 2.7 lbs
  • Excellent for cutting through roots
  • It has a sturdy tip that makes it suitable for the garden task
  • The ergonomic design means that you will enjoy every moment when using the shovel

Metal Detector Beach Shovel – RTG 32″ Adjustable All-Aluminum Sand Scoop

The RTG 32″ Adjustable All-Aluminum Sand Scoop is one of the highest and the most heavy-duty metal detector shovels to use on the beach. It is ideal for many people as it offers an opportunity to modify the length of the handle and make it most appropriate for your situation. Furthermore, the shovel is made of aluminum rendering it a highly adaptable scoop that can work during rain or sunshine on the water or beach.

Features and Benefits

  • It is an ultra-lightweight scoop that ranges between 26-32 inches in overall length.
  • The scoop weighs less than 1.25 pounds
  • Designed for sand hunting
  • Made of quality aluminum for sturdiness and durability

How To Choose The Best Metal Detecting Digging Tool

Even though there are many options out there, getting the best metal detecting digging tool is easy as long as you know what to consider.

The Target Place

The first step to finding the best metal detecting shovel is to consider the digging you will do. For instance, if you intend to carry out the metal detecting on hardy rocky soils, a digging tool made up of stainless steel will be the best option. The Lesche digging tool is the most appropriate when digging in soft soils with tough roots.

Blade Sharpness and Design

The design of the metal detecting shovel you want to purchase will significantly influence its performance. For instance, a digger with a blade on both sides will be the most appropriate if you are left-handed. Further, it would help if you get a digging tool with an ergonomic design so that you can enjoy using it.

If you are going to be doing the digging on rugged and rough terrains, a longer and sharper shovel will do pretty well. If you buy a shovel that is not well-suited for your type of ground, it will likely leave you exhausted.

Handle Grip

A good grip is essential as it ensures that the metal detecting shovel does not leave your hand at work. In addition, it makes it easier to dig faster without the dangers of damaging the land. It is also important to note that a shovel that keeps slipping out of your hand can be dangerous to you and those around you.


The weight of the digging tool is another essential consideration you must not overlook. If you intend to carry your shovel for a long distance, then it is necessary to ensure it is lightweight. In addition, a good metal detecting shovel should have modern features that make it easy to carry.

What Is a Metal Detector Shovel Used For?

Metal detector shovels have become common in the modern market thanks to the high number of individuals getting into the metal detecting hobby. Once you make up your mind that you are getting into metal detecting, you need to ensure that you get the best metal detecting shovel to make your work easier and more enjoyable.

A metal detector shovel is used for metal detecting and gold prospecting. It plays a significant role in digging to retrieve the discovered metal. If you have to dig deeper to retrieve your metal, then a long overall length of the shovel will be a perfect option for you. However, you need to ensure that the shaft of your shovel does not strain your back excessively, as this will leave you exhausted.

Generally, a metal detector shovel is essential when handling different types of grounds, including;

  • Hard rocky soil
  • Grass and soft soil
  • Soil with tough roots
  • Sand beach soil

Since all metal detector shovels are not made in the same way, consider where you will be digging to ensure that you get a perfect option for that ground.

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How To Make A Metal Detector Shovel

Purchasing an already made metal detector shovel is the best way to get the right tool to advance your metal detecting hobby to the next level. This is because most metal detector shovel manufacturers have been in the industry for a long time, which means they have the experience to make the best tools.

However, if you insist on making your own, then the process is simple. All you will need is an old trench shovel and a Bosch PWS700115 115mm Corded Angle Grinder, UK Plug for cutting the shovel into a metal detector.


Metal detecting is a perfect hobby for both young and old as it helps keep the mind alert and perfect. In addition, it is a relaxing hobby that offers one the opportunity to enjoy the peaceful tranquility of nature. With determination and the right tools, finding life-changing valuables is never far-fetched. Our recommendation for the best metal detector shovel is the Lesche Digging Tool.