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The Best Metal Detector Wands [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

The Best Metal Detector Wands [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

A metal detector wand is a small pocket-sized gadget that detects metal. It is battery-powered and can pinpoint an item's location after a heavier metal detector has revealed its general location on the earth. Some of these devices can also be used to search for rebar, screws, studs, nails, ducting, and pipes in wood, concrete, paneling, and stucco.

The best metal detector wands are Kuman Metal Detector Wand, Garrett Pro-Pointer Waterproof Wand, Vulcan 360 Pinpointer Metal Detector, Minelab 20 Pro-Find Metal Detector Wand, Garrett Pro-Pointer II Metal Detector Wand, Vibra-Tector PI Waterproof PinPointer, and Nokta-Makro Pinpointer. 

Every day, you can see metal detector wands being employed all over the place; they are now widely used at sporting events, airports, schools, outdoor gatherings, and jails. These devices are used to determine the location of an identified metal presence.

metal detector accessoriesHandheld Metal Detector

Metal detectors are now widely used at security checkpoints in courthouses, military establishments, airports, and prisons. Handheld metal detectors, sometimes known as security wands, are frequently used in collaboration with walk-through metal detectors. The handheld device is utilized for concentrated screening after the alert on the walk-through detector has been activated.

When picking a handheld metal detector of your choice, it is best to choose a Pulse Induction detector over a Very Low-Frequency detector. A PI detector can identify deeper and provide more precise signals, making them excellent for saltwater.

While you may unearth some trash in the process, they will not be fooled by the minerals present on the beach or in saltwater. Below are some handheld metal detectors you can get.

Vibra-Tector PI Waterproof PinPointer

If you are a serious treasure hunter looking for a handheld metal detector, the Vibra-Tector PI Waterproof PinPointer is excellent for you. It has new firmware algorithms that let it detect targets faster while keeping the advanced capabilities of previous models. The entire gadget is waterproof and can be utilized in any environment, including saltwater or freshwater.

The waterproof feature of this pinpointer makes it an excellent beach metal detector. It employs Pulse Induction technology, which allows you to search in sand, mud, grass, and dirt. When you get close to a target, it sends out vibration pulses and flashes its installed white LED to ensure you know you are coming closer.

The signals become more powerful as you get closer; it also features a Tit on and off technology. They built it with self-tuning microprocessor circuitry, so there is no need to tune it. It is lightweight, weighing just 1 pound, with a 4-inch coil and a 17-inch total length.

Nokta-Makro Pinpointer

The Nokta-Makro PinPointer is a portable 2-in-1 Pulse dive scuba detector. It is not only entirely waterproof to a 200 feet depth; it can also be disconnected and substituted with a pinpointer that features a shell hardcover with a simple twist of the wrist, making it suitable for usage on land and underwater.

There are two colors to choose from, black or yellow, and it comes with a hard-shell carrying bag. If you are a seasoned diver and treasure seeker, the Dive Mode of this handheld metal detector will come in handy. It also features in-built wireless 2.4GHz headphones compatible with the wireless module.

You can detect in seawater or any soil using strong Pulse Induction technology. You can pick between three alarms and indicators on the Pulse dive to be alerted when you have found your target. It also features a LED indicator to assist you in tracking down your objective.

Hand-Held Metal Detector Wand

It is critical to consider the situation's requirements while selecting a metal detector wand. There are several types of handheld metal detector wands available in the market. Below are some of them.

Garrett Pro-Pointer Waterproof Wand

The Garrett Pro-Pointer Waterproof Wand is the best in its class for durability and precision when discovering treasure buried in the earth. If you are on a noisy beach, it can be coupled with Garrett MS-3 Z-link wireless headphones, and then you can hear the vibrations in the headphones. It can identify even the tiniest items like gold nuggets thanks to its high frequency.

It offers a fast re-tune capability that lets you tune out minerals in the ground like moist sand, salt, and other hunting problems. It is only 9 inches long, but you will not have to worry about losing it since an alarm built inside the unit will produce a tweeting sound to help you find it. Its three sensitivity levels improve maximum sensitivity, making it easier to spot nuggets and other small things.

Vulcan 360 Pinpointer Metal Detector

The Vulcan 360 Pinpointer Metal Detector is an excellent choice for someone new to metal detecting. It features 360° scan detection on both the lower and upper parts of the detecting shaft and 5 sensitivity settings, and an in-built pulse wave auditory indicator. It is very easy to use, and there is no need to tune it since it has been configured to be automatic.

This metal detector wand is splash-proof and water-resistant so that it may be used in wet situations; however, it cannot be submerged. The probe is the only part of the device that is meant to be waterproof; all of the important controls and functionalities are in one easy location. It does need a 9V alkaline battery that is included with the gadget, and the battery box includes a bright orange cap to help you find it if you drop it.

Metal Detector Wand How It Works

Metal detector wands are simple to operate, light, and portable; in comparison to heavier metal detectors, these are more effective at locating targets. You can use these devices in conjunction with your standard metal detector. Metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to indicate the existence of metallic items effectively.

A handheld metal detector wand comprises two main parts: a transmitter coil that generates an electromagnetic field and a receiver coil that identifies it. The transmitter coil generates an electromagnetic field that spans roughly 20cm from the metal detector wand.

When a metal object enters into the created electromagnetic field while the wand is swept over a subject's body, a new electromagnetic field is produced around the concealed metal. The receiver coil identifies this new electromagnetic field, which sends a warning to the user.

Various alarm signs, such as selectable auditory alerts, vibration, and visual LEDs, are available on a high-quality metal detector wand. The best metal detector wands are self-calibrating, so there is no need to adjust the sensitivity regularly. They are small, light, and ergonomically constructed, with a standard 9v battery lasting about 80 hours.

detector men findWhat A Metal Detector Wand Detects

Since metal detector wands are quite inexpensive, they are increasingly being employed to strengthen security at numerous checkpoints and establishments. Nightclub door personnel are frequently compelled to scan guests before entering the establishment, and outdoor music festivals and sports stadiums also use similar devices to improve security.

A metal detector wand is used for scanning and detecting foil-wrapped drugs, hidden blades, weapons, and other metallic objects. This wand comprises two main components: an EMF-generating Transmitter Coil and a Receiver Coil that identifies other magnetic fields. The Transmitter Coil produces an EMF that stretches roughly 8 inches, which is then passed over a person's body to detect metal objects.

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Final Thoughts

Metal detector wands come in various sizes and shapes; these devices are mostly used for security purposes in different establishments. The purpose determines the type of wand you will purchase; you should get a portable one if you travel with your metal detector wand. There are also waterproof metal detector wands; some can be used underwater, while others should not be submerged. We have provided a list of the best metal detector wand you can get.

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