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The Best Mini RC Cars – How Fast Are Mini RC Cars?

The Best Mini RC Cars – How Fast Are Mini RC Cars?

There are different sizes of RC cars; small, mini, and micro. These vehicles are used for different purposes; you cannot use a micro RC car for off-roading, but it is suitable for RC racing, a mini RC car cannot be used for rock climbing, but a small RC car would be perfect.

The best mini RC cars are Cheerwing Mini RC Racing Car, BESWIT Hobby RC Mini High-Speed Car, HPI Racing Mustang E10 Nissan S13 RC Car, Sinovan Mini RC Car, and Losi RC 1/18 Mini Stadium RC Truck. Mini RC cars are quite fast and have a top speed ranging from 10 to 70 mph. 

As the name implies, Mini RC cars are very small in scale size, usually within 1:18, 1:20, 1:24, and 1:32. Getting a mini RC car has several advantages: you can operate them indoors, and they are perfect for RC car racing.

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Best Mini RC cars

Every RC car brand manufactures different types and qualities of RC cars; some of these vehicles are of low quality and do not perform well. If you want to have an amazing experience with an RC car, you will have to get the best. Below are some of the best mini RC cars.

BESWIT Hobby RC Mini High-Speed Car

BESWIT Hobby RC Mini High-Speed Car is a 1:32 scale mini RC car suitable for all-terrain operation. Its tires are anti-skid and have an asymmetrical design that provides a firm grip and easy braking. The vehicle body is produced from ABS raw materials. It also features a shockproof and an anti-falling PVC high toughness shell.

It is equipped with 2 coreless motors and possesses 2-speed gears; its top speed is 12.42 mph. This mini RC car uses a 2.4GHz radio control system that provides a control range of 100 feet. It uses splash waterproof electronics; hence, you can ride it through mud puddles, on snow, and ice.

It is equipped with LED lights that make it glow during operation at night. This RC car is 4.4 inches long, 3.14 inches wide, and 1.57 inches high. It comes with a 3.7 Lithium Polymer battery and a USB charger.

Losi RC 1/18 Mini Stadium RC Truck

The Losi RC 1/18 Mini Stadium RC Truck is one of the best mini RC cars; it is a 1:18 scale size RC car that uses a 2-wheel drive system. It comes ready to run and uses a 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver. It uses an aluminum chassis that is 1.5mm thick and provides enough strength and durability.

It uses threaded oil-filled shocks that allow easy ride height adjustment and features a rebuildable shock cartridge with dual o rings that keeps the oil in the shocks. It is equipped with a 2S 800mAh LiPo battery and a USB charger. This vehicle comes with ball bearings that reduce drivetrain friction and increase smooth running.

The Losi RC 1/18 Mini Stadium RC Truck is 17.7 inches long, 8.1 inches wide, 5 inches high, and weighs 0.55 pounds. It uses waterproof electronics and a 6000kv brushless motor. It has an ESC configuration, standard step pin rear tires, 4 AAA batteries, and a LiPo Hardcase.

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Cheerwing Mini RC Racing Car

The Cheerwing Mini RC Racing Car is 5 inches long, 2.5 inches high, 3.25 inches wide, and weighs 1.23 pounds. It uses a 2-wheel drive system and a 2.4GHz radio transmitter that allows you to ride freely with other RC cars without any form of signal interference. It has a top speed of 12 mph. It is equipped with a double motor and can be operated indoors and outdoors.

It has a run time of 7 minutes and can perform different types of stunts. The control distance range of this vehicle is 50 feet. It comes with 2 3.7V 100mAh batteries, a transmitter, a ramp, a USB charger, a screwdriver, and 6 cones. Its transmitter requires 4 AA batteries to operate, which will be purchased separately.

Who Has The Best Quality RC Mini Race Cars?

When racing with RC cars, it is important to use a good-quality car. If you are racing with a low-quality mini RC car, there is a high chance of your vehicle getting crushed, or the tires can go flat because they are not made of the best material.

HPI racing is the company that makes the best quality RC mini race cars. This brand is famous for its innovative designs, exceptional durability, and high-quality mini race RC cars. They manufacture mini RC cars for individuals of all ages. This company has won several awards for the production of RC mini race cars and other scale-size RC cars.

How Fast Can Mini RC Cars Go?

Mini RC cars are faster than small RC cars because of their size; however, you must remember that not all mini RC cars are fast. Some are manufactured for children; so, they do not have a high-top speed. Nevertheless, there are still some with amazing high speeds that make them suitable for RC car racing.

Mini RC cars have a top speed ranging from 10 mph to 70 mph. Several factors affect and determine the speed of a mini RC car: the motor type, battery type, size of the car, and its configuration. You can have a mini RC car with all the right properties to be fast but still slow, resulting from its configuration.

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Mini RC Drift Cars

Drifting is one of the popular RC car activities to engage in; it is a fun activity and also one of the most difficult. To drift with an RC car, you must have the right car that is suitable for drifting. If you are into small-scale-sized RC cars, you can get mini RC drift cars. Below are some of the mini RC drift cars you can get.

Kyosho Mini Z HKS Nissan Skyline R32

Kyosho Mini Z HKS Nissan Skyline R32 is a ready-to-run 1:28 scale-size mini RC drift car. It uses a Ma-020 chassis that features a variable camber suspension at the front. This suspension helps optimize camber change with suspension travel and a specially designed circuit board. It requires 8 AAA-size batteries for its controller.

The chassis of this vehicle was designed to provide space for the installation of the special gyro and gyro gain adjustment. It comes fully equipped with precision ball and drift tires. This RC car comes with pinion gears, pinion tools, wheel wrenches, spare wheel nuts, and pairing roads.

HPI Racing RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

HPI Racing RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is one of the best HPI racing RC cars; it is also one of the best mini RC drift cars. It is a 1/18 scale vehicle that uses a 4-wheel drive system and is fully equipped with ball bearings for maximum efficiency. It features a replica of the wheels used on its full-sized counterpart.

It uses hard plastic tires that make drifting smoother and easier on any surface. It also features front shock absorbers and an independent front suspension that provides a smooth steering response. It comes with 4 AA batteries, an AC wall charger, a 2.4GHz radio control, and a 6V 1200mAh battery.

Final Thoughts

There are different sizes of RC cars you can use for different purposes. However, mini RC cars are more useful when it comes to racing and drifting. There are several mini RC cars on the market that you can get, but to enjoy your operation to the fullest, you will have to get one of the best. You can choose from the options above when getting an RC mini car, and be sure to have an amazing experience.