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Mississippi ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

Mississippi ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

Mississippi is known for a lot of interesting things, like the hunting trip where President Roosevelt hesitated to shoot down a bear, resulting in the creation of the name Teddy Bears. Mississippi has a lot of ATV riders, and for your safety, we will look at Mississippi ATV laws.

Mississippi ATV laws are: all ATVs are prohibited from operating on public property. All ATV riders must take ATV safety courses before operating an ATV, and all ATV riders must wear a DOT-approved helmet. You can ride an ATV at Muddy Joe's Park, Red Creek Off-Road Trails, and Barnyard Mudboggers.

Mississippi has a lot of ATV laws enforced; this is a result of the frequent ATV accidents and crashes. So, to protect the lives of the residents, the State created laws that are strictly enforced for all ATV riders.

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Mississippi ATV Laws

Regardless of your purpose for riding an ATV, it is still a dangerous activity, and you must be careful not to get injured. Mississippi has more ATV laws than many other states in the US. Unfortunately, many residents do not know the laws, so they assume there is a complete restriction on ATVs. Here are the ATV laws enforced in Mississippi.

Mississippi ATV Laws For Operating An ATV In A State Park

  • Before you ride an ATV in any State park not restricted to ATVs, you must register yourself at the park office before entry.
  • Every individual below the age of 21 must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian before operating an ATV.
  • Every ATV rider must sign a waiver of consent of liability to act legally before riding an ATV in any State Park.
  • You are required to always have proper identification with you when operating an ATV in a State Park.
  • Every ATV rider in any State Park must have a helmet on every time.
  • If any ATV rider is involved in an incident or accident while in a State Park, the person must submit himself for alcohol and drug testing.
  • All ATV stunts, including donuts, wheelies, jumps, and other stunts, are prohibited at every State Park. As well as double riding, except the seat of the ATV is designed for two people.
  • Operating an ATV at a speed that is unreasonable and dangerous is forbidden in a State Park.
  • All ATV operations must be conducted on the designated ATV trails.
  • It is prohibited to operate ATVs on paved roads or public roads in any State Park.
  • All ATVs operating in a State park must have a functional spark arrestor and a functioning muffler that keeps the ATV noise below 90 decibels.
  • It is prohibited to wash an ATV in a State Park.
  • Your ATV operation must not disturb other park guests.
  • It is prohibited to operate an ATV in a manner that disturbs and can cause damage to any land, vegetation, or wildlife in any State Park.
  • All ATV incidents or accidents must be reported within twenty-four hours of the incident.

Mississippi ATV Laws For Operating An ATV In A Wildlife Management Area

  • It is forbidden to operate an ATV while in possession of a loaded firearm.
  • ATVs are prohibited from operating on public roads designated for on-road motorized vehicles.
  • Any ATV found blocking any road, gate, levee, permit station, trail, or right-of-way will be towed away.
  • It is forbidden to use your ATV to harass wildlife.
  • It is prohibited to hunt animals from an ATV, except you have a permit for Handicapped Hunter Access.
  • All ATVs are prohibited from operating on areas designated for agricultural purposes.

Other Mississippi ATV Laws

  • All ATV riders are expected to wear a DOT-approved helmet while operating an ATV.
  • ATVs are prohibited from operating on public highways or roads in Mississippi.
  • All ATV operators are expected to have a certificate of completion of the ATV safety course certified by the State, proof of age, and photo identification at all times.
  • Mississippi State University Extension Service provides all ATV safety courses. The Department has approved the instructors teaching these courses of Public Safety.
  • All ATV riders must operate their ATVs on designated trails only.

Where Can’t You Ride An ATV In Mississippi?

Every State has places where ATV operations are prohibited, and if you plan on riding an ATV in Mississippi, you must know the places that are off-limits to you. ATVs are not allowed to operate on public roads. ATVs are forbidden from operating on any area designated for agricultural purposes and wildlife food plots. Violating any of these ATV restrictions will result in a fine of not less than $25 or more than $50.

Where Can You Ride An ATV In Mississippi?

Now that you know where it is prohibited to operate an ATV in Mississippi, you should know where you can operate ATVs legally and freely.

Muddy Joe’s Park

Muddy Joe's Park is one of the most popular ATV trails in Mississippi and is open from 12:00 noon till 9:00 pm on Fridays, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on Saturdays, and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays.

This park offers about 600 acres of ATV trails and a campground park of over 35 acres, the best family and friends destination. The facilities available at this park include ATV riding trails, camping sites, cabins, a clubhouse, pits & Boggs, bathhouses, lakes, ponds, and a swimming pool.

The access fee into this park is $10 per individual, $10 for every off-road vehicle, and free for kids aged 10 years and below. Muddy Joe's Park also hosts several events annually, including an ATV Mud fest that draws a crowd of more than 5000 people each year.

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Red Creek Off-Road Trails

Another popular ATV trail is Red Creek Off-Road Trails, and it offers at least 20 miles of trails, consisting of ATV trails, a peewee track, and motocross tracks. With over 500 acres of trail, you will have a great time riding across sandbars, creeks, and muds.

It costs $10 per day for an ATV and an additional $10 for the driver and passenger. For law enforcement and military officers, it costs $5. A two-day ride costs $15 for an ATV and $15 for the rider and passenger. For law enforcement and military officers, it costs $10 for a two days ride.

Many off-road vehicles, including ATVs, 4x4s, dune buggies, MX bikes, go-karts, and ATVs, are allowed at Red Creek Off-Road Trails. If you have always wanted to ride your ATV through mud, you should visit Red Creek Off-Road Trails.

Barnyard Mud Boggers

Barnyard Mudboggers is open from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Fridays, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on Saturdays, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sundays. From Mondays to Thursdays, you need to book an appointment. You should also know that the park is only open on selected weekends, so you need to call ahead.

This park offers about 715 acres of hills, trails, and mud, the delight of any ATV rider. Trucks, dirt bikes, ATVs, 4x4s, rock crawlers, and dune buggies are allowed into this park. It costs $15 to gain access into the park on weekdays and $50 on weekends.

Final Thoughts

Mississippi is a good state for off-road activities, although the State has many laws regulating ATV operations. As long as you comply with all the ATV laws, you will have no trouble. You must be wondering why Mississippi has a lot of ATV laws, there have been a lot of ATV accidents, so in an attempt to curb these incidents, there are laws.

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