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What Is A Mobile RV Repair Service? [FIND OUT HERE]

What Is A Mobile RV Repair Service? [FIND OUT HERE]

Having your Recreational Vehicle break down in the middle of your journey can interfere with the fun that comes with RV camping. Fortunately, a mobile RV repair service comes in handy to salvage the situation. If you are new to the world of RV, then you are probably wondering what mobile RV repair services are.

A mobile RV repair service is a type of RV repair service that comes to the point where you have a problem instead of driving or towing your unit to the RV repair shop. In other words, a mobile RV repair service provider sends their technicians to visit you at the campground or at your home to help you fix the problem that you are facing.

While most RVers seek the mobile RV repair service out of necessity since they cannot move a damaged RV, some opt for these services because they are the most convenient. Read on to learn more about mobile RV repair services.

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Types of Mobile Repair Services

Most people think that any RV mechanic should be able to solve whatever challenges you are experiencing with your RV. The truth, however, is that there are three types of mobile RV repair services that you should know.

1. Repair Shop House Calls

If you are facing an emergency, you can make a call to RV repair shops near you and request for a tech to visit your place. The problem, however, is that such an initiative will likely cost you a lot of money. Therefore, if you can avoid this route, the better for you as it will help reduce your RV repair expenses.

2. Mobile RV Repair Specialists

RV repair experts specialize in different types of repairs. The mobile RV repair specialists are techs who specialize in assisting clients needing RV mobile services. Due to their specialized equipment, they are always willing to visit their clients wherever the situation demands.

3. General RV Repair Techs

These guys have good experience fixing anything that might go wrong with your RV. Further, they rarely have a shop where they work, implying that fixing mobile RVs is what they do best. In most cases, these are the guys that you want to call whenever you have serious issues with your recreational vehicles.

Common RV Tune up

Ensuring that RV is in perfect condition before storing it is one of the best ways to guarantee a seamless trip when the time comes. Sometimes it is essential to familiarize yourself with common RV tune-ups to prevent much fuss when departing for your ventures. Here are some of the typical RV turn-ups that you need to practice.

  • Wash your RV thoroughly and inspect the window seals, roof, seams, etc. Exhaustively cleaning your camper, trailer, or motorhome after your adventure helps ensure that the exterior is in perfect condition. It is crucial to make sure that you use approved cleaning supplies.
  • Inspect for water leaks. After ensuring that your unit is clean, you should go inside to check for leaks. If you spot any problem with the roofing system, it is good to have it repaired immediately.
  • Examine the Awning fabric and wash it if necessary. You need to check for tears and signs of wear and get an expert to help you fix them if necessary. If you decide to handle the task on your own, there are numerous that you can use to fix the problem.
  • Change the oil – it is common for acids to accumulate on used oil, and the danger is that they can corrode the engine bearings, especially if you leave your RV inactive for a long time.
  • Replace air conditioner filters – dirty filters tend to lower the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Therefore, you must clean them regularly. If they are worn out, do not hesitate to replace them at the earliest opportunity you get.
  • Steam Clean the Interior Upholstery – by the end of your camping venture, your RV or camper has accumulated a lot of dirt, sand, and food crumbs. It would help to rejuvenate your interior furniture by vacuum cleaning it.

Ways to Find the Best Camper RV Repair Services

The good thing with RV mobile repair services is that they come to you, saving a lot of money you would have used for towing. In addition, the fact that they come to you eliminates the risks of damaging your camper. Here are some best ways to search for the best camper RV repair services.

Internet Search

A simple search such as "camper RV repair" on your browser on the internet will provide you with several options to consider. However, it is not prudent to settle on the first RV repair service provider you come across. Instead, you need to compare online reviews and find as much information as possible about the company.

Ask the Campground Manager

Another ideal way to find reliable camper RV repair services is to consult the campground manager. Since a campground manager has interacted with different companies and can be a wealth of information, they will likely have their favorite technicians who can help you solve your challenge. While most campground managers are trustworthy, it is vital to do a background check on the technician that they recommend to you.

Consult your Fellow RVer

It is also a good idea to talk to your fellow RVer to see if they have anything to offer. Most RVers are pretty generous and won't hesitate to provide you with the information you need to make the right choice.

Consult your Local Dealership

If, after trying the above methods, you have yet to find the best camper RV repair, you can talk to your parts supplier or local dealership. The local dealership in your area is likely to recommend the best RV repair services to you.

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What to Look for in a Good Mobile RV Maintenance Tech

You want your RV to be in perfect condition for your next trip, so you must ensure adequate maintenance. Here are a few things to remember when hiring a Mobile RV Maintenance technician.


You do not want to hire anyone you find online, as that may risk your RV's condition. Hiring someone without proper certification is a grave mistake you do not want to make. Always look for RV mobile repair technicians with certifications from NRVTA or RVTI.


In addition to ensuring that you are dealing with a certified technician, it is vital to check whether they maintain a high level of professionalism when they are out in the field. You can tell whether or not you are dealing with a professional technician by paying attention to how they handle criticism, how they talk to you on the phone, and what other people say about their services.

Online Reviews

RV mobile repair technicians dedicated to offering quality services have positive online reviews. When doing a background check on the tech, be sure to have a close look at the track record. If the previous clients were not satisfied with the quality of services they got, it also means that you may experience the same problem.

The Benefits of an RV Mobile Tech

Hiring a professional RV mobile tech comes with numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include;

  • Convenience – Time is valuable, and you do not want to waste even a second. Mobile RV tech will come to you; this goes a long way in saving your precious time.
  • Personalized service – Another reason to get an RV mobile tech is that you get personalized service. The RV mobile tech spends a lot of time on your unit to ensure that you do not have hidden challenges.
  • Safety – Towing RV is a big responsibility that comes with many risks. Therefore, someone else traveling to you is the safest option.
  • The Cost – Hiring an RV mobile tech is a bit cheaper than driving and towing to the RV repair shop.

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At some point, your RV will develop some issues, and you will need a professional to amend the problem. Working with a professional RV repair technician who comes to you is the best option as it helps avoid the safety risks associated with driving or towing to an RV repair shop. Always consider certifications, professionalism, and the cost before choosing the best RV mobile tech.

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