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Mongolian Horse Bow – A Complete Guide [TRADITIONAL BOWS]

Mongolian Horse Bow – A Complete Guide [TRADITIONAL BOWS]

If you are into combining equestrian sports and archery, then trying out the Mongolian horse bow will be a brilliant idea. So, what is a Mongolian bow, and what should you pay close attention to when shopping for the bow?

The Mongolian bow is fast and powerful, and it is excellent for hunting, targeting, or mounted archery. It was developed with an intuitive bridge on which the string rests to make it more powerful and impactful. The Mongolian Horse Bow is ideal for people who want bows with a smooth draw through the shot.

If you are thinking of investing in a Mongolian horse bow or looking for essential information that will help take your game a notch higher, stay with us to the end.

woman bow arrowTypes of Horse Bows

Different horse bows are unique in their ways, and understanding the different types of bows will make it easy for you to buy the best. Here are the three common types of horse bows.

Traditional Horse Bows

The traditional horse bows have a classic curved bend, and one of the traits that make them popular is that they are easily customizable. With traditional horse bows, you can alter the draw lengths, weight, and bow lengths to your preferences.

Hungarian Horse Bows

The Hungarian bows are relatively large with excellent draw lengths. Tall people searching for large bows will find the Hungarian horse bows ideal. They are also customizable and are available in a few weights.

The Mongolian Horse Bows

They are made with classic manufacturing methods to make them the most outstanding among the three. The leather covers give them a classy and sturdy look. Most archers and hunters find the Mongolian horse bows the best, even when they do not need strong and sturdy bows.

The Mongolian Horse Bow Features

The Mongolian horse bow was the latest technology in the 13th century. It is made up of leather, wood, and horn. The outside of the bow is made up of animal sinew held together using fish glue and covered with tree bark to safeguard against water.

Fish glue is preferred because it is solid and flexible. It is also important to note that the 13th Mongolian horse bows could accurately shoot in 700 – 800 meters.

How To Shoot A Mongolian Horse Bow

Since the Mongolian boys began riding horses at three, they were consistently efficient archers and warriors. If you want to be flawless when shooting a Mongolian horse bow, you must take time to practice and enhance your skills.

The Right Clothing

In ancient times, the Mongolian archers wore short sleeves and a tight girdle wrapped around their bodies to protect their internal organs. The clothes offered protection against the bouncing horse or help if they were shot.

Wearing the right clothing is important in providing the necessary protection and offering the necessary flexibility.


The other aspect of becoming a perfect Mongolian horse shooter is ensuring that you have the right equipment. All the archery equipment, bows, scabbards, quiver, and arrows must be designed to fit the environment of riding a horse.

The quiver and the scabbard should point backward to ensure that the content remains inside and make it easy for you to reach the arrow without wasting a lot of time.

Tips To Improve Archery Accuracy

While improving your archery accuracy might seem straightforward, you need to understand that regular training can make it easy to achieve your objectives. Additionally, you should ensure that you do everything right. Here are some simple skills that you need to sharpen to enhance your archery accuracy.


Your grip can have a significant impact on your accuracy. It is crucial to ensure that your grip on the Mongolian horse bow is relaxed. A tense open hand will interfere with your accuracy, and this is what you need to avoid. If you have difficulties mastering a loose grip, you can opt for an open hand with a wrist sling.


For great accuracy, the correct stance is critical. Sometimes people cannot tell if they are in the proper position because of rigidity. While an open stance is the best option for many people, some can work well with closed feet. It is vital to try it out first to see what works best for you.

The Anchor Point

Having as many reference points as possible is the best way to approach the anchor point factor. The essence of finding a suitable anchor is to ensure that you have a comfortable shooting point to concentrate on hitting the target. Your anchor point is comparable to the backsight on a rifle, making it possible for consistent aiming.

Back Tension

Taking care of the back tension is another ideal way of enhancing bow shooting accuracy. You are, by default, using back tension whenever you draw your bow. In other words, without back tension, your bow will be static.

Once you pull your Mongolian Horse Bow to full draw, you should keep steady and ensure that you provide a constant tension to the opposing force of the bow. Everything will fall in its place by taking good care of the back tension.

The Aiming

It is essential to have a solid concentration when aiming your arrow. Most professionals will recommend a laser rangefinder to make it more accurate. To ensure that you get it right when it comes to aiming at your target, you should practice regularly and, if need be, invest in the best rangefinder.

The Release

How you release your arrow can break or make the shot. You need to ensure that the releasing of the string is smooth without a flinch or a jerk. Handling the release with two fingers is better than with three fingers.

The Follow-through

The last step for ensuring excellent shooting accuracy is the follow-through step. While this is an overlooked step, it is one of the essential steps to guarantee top-notch accuracy. Once you release your arrow, it is essential to keep aiming until the arrow hits the target. If you practice following every shot, it will get to a point where you can do it unconsciously.

The Traditional Horse Bows

Now that you are familiar with what you need to enhance your accuracy, the next question that you are probably asking is what are the common factors to consider when shopping for the best traditional horse bows.

The Length

The length is one of the critical factors that can influence your performance, which explains why you need to pay close attention to this factor. Long horse bows are ideal for tall people with long arms. However, it is essential to note that long horse bows can be challenging to handle.

The Weight

If you want to have your shots under control, you will need to go for light bows, as they allow you to maintain a good-release form. Moreover, light bows are easy to carry and offer a certain degree of comfort.

Draw Length

Before shopping for your bow, it is prudent to master your draw length. When shooting with your bow, exceeding your draw length can lead to snap or break.


The comfort of your traditional horse bow is crucial because it enables you to use your bow effectively. Factors like the grip, the weight, and the length are essential considerations that you need to guarantee the comfort of your bow.

arrow menTop Ten Traditional Horse Bows

We have compiled a list of the top ten traditional horse bows to purchase to make your work easier.

  1. KAINOKAI Traditional Longbow Handmade
  2. TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Bow
  3. Longbowmaker Handmade Longbow Hungarian Style
  4. I-Sport Traditional Mongolian Recurve Bow
  5. Longbowmaker Pigskin Manchu Bow Handmade
  6. ArcheryMax Handmade Mongolian Style Longbow
  7. IRQ Traditional Horsebow Handmade
  8. SinoArt S1 Recurve Hunting Bow
  9. Huntingdoor Archery 55" Traditional Recurve Bow
  10. KAINOKAI Traditional Recurve Bow Laminated

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Final Words

If you consider your preferences and the different features of bows, finding the best bow should not be an arduous task. Further, it is essential to try your bow out first before purchasing it. The best Mongolian horse bow recommendation is the I-Sport Traditional Mongolian Recurve Bow.

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