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Best Nano Drones & Nano Quadcopters

Best Nano Drones & Nano Quadcopters

Drones come in different sizes and types; there are nano drones, mini drones, and large drones. Drones are designed with a purpose; that purpose determines the size, functionalities, and specifications. As technology improves, the use of drones is more diverse, and nano drones are fast gaining popularity.

Nano drones and nano quadcopters are similar. Nano drones can either be nano quadcopters or nano fixed-wing drones. Some of the best nano drones include Holystone HS190, Sky Viper Dash, Hubsan H111, GILOBABY STEM, Holystone Hs210, Blade QX, and Blade Inductrix.

The word 'nano' refers to something tiny. Hence, the size of a nano drone or quadcopter is what differentiates it from a mini or average-sized drone. We will take a look at the best nano drones and quadcopters.

Best Nano Quadcopters And Nano Drones

If you are looking for a quadcopter, you can fly indoors, you should consider getting a nano quadcopter. Medium-sized and large quadcopters are not fit to be flown in your house. They are suited for the outdoors. You can easily crash a medium-sized or large drone if you fly it in your home.

Nano drones are micro unmanned aerial vehicles with a size ranging from 3 inches to about 6 inches and a weight of 0.5 to 3 pounds. Most nano drones are made of plastic and can be flown indoors as well as outdoors. Some of the best nano quadcopters and drones you can purchase include:

Ematic Nano Quadcopter

This nano quadcopter is equipped with an HD camera. Ematic Nano Quadcopter has a 2.4GHz control and a 6-axis gyroscope which ensures a stable flight. This quadcopter can perform flips and rolls; a click is all it takes. It is recommended for ages 12 and above, and it also has a four-channel wireless control with high and low-speed modes.

It also comes with a USB charger, remote controller, a manual, a rechargeable battery, and eight extra propellers. Ematic Nano Quadcopter has a flight time of ten minutes and can fly from up to 260 feet away. It comes in two colors; red and green. The drone is sold for twenty-five thousand dollars on Amazon.


Syma X12

Syma X12 is a nano quadcopter with a weight of 0.67 pounds; it is remote-controlled and equipped with a 6-axis flight control system and a 3D lock. With the push of a button, this quadcopter can do a 360-degree flip and roll. It also has a headless mode feature and allows you to control the aircraft with a remote control rather than a headpiece.

This nano quadcopter also has some colorful lights that make it perfect for night flights. It has a charging time of 50-60 minutes and a flight time of 6-8 minutes. You can get the Syma X12 nano drone at Walmart for fifty dollars.

Eachine E010

The Eachine E010 is one of the best 6-axis gyro remote-controlled nano quadcopters weighing 0.11 pounds and has a charging time of 30-50 minutes. This nano quadcopter has many impressive features like the one-key return, 360-degree flip and roll, headless mode, and LED lights.

Eachine E010 has a flight time of five minutes and a flight distance of thirty meters. It is also a suitable nano quadcopter for beginners and comes with one USB cable, four propellers, and a transmitter. At Amazon, Eachine E010 is sold for twenty-five dollars.


Cheerson CX-10

The Cheerson CX-10 is a 6-axis gyro pocket nano quadcopter that comes with LED lights that makes it suitable for night flying. It has a flight time of 4-8 minutes and can fly for as far as forty meters. It also has a charging time of 30-40 minutes and can be flown by anyone above the age of 12.

This amazing nano quadcopter can fit into the palm of your hands as it weighs 0.2 pounds. For twenty dollars, you can get the Cheerson CX-10 at the Amazon store. To fly the Cheerson CX-10, all you need to do is throw it in the air and start flying. This nano quadcopter comes with four extra propellers, a mini radio controller, and a USB battery charger.

Holy Stone HS190

Holy Stone HS190 is foldable, so you can pack it up and transport it in a backpack. It is also a good drone for beginners and has a one-key return function. At Walmart, this drone is sold at the price of thirty dollars. This remote-controlled nano drone also has a 3d flip and headless mode function.

It has an altitude hold function, so it hovers even after the throttle stick has been released. The drone has a button to take off and land. The Holy Stone HS190 also has LED navigation lights and remote-control indicator lights so you can safely fly it at night. It weighs 0.0549 pounds and has a flight time of 5-7 minutes.

Sky Viper Dash

The Sky Viper Dash is lightweight, can fit into the palm of your hand, and is made out of plastic. This drone has automatic and manual modes. It also has an auto-launch and land button. The Sky Viper Dash is available for thirty-two dollars on Amazon and twenty dollars at Walmart.

It is advanced enough for experienced pilots but also simple enough for a beginner. You can fly the Sky Viper Dash both indoors and outdoors. This nano drone has a flight speed of 25 mph and weighs 0.438 pounds. Sky Viper Dash comes with four extra propellers, a remote control, and a charging cable.

Hubsan H111

The Hubsan H111 nano drone has a plastic body and a frame made from a printed circuit board. This nano drone is surprisingly one of the smallest, with a weight of 0.0254 pounds, but it is very fast. This nano drone has bright LED lights that allow you to fly it at night. It comes in four colors and has a 6-axis control.

It also has a flight time of five minutes and a range of 150 feet. You can get the Hubsan H111 on Amazon for forty-two dollars and Walmart for twenty-six dollars. This nano drone, however does not have any camera and it is not suitable for children below the age of 14. It has a charging time of ten minutes and comes with some extra propellers.


The GILOBABY STEM is one of the best nano drones for people who love building. This drone has to be assembled, but there is a user manual to assist you with the assembling of the drone.

The nano drone has a 50-meter control system and a headless mode control system. GILOBABY STEM also has an altitude hold mode which allows you to have a very smooth flight. This drone is suitable for children who are interested in engineering and architecture.

A 3D flip and roll feature is also available on this nano drone. It also has a take-off and land button and comes with the adequate tools required to completely assemble the drone. The GILOBABY STEM costs $45 at Walmart and $65 on eBay.

Final Thoughts


Although nano drones are small in size, they are still one of the best drones and can be used for lots of things. You can get nano drones for both adults and children as they are fun to fly.

Nano drones are as good as medium-sized and large drones. The purpose you have is the most important thing. Sometimes purchasing a large drone can be a waste of money, as a nano drone can also perform the work you need. Rather than waste a lot of money on a large drone, ensure you check for other alternatives.

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