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The National Geographic Metal Detector [COMPLETE GUIDE]

The National Geographic Metal Detector [COMPLETE GUIDE]

Metal detecting is like any exercise with numerous benefits such as heart-healthy, improved blood circulation, stronger bones, and flexibility. The hobby will take you to a wide range of terrains, allowing you access to fresh air.

The National Geographic Metal Detector can discover hidden valuables from rough terrains to sandy beaches. The detector employs different tones to identify different precious hidden metals. In addition, it has a water-resistant base that allows you to search in dump areas. The mounted LED enables you to search from sun-up to sunset.

If you want to explore the world with the National metal detector, read for more details.

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The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector

The national geographic junior metal detector has a perfect weight for the juniors and is waterproof. Interestingly, the outdoor kids' toy can find items up to one foot down when the conditions are proper.

If you have never purchased this item, you will likely have difficulties ensuring that it works well for your junior. You do not have to worry because the device comes with an educational guide with elaborate instructions on how to use it and a detailed history of metal detectors.

Notably, the most crucial feature of a metal detector is weight. It can be disappointing to go out hunting for treasure with your children, only for them to start complaining about sore arms. The national geographic junior metal detector weighs about 460 grams with a flexible handle for adjustment to fit the desired size.

Ease of Use

Another essential feature of the national geographic junior metal detector is it is user-friendly. The manufacturer knows that kids are simple and do not want a device that would easily confuse them due to unnecessary complexity. When shopping for a metal detector for your junior, ensure that it is not overloaded with confusing features.

Good Design

A design can have a direct influence on the efficiency of a metal detector. The national geographic junior metal detector boasts an ergonomic handle with a well-balanced weight to make the device easy to use. Further, the device is perfectly designed for beginners, and you can be sure your kid will not likely have any difficulties using it.

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector

By comparing the national geographic junior metal detector to any dedicated metal detector designed for grown-up detectorists, you will conclude that it is not designed to help find valuable items. First, it lacks an interface to assist in pinpointing the actual location of any signal.

Secondly, the device cannot help in discriminating between sources. In other words, anything that sets off the detector will create a signal. Therefore, you can easily conclude that the metal is designed to help kids make their first discoveries instead of finding treasure.

Key Features

  • The LED light flashes when the detector locates a metal object – the LED flash is typically accompanied by audible sound and can work up to 12 inches for big objects and 6 inches for coins.
  • It is lightweight, making it a perfect option for kids as it is not likely to strain them.
  • The device has a flexible, extendable arm that enables easy adjustment. In addition, the ergonomic design and padded strap make it ideal for kids.
  • The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Shopping for the Best Nat Geo Metal Detector

It is common for many beginners to experience difficulties finding the best metal detector to advance their objectives. Regardless of the numerous brands in the marketing, purchasing the best Nat geo metal detector should be an easy task. Here are some crucial factors you should always bear in mind.

The Desired Targets

The first on the top of the most important factors to consider is your desired targets. Are you going to do your treasure hunting on rivers, beaches, or deep in the woods? Being specific about where you will do your search is essential because some metal detectors are more efficient in some places than others.

In addition to the location, you must consider the specific treasure you want. If it is gold, then going for a metal detector with a higher frequency increases the chances of finding gold and small items. An ordinary metal detector may not be the best option in such cases.

The National Geographical Metal Detector is an all-purpose detector that can recover anything from relics, gold to silver.

How deep can it go?

How deep do you want to go when searching for treasures? The search depth of a metal detector varies depending on the brand, which is why you need to ensure that you are clear on the depth you want to search.

The factors that affect how deep a metal detector can include the soil mineralization level, the operation frequency, and the object size. You should invest in a metal detector that can go as deep as possible. Generally, an ideal metal detector should go as deep as 8 to 12 inches.

Your Experience Level

If you are getting into metal detecting, you need to start with a simple device before you can use a more complex metal detector. Besides, all hobbies have a learning curve, and metal detecting is no exception.

A beginner-friendly metal detector is easy to use and will allow you to learn the hobby faster. Moreover, these types of detectors have simple settings, meaning you will learn how to use them effectively within a short time.

Get Informed

Whether you are new to metal detecting or have a good experience, it is essential to do your research and have all the facts you need to make a fantastic and successful hobby. Besides a quality Nat Geo Metal Detector, there are several other stuff that you will need;

  • Digger
  • Pinpointer
  • Metal detector harness
  • Storage bag
  • A find pouch
  • The right apparel
  • Headphones

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector Review

While the national geographic junior metal detector may not have all the incredible features you would need in an ideal metal detector, it can prove helpful in helping your kid to learn the metal detecting hobby. Some customers on Amazon describe it as an ideal device that makes metal detecting easy and fun for kids.

Nonetheless, some customers complain about the detector producing sound when it should not. To avoid purchasing an erred device, check its condition before making your order.

The national geographic junior metal detector offers an acoustic signal once it picks up an object. In addition, the LED lights also light up when you get close to the object. Generally, if you are not after a metal detector with many complex features, the National Geographic Metal Detector will serve you right.

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The Best Metal Detectors for Kids

The only way to introduce your kid to metal detecting is to purchase the best metal detectors. Leveraging Google and taking the time to do extensive research will make it easy to find a metal detector that will not disappoint you. Here is a list of the top 10 best metal detectors for kids.

  • National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
  • Pallipartners – Best for Most Kids
  • Little Experimenter LE-2606 Metal Detector for Kids
  • Voilamart Metal Detector for Kids
  • Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Good Kids Metal Detector
  • KKmoon Children Lightweight Handheld Metal Detectors for Kids
  • Teknetics Digitek Metal Detector
  • Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector
  • REEHM 10-Inch – Great for Both Adults and Kids
  • Teknetics Digitek Metal Detector

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If your child is passionate about metal detecting, you do not want to limit them from accomplishing their full potential by not providing them with the right tools. The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector is the best metal detector for kids, thanks to its simplicity.

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