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The Best Nerf Gun Games to Play [COMPLETE LIST]

The Best Nerf Gun Games to Play [COMPLETE LIST]

Whether you are a veteran Nerf games player or just starting, you will always get to a point where you are bored with your daily game, which explains why you need access to different creative ideas. Fortunately, there is an endless list of Nerf games that can keep you and your family excited the whole day.

The best Nerf gun games range from one shot to kill, zombies, protect the king, capture the flag, and the gauntlet challenge to hide and seek Nerf style. While most of these games are pretty exciting, they may not work similarly for everyone. Make sure you know the ones that intrigue you the most.

If you are trying to figure out an ideal Nerf game for an outing with your family, you need to stick with us as we explore some of the most gratifying lists of the best Nerf games.

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The Nerf Gun Games To Play

Choosing the suitable Nerf games is key to ensuring that you get the most fun out of your outdoor ventures. However, the fun is not likely to be exciting if safety is not given the top priority. Regardless of the Nerf games that you settle for, there are several safety measures that you need to consider, which include;

  • Considering the distance when aiming
  • Wearing protective clothes when aiming and playing
  • Choosing the right location that is safe and secure
  • Unloading your Nerf gun once done with playing the game
  • Select the proper playing time and be present when your children are playing.
  • Avoid shooting animals or anyone who is not involved in your game
  • No headshots

Nerf Gun Games Call of Duty

The Nerf gun game Call of Duty is a famous and exciting game for the streaming community. Whether you play the game with the traditional controllers or the modern ones, the reality is that you will always find the game intriguing. Interestingly, the game becomes even more captivating when you play it in real life with your family members or even friends.

The Gauntlet Challenge

The Gaunter challenge is another excellent Nerf game that can keep you and your family members excited. To make the most out of this game, you need to ensure that you get every step right. Essentially, it would help start by setting up a short obstacle for kids to try and run. You can use different things, including bars, rings, and plastic cones, as an obstacle. The game's primary objective is for the players to overcome the obstacles and get to the desired destination.

One of the great things about this game is that it allows the adults to take a break. When the child is running the gauntlet, you can relax while firing your Nerf gun at your kid.

Protect The King

Protecting the king is another interesting Nerf game that can make a summer outing quite exciting with your family and friends. Although the name suggests that the game is all about protecting the king, it does not have to be about the king as it can be about anything. For instance, it can be a cuddle toy with a crown.

The idea of this game is that one team should be able to ferry their king from one base to another while the other tries everything to stop this kind of movement. Notably, this game is a bit tactical, meaning that it can be pretty exciting even to older kids.

Frozen Out

If you have a large team, this is an ideal game. The general rule that every player needs to adhere to is that if you are shot, then you have to stay frozen. Fortunately, staying down may not last forever if you have strong and tactical teammates because they will ultimately thaw you or "defreeze" you. If your team manages to freeze everyone in the opposing team, the round becomes over. That is how you win the game.

Hide and Seek Nerf Styles

The hide and seek Nerf style is one of many kids' most popular Nerf games. As the name suggests, this game entails two sides; the hiders and the seekers.

The good thing with this game is that you can play it indoors as long as you have a tone of hiding places.

The Hunter

The hunter takes the Nerf games on an intense level. In this game, one player is selected to be the hunter with a simple objective to hit one of the hunted.

If the hunter's dart gets one of the hunted, they become the hunter. However, they do not have to disclose this information. The game can continue until the hunter is eliminated or play time elapses.

Mr. President

Mr. President is an exciting Nerf game that involves two times and can be played in a small area.

To effectively play the game, you will need at least four people. One individual is designated president, and the remaining people are divided into assassins and the secret service.

To make the game even more exciting, you should consider arming the assassins with powerful Nerf rifles and pistols and give the secret service members Nerf pistols. You can give the president a Nerf pistol with a single shot to make the game even more intriguing.

The Hostage

In this game, all the players are divided into two equal teams with the same number of players. Once the players are divided, the player from one side of the team chooses a member of the other team to be the hostage and vice versa. The supposed hostage is not assigned a Nerf gun, and they are taken into a place where the other team members cannot see them.

When both hostages are hidden, the game begins with each team focusing on getting their hostage. A team wins if they manage to get their hostage and return them to the home base.

While finding the hostage, if a dart hits the player, the player is either eliminated from the game or taken to a spawn point before rejoining the game.

Nerf War Gun Games Parent Guide

Although we have already looked at the critical safety measures that you need to consider to guarantee the safety of your kids, there are responsibilities that every parent needs to follow. Do not be too excited to give your child a surprise present and end up giving a Nerf gun that can cause more harm than good.

Check the Age Eligibility

Before purchasing a Nerf gun for your kid, paying close attention to age eligibility is essential. It is prudent to go through blogs and online reviews to ensure that you are getting the right Nerf gun for your child.

Choking Hazard

Choking hazards are real, especially when shopping for a Nerf gun for a small kid. Small kids tend to eat everything that comes their way, and this is why you need a Nerf gun that does not comprise small parts that can easily lead to a choking hazard.

nerf gun little kid

Parent Supervision

If you want to guarantee 100 percent safety for your kids, it is crucial to always supervise your children whenever they are playing. Through parental supervision, you will find out whether your children are following the teachings you gave them or not. Moreover, kids do not misbehave when they know that they are under supervision.

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Choosing the best Nerf game should be a complex task if you know what excites you the most. However, you must put safety first because it would be impossible to enjoy the games if anyone is hurt. Shoot to kill and protect the king are some of the most exciting games.

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