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Best Nerf Gun Racks You Can Make [DIY OPTIONS]

Best Nerf Gun Racks You Can Make [DIY OPTIONS]

You need to figure out how to keep your Nerf guns after enjoying them all day. As a Nerf fan, it is natural to add to your collection daily. It raises many questions because each gun is different in size, and you may need to store them in a different location to prevent cankering and other concerns.

The best Nerf gun racks you can make are Nerf gun pegboard rack, Nerf gun wire rack, Nerf shoe rack storage, Nerf gun cupboard, door hangers, rolling nerf foldout storage, Nerf blaster rack, coat hook hangers, tie racks, nerf wall hangers, PVC nerf gun rack, and basement storage. 

If your children have been gathering nerf guns for many years, you know how difficult it is to keep these items from accumulating on the floor. A great solution to this problem is getting a nerf gun rack; you can decently store all your child's nerf guns with these racks.

playing nerf gunIdeas To Build A Nerf Gun Rack

You may give in to your child's outbursts when he or she is adamant about getting something. However, you may quickly regret your choice when you find you have no idea how to arrange your increasing Nerf collection at home. Below are some of the ideas for building a nerf gun rack.


If you have a lot of large blasters, a wall exhibiting pegboard will help you organize them all beautifully and make them seem great. You will need an unoccupied wall to hang the pegboard on. After that, you will need hooks and boards to hang the firearms on.

To hang the pegboards on the wall, you must first construct a wooden frame. Once your board is complete, add additional spray colors to create a more vibrant and beautiful design. Now hang the hooks and blasters where they belong.

Excess Bin

The least complex and most convenient place to store your Nerf blasters is in the extra bin that you do not use. Set the bin in the corner of a room and stack the blasters inside. Even the outside of the bin can be modified to store the blasters with a few hanging pockets that can be linked to the bin; decorate the bin using spray paint or spray.

Hanging In The Closet

If you are looking for a way to hang Nerf weapons on the wall, consider this option; your blasters might be stored in a closet. Install some hooks or a stand in a closet to store the blasters if there are any empty spaces. We occasionally build closets that are not used because there is not much stuff to store.

Furthermore, when a baby grows up, his or her closets become empty; as a result, use this one for storage and repurpose some unused space. It is typically utilized for larger blasters that cannot be kept out in the open. So, your guns are dust-free, and they are stored in such a simple manner that you will not have to put in any extra effort.

Nerf Blaster Rack

For Nerf fans, Hasbro produced an awesome blaster rack. This rack can be used for various functions, including hanging, storing magazines and ammunition, and so on. This square-shaped rack features tactical rails on which you can slide your toy guns; some hooks may be installed to this rail to allow you to hang items that cannot be fastened by sliding.

Furthermore, a panel structure is added because the bulky blasters cannot be hung due to their weight. On the other hand, some racks are designed to store accessories like ammo and scopes.

Wire Rack Storage

If you do not have a variety of collections, this one is ideal; construct a rack out of rusted iron or wire to serve as a showcase for your Nerf supplies. If one of the racks is full, add another. This type of rack is suited for homes that have more empty spaces, and you may make good use of them. So, get this rack and store your Nerf blasters inside; they are nicely placed and appear to be of good quality.

Basement Storage

You are most likely the luckiest person if you have a basement. You can keep all of your weapons here in whatever order you wish. Make a wooden cabinet, set a rot-ironed tripod, or keep them resting on a tool. They are kept secure in the basement since it is hidden.

If your basement is not that big, you could even create a wall hanging to keep things arranged. Some basements are large enough for you to play in. So, keeping your guns there is a smart idea.

Homemade Nerf Gun Rack

To build a homemade nerf gun rack, you will need an impact driver or drill, a level, wallboard T-square, paint, tape measure, corded hammer drill, half-inch Forstner drill bit, 2 dowels, thick MDF, drywall anchors, paintbrush, and stain. First, measure the wall you want to use for your rack.

To begin, choose a position, measure the wall space, and decide on the size of the nerf arsenal wall. After you have determined the size and location of the display, use a stud locator to establish how it will be installed. Now, cut the MDF to suit the wall after gathering your supplies.

Using a measuring tape, T-square, and pencil, create a 4 inches grid straight on the MDF board. This should be the template for drilling the slots for the hooks that will support the nerf guns. Drill holes on each crossing line with the Forstner drill; however, ensure you do not drill to the other side.

The next step is to paint; using two separate paintbrushes is the simplest and most efficient solution to paint the board. Now, mount the nerf gun rack to the wall; cut the dowels to 4.25 inches, then sand them till they are completely smooth. Also, check that the pegs are fitted snugly into the holes.

Pegboard Nerf Gun Rack

The wall control pegboards function well with a splatter ball gun holder, airsoft nerf blaster gun rack, and nerf gun pegboard organizer. Thanks to its modular pegboard storage solution, making a Nerf Gun Wall Display from pegboard was never simpler. These accessories, hooks, and panels are simple to set up and adapt as your Nerf blaster gun collection expands and evolves.

Pegboards for displaying and storing Nerf guns are a terrific method of keeping your gun collection orderly and preventing you from losing guns and accessories in any room or closet. Wall Control pegboard has become a famous firearm pegboard rack solution, and it performs well for holding Nerf guns so they can be conveniently seen and retrieved when needed.

little kid gun nerfPVC Nerf Gun Rack

To construct a PVC nerf gun rack, you will need two one, and a half inches PVC 4-way tees, 3-way tees, and PVC elbows, 15 feet of one and a half inches PVC pipe, four one and a half inches PVC end caps, PVC pipe cutter, large S hooks, PVC primer, and cement, and Mesh wire baskets.

Begin by weighing a couple of different blasters from your collection and measuring where you plan to keep the rack. Then cut the PVC pipe to the right size and assemble the base and sides. Attach the top and add the large S hooks; now, you can fix your nerf gun collections on the rack.

Final Thoughts

You are the only one who decides whether you want your guns to be visible or hidden. You also know where you live, making it easy to choose from various storage options; you can even employ multiple storage units. You now have various options for storing Nerf weapons in your home. So, construct some awesome blaster storage and add it to your collection.

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