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The Best Nerf Guns That Shoot Balls [Buyer's Guide]

The Best Nerf Guns That Shoot Balls [Buyer's Guide]

Nerf guns may normally be used indoors and outdoors; their foam darts and balls are safe for people and furniture. Although there are small weapons for children, the larger blasters can fire darts over a long distance in an open area. Maybe it is your child's birthday, or you are simply a big kid; a good Nerf gun is sure to satisfy.

The best nerf guns that shoot balls are Nerf Tennis Ball Dog Blaster, Nerf Phantom Rival Corps Hades XVIII-6000, Nerf Nemesis Rival MXVII-10K, Nerf Hyper Mach-100 Motorized Blaster, Nerf Roundhouse Rival XX-1500 Red Blaster, Nerf Knockout Rival XX-100 Blaster, and Nerf Kronos Rival Outdoor Blaster. 

When selecting your favorite Nerf gun, keep in mind some of the criteria, such as age suggestion, weight, battery needs, size, and recommendations for which gun is appropriate for which function. Let us look at some of the best ball-shooting nerf guns.

nerf red gungBest Nerf Guns That Shoot Balls

When it comes to selecting the best Nerf gun for you, one main consideration is what the gun shoots. Some nerf guns fire foam darts while others shoot little balls; the balls have quicker velocity, while the darts provide improved precision. Below are some of the best nerf guns that shoot balls.

Nerf Tennis Ball Dog Blaster

If you are a dog owner that is tired of tossing tennis balls for your dog, the Nerf Tennis Ball Dog Blaster is what you need. With this ball blaster, you can play a fetch game with your dog without having to stand or move too much. This nerf gun comes with a tennis ball and a storage place; it is also very easy to operate.

You need to insert a tennis ball into this gun, pull the gun's orange section, make a target, and fire. This nerf gun is also hands-free; lay the barrel on the wet tennis ball as soon as your dog returns the ball, and it will scoop it up. This Nerf gun can shoot a tennis ball about 50 feet into the air.

Nerf Nemesis Rival MXVII-10K

This version is a fantastic choice if you seek one of the most reliable Nerf guns with a large magazine and quick-fire capability. It has a capacity of 100 foam balls, and it can shoot them at a pace of 6-7 shots per second. This Nerf Nemesis Rival MXVII-10K has an easy-to-reload hopper mechanism and stores 100 foams.

This nerf gun comes in blue or red, allowing you to organize color scheme laser-tag team battles. It is popular for ranks and parties because of its delightfully quick foam ball firing motion, and it is secure enough for youngsters to use at family gatherings.

Nerf Kronos Rival Outdoor Blaster

The Nerf Kronos Rival Outdoor Blaster is a breach loader blaster whose shots are fired at 90 feet per second. It features a tactical rail and trigger lock; in cases where you need to move swiftly and stay static, the lightweight and tiny size make it easy to carry. It comes with blue and red team flags that enable users to slip into teams for a battle.

This outdoor blaster is an excellent choice for users fighting in an enclosed area due to its tiny form. Phantom Corps deco, a collection of rogue researchers that can join any team to challenge the other, is featured on this blaster.

Automatic Nerf Gun

There are two types of nerf guns; manual and automatic. Many people prefer to use automatic Nerf guns to manual guns because of the added advantages of using an automatic Nerf gun. With an automatic nerf gun, you do not need to perform any manual operations or pumping throughout the usage. Below are some automatic nerf guns.

Nerf Elite N-Strike Infinus Gun

The Nerf Elite N-Strike Infinus Gun is not just a powerful blaster. However, it also includes groundbreaking speed-load technology, which allows you to continue loading the gun without having to remove the attached 30-dart barrel.

This is a weapon to consider if you dislike having to pause the game to reload. The Infinus is a completely automated, motorized pistol with an amazing fire rate and is small enough to allow you excellent field agility. If you believe that larger motorized nerf guns are too bulky, this gun is the one for you.

This Nerf gun features two tactical rails atop the blaster, allowing you to customize, add, and personalize it. The rapid load technology of this Nerf gun is genuinely revolutionary, so you will not have nightmares about being trapped and having to reload.

Nerf Fortnight Elite AR-L Gun

The Nerf Fortnight Elite AR-L Gun is a motorized, semi-automatic blaster based on the renowned Fortnite AR skin. Apart from the giddy delight at the prospect of recreating several favorite Fortnite moments, in reality, the AR-L is a neat nerfing machine. It features a 10-dart clip and 20 darts that allow you to stay on the field longer and have enough darts to fill a whole clip.

You will require those additional darts because the internal motor means you will be firing shots as quickly as you can pull the trigger. This nerf gun features a long tactical rail and two flip-up sights that ensure you do not shoot yourself in the foot. If the sights do not help, you can always decide to add another scope for enhanced precision.

Strongest Nerf Gun

Nerf guns have been in existence for quite some time now. They are primarily designed for young adults and children, and as a result, they are lightweight and uninspiring. However, most of them are made of plastic that cannot endure hard hits and can easily get destroyed; hence, it is best to know the strongest nerf guns so you know which to get when you require a strong nerf gun.

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Nerf Dart Zone Pro MK-3

The Nerf Dart Zone Pro MK-3 is an assault gun that allows you to choose between semi-auto and full-auto fire modes. The Pro Mk-3 shoots 4 darts per second in full auto mode and can reach 140 feet per second with the correct darts. It comes with two 15-round magazines and can be modified with any N-Strike drum or magazines.

With this nerf gun, you can quickly slap an Elite Titan 50-round drum and launch huge volumes of foam. The blaster is powered by eight AA batteries and comes with a working red dot sight, 12 half and full-length darts, and a great comfy rubber grip on the handle. The gun can shoot a range of additional darts, including Nerf Elite Darts and standard darts.

new nerf toyNerf Hyper Mach-100 Motorized Blaster

Suppose you are willing to take your Nerf wars to another level, the Nerf Hyper Mach-100 Motorized Blaster. Thanks to the motorized interiors and high-impact foam pellets, this nerf gun is a custom fit for the gaming community and will give a stronger, more accurate blaster; it is a candidate for the top rank among the best nerf guns around.

Other blasters use battery-powered systems, but this one takes things a step further. It has large, easy-to-reload ammo hoppers and fires at 110 feet per second to help you stay in the game for longer. It also features tactical rails that allow you to store extra balls; essentially, it is a more mature blaster designed for nerf arena and tournament play.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect nerf gun can be a little difficult. However, getting one of the best nerf guns that shoot balls is not such an easy task. You will need help to know which nerf gun shoots balls best. Luckily for you, this article has explained all you need to know about the best nerf guns that shoot balls; you can decide to purchase any of the guns mentioned above.

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