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Parrot Anafi Drone Review: [COMPLETE BEGINNER'S GUIDE]

Parrot Anafi Drone Review: [COMPLETE BEGINNER'S GUIDE]

Parrot, a business best known for producing drones for children or novice pilots, is still in business. The brand-new Anafi is the company's direct response to DJI's recent Mavic Air. It is a small, capable drone that can shoot breathtaking aerial shots in 4K. It also introduces a few functionalities not yet seen on other drones.

The Anafi is one of the market's lighter camera-equipped drones at just 320g. It has a three-axis gimbal in front of the drone, like a head, and a camera is directly above it. The Anafi's SD card port is located directly below the batteries in a space that resembles a sim card slot.

Small drones are nothing new to Parrot. The Bebop series is among the top recommendations for recreational pilots who do not require a powerful model with professional features. Anafi's most recent creation is smaller but significantly more capable.

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Parrot Anafi Drone

The Anafi Parrot Drone shares the same problem with the Parrot Disco FPV in that it does not have an obstacle avoidance system. A feature that prevents crashes typically tops the list of choosing the most appropriate drones for beginners.

The Anafi is still a strong piece of gear; provided you do not keep smashing it into walls, it should serve you for a very long time. However, Anafi includes in-built HDR video alternatives, unlike the Mavic Air. One of the unique features that you will not find anywhere else in this budget range is the capability to capture HDR.

When photographing a landscape or horizon with a drone, it might be difficult to balance the contrast between dark and bright parts; therefore, HDR promises to deliver an improved image. Anafi's second distinctive feature is the capacity to rotate the camera upwards and in the direction of the sky.

It is cool and offers a variety of opportunities for getting unusual angles, such as while flying beneath a bridge or another building. Once airborne, the Anafi is incredibly simple to control and stable, even in strong winds. Although the drone's maximum range is an impressive 2.4 miles, be aware that you should not fly farther than the line of sight.

One of the biggest reasons people avoid drones flying in public places is noise. However, not this tiny guy. When the Anafi is floating just a few meters above your head, you hardly hear anything because it is so astonishingly quiet. It is also brisk at 33 mph, but only in Sport mode.

Make sure you choose the appropriate Anafi Drone for yourself from the several versions available, including the Anafi Work and the Anafi Extended. The Freeflight 6 app is used for the majority of flight controls. While generally simple to use, some functions, like the Dolly Zoom tool for photos, are hidden or hard to locate in the UI.

The Anafi Done is not for you if you want a product that looks elegant and tends to make people go "wow!" However, it still works. It has long, foldable frames that are lightweight and sturdy for simple carrying. The zoom capabilities are superior to most other drones on the market.

Parrot Anafi USA

The Parrot Anafi USA drone was created with first responders and business professionals in mind. The Short-Range Reconnaissance drone made by Anafi USA in the US delivers the same superior security, toughness, and imaging capabilities as Parrot's SRR drone.

With best-in-class security and protection for sensitive missions, Anafi USA's data encryption and security protections are compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

The most crucial requirement for firefighters when they respond to a call of a fire is that they be able to view hot areas in addition to being able to evaluate the entire visual situation. With this difficulty in mind, the gimbal and cutting-edge optics were created.

Two 21-megapixel sensors form the basis of the 32x magnification, which enables users to see fine details up to 5 kilometers distant. Images from the FLIR camera are combined with the zoom image. Operators can use the thermal camera to identify hot regions while the vision camera can view other distant relevant features.

This drone operates indoors without GPS, enabling users to take off from within a home, fly the drone outside via a window, and then return. The convenience of use is further increased by the ability to launch from the palm. The Anafi USA enables first responders to convert pictures into accurate 2D maps on a laptop instantly.

The drone's modifiable "Return to Home" feature lets users program a predetermined "home" position for simple mission completion. To better shield your company's investment, this RTH technology automatically activates when the drone goes offline or has low battery power.

Parrot Anafi Thermal

You can have the best of both worlds with the Parrot Anafi Thermal 4K Portable Drone. A very portable, ultra-compact drone that can perform thermal imaging and spectacular 4K HDR aerial filmmaking for several professional businesses.

The thermal imaging is blended over the visible video thanks to the perfect synchronization of the two sensors. With either the visual or thermal sensors, the Anafi Thermal can also take high-quality still images with a resolution of 21MP.

The 3-axis image stabilization on Anafi Thermal helps to keep all of your video and photo content steady and crisp. It is designed to resist winds of about 31 mph. A Skycontroller 3 is also included for piloting. You only need to install the FreeFlight 6 software and connect your compatible mobile device or tablet to get started.

What Is The Range Of The Parrot Anafi

The Anafi drone has remarkable 25-minute battery life. For a novice to practice, this ought to be more than sufficient. If you want something a little longer, you may also look into the DJI Mavic Air 2. Unfortunately, it took about three hours to recharge using a regular USB C.

For its advantage, Parrot asserts that its operating range is 2.5 miles, a good distance that is far greater than that of the ImmersionRC Vortex 180s. Sadly, the Anafi lacks an obstacle detection system, which might deter potential buyers. On the good side, it is silent, so you will not bother anybody while in the air.

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What Tablet Works Best With Parrot Anafi

The Anafi is a drone aimed at the industrial market with a revolutionary design that draws inspiration from nature. The controller connects to smartphones or tablets through a USB-C or Lightning port and is compatible with gadgets up to 8 inches. Any tablet above 8 inches in size works best with the Parrot Anafi.

How Much Does The Parrot Anafi Weight

The Parrot Anafi gives the impression of having been built with international travel in mind. It is one of the tiniest drones with a true 4K lens and gimbal stability that we have seen. Its folded dimensions are 2.5 by 2.6 by 9.6 inches, while its extended dimensions are 2.5 by 6.9 by 9.4 inches.

The Anafi is one of the market's lighter camera-equipped drones, weighing only 320g, which is a huge advantage should it ever crash because it is less prone to experience severe damage. This drone is the first Parrot folding drone. It has an easy and quick mechanism for locking each leg into position by pushing it away from the body.

Final Thoughts

The Anafi Drone will not win any aesthetic prizes. However, it stands out from other entry-level drones in its class thanks to its excellent video and picture quality and extensive operational range. Although it can take detailed photographs and stunning 4K HDR videos, other capabilities are locked behind in-app payments. There is also no obstacle avoidance, but if you are an experienced pilot, this drone will let you get some incredible shots.