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Pit Bike vs Dirt Bike – What's the Difference Exactly?

Pit Bike vs Dirt Bike – What's the Difference Exactly?

Off-road vehicles come in various types; they include ATVs, Dirt bikes, UTVs, Pit Bikes, and SUVs, among many others. When choosing a bike for your outdoor activities, the numerous options available can easily leave you perplexed. Although dirt bikes are very popular, pit bikes are also gaining popularity.

A pit bike has less power and is smaller than a dirt bike. Dirt bikes are built for off-road terrains and have a greater speed limit, while pit bikes are built to assist racers in pit. Pit bikes are less expensive to buy and require less maintenance than dirt bikes; they also have smaller engines. 

Although a pit bike might look like a dirt bike, there are several differences between them. They have different uses, and one cannot be substituted for the other; knowing the differences between the two helps you when deciding to purchase one.

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Difference Between Pit Bike And Dirt Bike

Pit bikes are small motorcycles intended for riding in pits and pit racing; children typically use these bikes. In contrast, a dirt bike is a motorcycle designed for riding on uneven roads and city streets. Dirt bikes and pit bikes are comparable in many aspects and are used for racing and other sports activities.

There are several differences between them; these differences are in their cost, suspension, engine, tires, body shape, safety, and speed. These factors vary in each type of bike, and we will look at the differences.


Pit bikes are far less expensive than dirt bikes; used pit motorcycles can be found for as little as $200 and a new one for less than $1200. Since so many brands are on the market, dirt bike prices vary greatly. For high-quality models, prices range from $2,000 to $5,000, while some might be higher than $10000.

The upkeep and maintenance costs of dirt and pit bikes are also different. Dirt motorcycles are a big investment, and they require much maintenance. Dirt bike components are also more expensive than pit bike components because they are more advanced; a radiator of a dirt bike can cost several hundred dollars.


Pit bikes lack the speed and power a dirt bike provides; most pit bikes are between 50 and 150cc, while dirt bikes are mostly above 125cc. Some dirt bikes have engines that are as powerful as 750cc. Pit motorcycles have less torque because of their lower weight and size; a pit bike and a dirt bike with the same engine size have different power levels.

A 50cc pit bike may reach a top speed of 15 to 25 mph on a short trail and 50 mph on a long trail in lower gears. 140 and 160cc pit bikes can reach a top speed of 75 mph. Dirt bikes are popular for racing because they can reach extremely high speeds. 50cc dirt bikes reach a top speed of 25-40 mph, while 400ccc can reach 87 mph.


The tires installed to pit and dirt bikes are specifically designed for the terrains in which they are most commonly used. Dirt bikes are commonly seen on off-road paths and city streets; their knobby tires let them handle various terrains, including mountain trails and city streets. The tires raise the engine off the ground, allowing the bike to travel faster.

Dirt bike tires have an outer rubber surface that cushions them while maintaining the traction required for cruising on uneven terrain. Dirt bikes can then readily maneuver through dirt, mud, and sand; their tires are usually 18 inches wide. In comparison, pit bike tires are usually 12 to 14 inches wide, complimenting their small body.

Body Shape

Pit bikes feature smaller frames, which allows them to maneuver around limited pit courses because of their lightweight and compact bodies. They are also low in height, making them ineligible for most off-road paths. Dirt bikes are perfect for off-road riding because of their large tall frame.

Riding a pit bike on a dirt bike track will cause damage to the vehicle's mechanics and put you in danger. Pit bikes are suitable for youngsters, teenagers, and short adults due to their smaller frames. Dirt bikes are larger than pit bikes, making them more difficult to store and transport; they have a larger frame and safer for off-road use.


Suspension systems connect the wheels to the bike's mainframe; this system includes shock absorbers, which cushion riders on bumpy trips. Pit bikes do benefit from the more modern suspension used on dirt motorcycles. Pit tracks have different irregularities than off-road terrain; therefore, these bikes may get away with having less-than-ideal suspension.

On the other hand, Dirt bikes require greater suspension to maintain direct contact with their wheels and the ground. On the other hand, the suspension system will differ among dirt bike models. For example, motocross dirt bikes feature superb long-travel suspension that can take huge jumps at high speeds.


Pit bikes are much safer since they are slower and ride on smoother roads. Pit bike racing is likewise held in close quarters, although dirt motorcycles are frequently used for adventure. When riding pit bikes, you should expect some bruises and cuts; however, major injuries are typical among dirt riders.

Comparing Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are made to be ridden in cross-country situations, such as off-road trails and more open locations, like the desert. The most popular dirt bike brands are Kawasaki, Beta, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Alta, Husqvarna, Suzuki, and GasGas. Below are some of the best dirt bikes on the market.

Yamaha YZ450F

The Yamaha YZ450F has been created for the rider who wishes to dominate the terrain. Its innovative features allow you to modify your engine immediately from your phone, and its compact fuel-injected engine gives enough power and torque. The bike's ride and handling are enhanced by its bilateral aluminum frame.

This bike will provide excellent control for any rider who demands air superiority on their motorbike, thanks to Yamaha's sophisticated suspension. It also has an unbeatable braking system, including a hydraulic clutch; nothing beats a smooth stop out of an attack zone.

Honda CRF450R

The Honda CRF450R is a unique dirt bike thanks to its excellent suspension and 8-plate clutch assembly, adjusted for high speed. It also features the Honda Selectable Torque Control, which ensures enough power makes even the most difficult terrain manageable.

The adjusted triple clamps on this bike make it easy to drag through even the most difficult terrain. If you are looking for an aggressive ride, this dirt bike is best for you as it uses a single muffler and pipe exhaust system; its clutch provides an effortless track grip.

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Suzuki RMZ450

The Suzuki RMZ450 is among the top dirt bikes; it provides riders with one of the most exciting dirt bikes they will ever ride, thanks to its sturdy and usable engine performance and unrivaled cornering and braking performance. It has rider-friendly settings for control and comfort to meet individuals' demands and levels of experience.

This helps you achieve your ideal ride posture and feel comfortable tackling corners or leaping off hills without worrying about your belt slipping. The Suzuki RMZ450 is elegantly built for use in various contexts, with modernist style and a solid ride. You can operate this dirt bike on any outdoor motocross course.

Final Thoughts

Pit and dirt bikes each have advantages and disadvantages depending on your demands. A dirt bike is a better choice if you want to do some off-roading. Pit bikes cannot ride in the same conditions as their bigger counterparts, so you will have to stick to smooth, flat routes. A pit bike may be a useful method to learn how to ride if you are a beginner or do not yet have the confidence to ride a dirt bike.