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Plowing Snow With ATV & UTVS: How To Plow Snow With An ATV

Plowing Snow With ATV & UTVS: How To Plow Snow With An ATV

Once the snow accumulates in your yard or walkways, your ATV or UTV will be instrumental in helping you clear the mess. Moreover, plowing snow with an ATV is fun as you enjoy the cool air while riding your lovely machine. But how do you plow the snow with an ATV?

Plowing snow with an ATV is simpler than you think. You can easily accomplish the plowing process by:

  • Mounting your plow blade on your ATV correctly
  • Determine the depth of the blade depending on the amount of snow
  • Plow the snow with the contours of the driveway
  • Once you finish, clean your ATV and plow

The secret to making the plowing process simple and efficient is to ensure that your ATV is up to the task. In other words, your ATV should be in perfect condition with all the necessary equipment, including the plow, winch, and mud tires. Read on for more details on using your ATV or UTV to plow snow this winter.

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Plowing Snow With UTV

With a well-maintained UTV, you will no longer experience the disgusting piling up of snow on your driveways. You can have joyous moments keeping your access roads or driveway clear. Here are the essential snow plowing tips with your UTV that you should always remember.

1. Put Your UTV Through Proper Maintenance

Although plowing snow with your UTV is simple and enjoyable, you need a UTV that is a tiptop shape for a flawless process. Take time to ensure that your ATV has no upkeep or performance issues. Further, ensure that your machine has proper tires for the occasion.

2. Understand The Capability Of Your UTV

It is essential to understand the capability of your UTV. Is it powerful enough to haul snow? An underpowered machine may suffer catastrophic damage or be unable to complete the task. That cannot be very pleasant, and understanding the capability of your UTV in advance will help you plan well. If you are dealing with big access roads, driveways, or other large areas, ensure that you use a UTV capable of handling wider plows.

3. Equip Your UTV

UTVs are for exploring rough terrains. Therefore, to make it worthwhile for snow plowing, you should ensure that you equip your ATV perfectly for the task. Some of the critical equipment includes a winch, plow, and mud tires.

4. Set The Proper Depth And Angle Of The Plow

Plowing snow with ATV requires that you pay keen attention to every step of the process. Ensure that you watch the thickness of the snow and keep adjusting the plow appropriately.

5. Clean Your Plow And UTV

Once you finish plowing, ensure that you clean your UTV and plow and any attachments before you can store them. Cleaning your UTV and plow is essential as it minimizes the chances of damaging them and getting ready for the next occasion.

ATVs With Plows

ATVs with plows offer a great way to eliminate snow from roads, driveways, or any place around your home. Since ATVs do not come with installed plows, you must purchase a functional plow for your ATVs. Fortunately, getting the right plow for your ATV is straightforward as long as you know what to look for in the best ATV plows.

ATV plows should offer exceptional maneuverability, toughness, reliability, and efficiency. Generally, perfect ATV plows should have the following characteristics;

  • High-blade lift for excellent plow stacking
  • Fully hydraulic ATV plow
  • Excellent ground clearance
  • Quality handlebar controller
  • Quality materials; stainless steel, poly blades, or mild steel

Best ATV To Plow Snow

The best ATV to plow snow should be robust, reliable, require low maintenance, and be heavy enough to supply the necessary traction force to plow snow.

The overall best ATV to plow snow is the Kawasaki BruteForce 750, as it boasts a powerful fuel-injected 749cc engine. In addition, the ATV has a towing capacity of 1 250 pounds, electric power steering, and high-performance tires for excellent winter traction.

Best ATV For Plowing

The Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4 ES EPS is the best ATV for plowing.

First, Honda ATVs are among the most reliable ATVs in the modern market. With its high engine capacity, high towing capacity, and the need for low maintenance, the Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4 ES EPS can quickly get the job done.

Qualities Of The Best 4 Wheeler For Plowing Snow

A sturdy and robust four-wheeler can give you fun plowing snow in your backyard. Both UTVs and ATVs come in handy to help get the job done. However, sometimes a buyer may find it challenging to decide on the best 4-wheeler for plowing snow.

A good best 4-wheeler for plowing snow should display the following characteristics;

  • Quality tires with reliable grips during winter
  • Big and powerful engine size to provide the necessary traction force
  • Excellent Transmission
  • Electric power steering

Quads With Snow Plow

If you have a reliable quad, you can always attach the snow plow during winter to clear the snow from your driveway, access road, or any place of interest.

To install a snow plow on your quad, you must invest in an ATV winch kit. It makes it easy to lift and lower attachment tools with the help of a button.

Best ATV For Plowing Snow

The best ATV for plowing snow 2020 is the Sportsman 570 Utility HD LE. With a dry weight of 753 lb and a 567cc engine, the ATV can easily move snow. Further, the Sportsman 570 Utility HD LE is the most prepared four-wheeler for snow plowing. Additional characteristics, such as electronic power steering and reverse, make the maneuverability of the ATV even more exciting.

ATV For Plowing Driveway

A well-maintained ATV can take a few minutes to clear snow from your driveway. However, when using ATV for plowing a driveway, there are several tips that you may need to follow, including;

  • Ensuring that your ATV has enough power
  • Doing all the necessary maintenance before commencing the plowing
  • Correctly adjust the depth of the plow according to the amount of snow on the driveway
  • Determine the best angle to get the job done
  • Avoid heavy snow drifts
  • Be cautious of the items that might be underneath the snow
  • Clean the ATV and the plow after you finish

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Best UTV For Snow Plowing

The Honda Pioneer 500 takes the lead when it comes to plowing snow with ATV in winter. It is the perfect machine for plowing in wide and narrow snow areas. The Honda Pioneer 500 allows you to get rid of snow from places you can hardly manage with hand shoveling. Moreover, you can easily attach a 54-inches snow-plow to the UTV for fast snow removal from pathways and walkways.

Best ATV For Snow Removal

What makes an ATV best for snow removal? If you are looking for an effective way of snow removal, then upgrading to a high-performance ATV is the right move. The best ATV for snow removal should have the following characteristics;

  • Heavyweight to provide enough traction force
  • Quality tires with the ability to provide enough resistance during winter
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Front-mounted winch to easily lift the snow-plow
  • Plow quick mount

The Kawasaki BruteForce 750 ticks all the boxes for the best ATV for snow removal.

4 Wheeler Plowing Snow

Is a 4-wheeler for snow plowing worthy of your investment? If it is your first time considering four-wheeler plowing snow, you may wonder whether that is the right move.

Plowing snow with ATV makes the task of snow removal easy. Notably, the significance of an ATV for snow removal depends on how much snow you get. Using a shovel will be pretty cumbersome if you are getting a lot of snow. A four-wheeler for snow plowing has several benefits, including the following;

  • It is easy to use
  • An affordable way to make your pathways and walkways usable again
  • You enjoy riding your ATV while plowing snow.
  • Four-wheeler snow plow materials are durable and excellent for tough jobs. Hence you would not have to keep replacing them now and again.


Having the best ATV for snow plowing will make it easy to keep your driveway or backyard in perfect shape during winter. Whenever you want to shop for an ATV snow plow, pay attention to blade width, height, weight, and the quality of the materials. In addition to getting the right ATV snow plow, ensure that you are familiar with tips for effective snow removal.